ManufacturerModelDescriptionQtyOur Price
Atlas13Seven Step-by-step HO Railroads Book #132$8.95
BadgerBAD505Modelers Guide to Airbrushing2$10.75
BellaterraR1101FRail USA Eastern States5$9.95
CB&Q HistoricalCBQ11Burlington Bulletin #111$9.00
CB&Q HistoricalCBQ12Burlington Bulletin #121$7.00
CB&Q HistoricalCBQ29Burlington Bulletin #292$8.00
CB&Q HistoricalCBQ33Burlington Bulletin #33 S-4 Husdons1$16.00
CB&Q HistoricalCBQ38Burlington Bulletin #381$16.00
CB&Q HistoricalCBQ39Burlington Bulletin #392$16.00
Carstens Pub911838-65-8The Railroad that Came Out at Night1$9.95
Enthusiast Book1-58388-265-0Rock Island Railroad Photo Archieve2$32.95
Four Ways West1-885614-07-01Rock Island Color Pictorial – Volume 21$49.95
Hmbrger Hs Pub0-911581-02-2Wabash2$39.95
Hmbrger Hs Pub0-911581-11-9American Flyer Instruction Book4$7.95
Hmbrger Hs Pub0-911581-13-8Trains of America3$39.95
Hmbrger Hs Pub0-911581-21-9Rio Grande Memories2$39.95
Hmbrger Hs Pub0-911581-24-3Color East Broad Top2$24.00
Hmbrger Hs Pub0-911581-31-6John Norward’s Railroads1$39.95
Hmbrger Hs Pub0-911581-33-2The Search for Steam2$39.95
Hmbrger Hs Pub0-911581-35-9Illinois Central: Mainline of Mid-America3$38.95
Hmbrger Hs Pub0-911581-41-3Monon Route1$42.95
Hmbrger Hs Pub0-911581-43-XThe American Streamliner – Postwar1$39.95
Hmbrger Hs Pub0-911581-45-6Rayonier1$42.95
Hmbrger Hs Pub0-911581-60-7Trains to Victory: America’s RR in WWII2$49.95
Hmbrger Hs Pub0-99581-27-8Wabash Standard Plans and Reference2$22.95
Icongrafix1-58388-036-4Trains of the Upper Midwest Photo Archive1$29.95
Icongrafix1-58388-096-8Streamliners to the Twin Cities Photo Archieve2$39.95
Icongrafix1-58388-113-1Locomotives of the Upper Midwest Photo Archive3$29.95
Icongrafix1-58388-136-0Freight Trains of the Upper Mississsippi River Photo Archive2$29.95
Icongrafix1-58388-216-2Chicago Stations & Trains Photo Archive1$34.95
Icongrafix1-58388-259-6Santa Fe Railway Photo Archive2$32.95
Icongrafix1-58388-291-XChicago Poswar Passenger and Commuter Trains1$34.95
Indiana U Press0-253-21738-5Moonlight in Duneland Illustrated History of CSS&SB1$24.95
Kalmbach01087Burlington Route Across the Heartland1$16.00
Kalmbach01091Union Pacific Across Sherman Hill1$16.00
Kalmbach01116Hot Spots Guidebook1$24.95
Kalmbach01117The Historical Guide to North American Railroads, 3rd Edition3$24.99
Kalmbach01212Tourist Trains Handbook 6th Edition3$15.99
Kalmbach01302Guide to North American Steam Locomotives 2nd edition1$24.99
Kalmbach01309Conrail and Its Predecessors1$27.99
Kalmbach01310Turbine Power2$22.99
Kalmbach10-8360Getting Started in Toy Trains2$7.95
Kalmbach10-8365Trackwork for Toy Trains2$19.95
Kalmbach10-8400Scenery Techniques for Toy Trains3$17.95
Kalmbach10-8405How to Wire Your Toy Train Layout, 2nd Edition1$21.95
Kalmbach10-8619Greenburg 1946-2019 AF Pocket Price Guide1$15.99
Kalmbach10-87182018 Greenburg Lionel Trains Pocket Gude2$15.99
Kalmbach10-8804Track Plans for Lionel Fast Track3$16.99
Kalmbach10-8806Collectible Lionel Classics from Roger Carp1$25.99
Kalmbach108617Greenberg Guide AF Pocket Guide 20173$15.99
Kalmbach108720Greenberg Guide – Lionel – 20202$21.99
Kalmbach12216How to Build Realistic Model Railroad Scenery 3rd Edition2$24.95
Kalmbach12419Shelf Layouts for Model Railroads1$19.95
Kalmbach12421Detailing Diesel Locomotives3$19.95
Kalmbach12422Model Railroaders Guide to Industries Along Tracks V3 (Ethanol etal)2$19.95
Kalmbach12423Model Railroader’s Guide to Logging Railroads1$18.95
Kalmbach12425Painting Backdrops for Your Model Railroad1$18.95
Kalmbach12426How to Use an Airbrush 2nd Edition1$21.95
Kalmbach12428N Scale Railroading Getting Started in Hobby2$19.95
Kalmbach12434Designing & Building Multi-Deck Layouts1$19.95
Kalmbach12437The Model Railroader’s Guide to Diesel Locomotives1$19.95
Kalmbach12442Model Railroading in Small Spaces, 2nd Edition1$21.95
Kalmbach12446Essential Skills for Scale Modelers1$21.95
Kalmbach12447Intro to Model Railroading1$12.98
Kalmbach12455Scenery By the Seasons2$21.95
Kalmbach12456Modelling the ’50’s – The Glory Years of Rail2$19.95
Kalmbach12466Starter Track Plans for Model Railroaders3$16.95
Kalmbach12467Building Model RR Step by Step 2nd Edition3$21.95
Kalmbach12468Garden Railway Basics1$14.95
Kalmbach12469Basic Benchwork4$19.95
Kalmbach12472How to Kitbash Structures2$21.95
Kalmbach12473Guide to Industries: Livestock & Meatpacking2$19.95
Kalmbach12474Model Railroad Bridges & Trestles Volume 21$17.95
Kalmbach12476Building Dioramas1$21.95
Kalmbach12478Structure Projects for Your Model Railroad1$19.95
Kalmbach12479Basic Trackwork 2nd Edition3$19.99
Kalmbach12480Realistic Model Railroad Operation 2nd Edition1$19.95
Kalmbach12481Model Railroaders Guide to Grain3$19.99
Kalmbach12482Basic Scenery for Model Railroaders1$19.99
Kalmbach12484Basic Painting & Weathering for Model Railroaders 2nd Edition3$19.95
Kalmbach12485Airbrushing for Scale Modelers1$22.99
Kalmbach12486DCC Projects & Applications V.32$14.99
Kalmbach12487Compact Layout Design1$21.99
Kalmbach12488The DCC Guide, 2nd Edition2$19.99
Kalmbach12489Freight Cars of the’40’s and ’50s1$21.99
Kalmbach12491Wiring Your Model Railroad (updated edition)5$21.99
Kalmbach12493Modeling Structures1$21.99
Kalmbach12494Planning Your Model Railroad2$21.99
Kalmbach12495Getting Started in Model Railroading3$21.99
Kalmbach12497Waterfront Terminals and Operations2$21.99
Kalmbach1249825 Freight Car Projects2$21.99
Kalmbach12499Easy Model Railroad Scenery Projects1$21.99
Kalmbach12500Produce Traffic & Trains3$21.99
Kalmbach12502Steam & Diesel Locomotive Seriving Terminals2$21.99
Kalmbach12503Railroading & the Automobile Industry2$21.99
Kalmbach12663Modeling the Transition Era4$21.99
Kalmbach12800Beginner’sd Guide to Locomotives and Rolling Stock3$21.99
Kalmbach12802Express, Mail & Merchandise Service4$21.99
Kalmbach12803Building a Sectional Layout1$21.99
Kalmbach12804Piggyback and Container Traffic1$21.99
Kalmbach12806Space-Saving Industries1$21.99
Kalmbach12809Wiring Projects for Your Model Railroad2$21.99
Kalmbach12810Building Vehicles for Model Railroads3$21.99
Kalmbach12812Detailing and Upgrading Steam Locomotives3$21.99
Kalmbach12813Modern Freight Cars3$21.99
Kalmbach12814Real Stories of the Rails3$24.99
Kalmbach12815Milk Trains & Traffic4$21.99
Kalmbach12816DCC Projects & Applications V.42$21.99
Kalmbach12817Time-saving Techniques for Building Model Railroads2$21.99
Kalmbach12819Build Big and Small Industries for your Model Railroad1$21.99
Kalmbach12821Build 3 Model Railroader Project Layouts1$21.99
Kalmbach12828Realistic Layouts: Use the art of illusion2$21.99
KalmbachKAM01303Guide to North American Diesel1$27.99
KalmbachKAM1304Brian Solomon’s Railweay Guide to Europe2$24.99
Misc0-915276-53-4Erie Memories1$28.00
Misc235546Nickel Plate Road Publicity Photos1$28.95
MorningSun Book1-582248-574-7Rio Grande Best of Bob Davis (softcover)1$39.95
MorningSun Book1-58248-007-9Union Pacific Trackside1$49.95
MorningSun Book1-58248-141-5Trackside in the Granger County 52-551$59.95
MorningSun Book1-58248-412-0Piggy back Color guide V. 1 A to H1$54.95
MorningSun Book1-58248-556-9Milw Rd Facilities in Color1$59.95
MorningSun Book1-58248-609-3BNSF Best of Jeremy Plant (softcover)2$39.95
MorningSun Book1-58248-647-6Open Top Loads vol1 – Flatcar and Gondola Color Portfolio1$39.95
MorningSun Book1-58248-700-6Illinois Central Gulf in Color Sparta Division1$69.98
MorningSun Book1-87887-37-8RI in Color V11$49.95
MorningSun Book1-878887-06-8A Golden Decade of Trains: 1950’s in Color1$45.00
MorningSun Book1-878887-32-7CB&Q in Color V11$49.95
MorningSun Book1-878887-40-8CB&Q in Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equip1$49.95
MorningSun Book1-878887-48-3Rock Island Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment2$49.95
MorningSun Book1-878887-71-8Nickel Plate Color Photography V31$44.95
MorningSun Book1-878887-90-4B&O Trackside with Willis McCaleb1$49.95
MorningSun Book1-8881411-74-5Diesel Spotters Guide1$31.95
MorningSun Book1239Trackside Around Illinois 1960-19731$59.95
MorningSun Book1567-EDM&E and ICE in Color1$59.95
MorningSun Book1582-ECB&Q Facilities in Color V3 -Ottumwa Division1$59.95
MorningSun Book4910Rock Island Locomotive Portfolio 1950-19802$39.95
Squardron52050German Armored Cars in Action2$12.95
Univ. MN Press0-8166-5003-9The Hiawatha Story1$29.95
Voyageur Press0-7603-3795-0Vinatge Diesel Power1$19.99
Walthers913-220Walthers 2020 HO-N-Z Reference Book3$17.98
White River Prd127Railroad Pit Stops2$24.98
White River PrdSHMRThe Structure Handbook for Model Railroaders2$24.95
Woodland ScenicC1208Complete Guide to Model Scenery2$19.99
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