ManufacturerModelDescriptionQtyOur Price
Charles SmileyD-108Tennessee Pass1$22.50
Charles SmileyD-116Soldier Summit Reflections1$24.50
Charles SmileyD-117Diesel Power on the Santa Fe3$24.50
Charles SmileyD-118Milwaukee Road West3$24.50
Charles SmileyD-120UP Vintage West2$24.50
Charles SmileyD-121BN Empire of the North4$24.50
Charles SmileyD-126Milwaukee Road Scrapbook2$26.50
Charles SmileyD-127Electric Railways of Utah2$21.50
Charles SmileyD-130Union Pacific Scrapbook1$24.50
Charles SmileyD-134Canadian Rails Vintage Scrapbook1$26.50
Charles SmileyD-136Mountain Grades of the B&O1$24.50
Charles SmileyD-146Kansas City Diesel Power Review1$26.50
Charles SmileyD-149Midwest Electric Rails DVD11$26.50
Green Frog20020DVDUnion Pacific Odyessy3$22.95
Green Frog20058DVDGolden Twilight Postwar Steam v13$21.99
Green Frog20220DVD Illinois Rails V.11$22.95
Green Frog56000County Daytime Steam CD1$12.99
Green Frog56008 City Daytime Steam – CD1$12.99
Green Frog60011City Daytime Steam CD1$12.99
Green FrogCP007 The Pennsylvania Railroad1$22.95
Green FrogCP008Steam Giants Across America1$22.95
Green FrogCP011Top Frog v2 Best of Steam Vol 21$22.95
Green FrogCP017Top Frog v7 The CB&Q2$22.95
Green FrogCP018Steam in 1950’s Vol 13$22.95
Green FrogCP039Rotary Snowplow on Rio Grand NG1$19.95
Green FrogCP088The 60’s Passenger Steam Electric2$24.00
Kalmbach15115Colorado’s Railroads DVD1$24.99
Kalmbach15119Chicago America’s RR Capital DVD2$29.99
Kalmbach15136Hot Spots – Tehachapi2$19.99
Kalmbach15138Hot Spots – Intermodal2$19.99
Kalmbach15139Hot Spots – Chicago’s Racetrack2$19.99
Kalmbach15140Hot Spots – Horseshoe Curve2$19.99
Kalmbach15144Hot Spots – Wisconsin’s Speedway2$19.99
Kalmbach15200Lufkin Series #1 – California Zephyr2$19.95
Kalmbach15202DAYLIGHT DVD #3 in Lufkin Series2$19.95
Kalmbach15203America and the Passenger Train Lufkin Series #43$19.95
Kalmbach15207Journey from Promontory DVD1$24.99
Kalmbach15208The Golden Spike Route Today2$24.99
Kalmbach15209Big Boy – Back In Steam DVD1$24.99
Kalmbach15306DCC Programmining Vol.1 DVD1$12.99
Kalmbach15309Mastering Scenery Basics: Backdrops Vol. 11$12.99
Kalmbach15318Rehab My Layout Volume 32$12.99
Kalmbach15323Great Weathering Techniques Volume 12$12.99
Kalmbach15333Install a DCC System DVD1$12.99
Kalmbach15338Taking Car of Business: vol 2 – Logging2$12.99
Kalmbach15344Rio Grande Narrow Guage Freight Trains1$24.99
Kalmbach15347Airbrushing Techniques: Getting Started2$12.99
Kalmbach15353MR Video Plus Layout Tours Volume 42$12.99
Kalmbach15356Skookum Lives DVD1$24.95
Kalmbach15364Best of 2019 DVD from Trains Magazine1$24.99
Kalmbach15366Turning Spaces in Places V1: Rural Scenary2$12.99
Kalmbach15367MR Video Plus Layout Tours Volume 52$12.99
Kalmbach15371Rehab my Railroad vol 42$12.99
Kalmbach15373Rehab My Railroad Volume 52$12.99
OGR PublishingDCSBackshop V91$14.95
PentrexBBC1Big Boy Combo Part 12$29.95
PentrexBBC2Big Boy Combo Part 22$29.95
PentrexVR039Last Run of a Cab Forward over Donner Pass2$29.95
Plets Express98039I &M Railink1$29.95
Plets Express98064Iowa Chicago & Eastern2$29.95
Plets Express98076IIAS Update 20091$29.95
Plets Express98078Illinois Shortlines1$29.95
Plets Express98089Wheeling & Lake Erie13$29.95
Plets ExpressPLETS V1Train Action V12$27.00
Plets ExpressPLETS V3Train Action V31$27.00
Plets ExpressPLETSALCOAlcos in the Cornbelt1$29.95
Plets ExpressPLETSIAIowa Shortlines1$29.95
Plets ExpressPLETSIIASTrains of the Iowa Interstate3$27.00
Plets ExpressPLETSV4Train Action V42$27.00
TM Books/Videos1-932291-07-5Toy Train Christmas Memories DVD1$21.95
TM Books/Videos1-932291-33-4Gilbert American Flyer DVD1$19.95
Topics Entert60584I Wanna be a Train Engineer3$11.99
Topics Entert60658Trains of Illinois3$15.99
Topics Entert60664Choo-Choo Christmas10$9.99
Yard Goat01303Midwest Steam 2009 – pt12$25.00
Yard Goat01304Midwest Steam 2009 – pt22$25.00
Yard Goat33483Steam Specials in the Heartland5$25.00
Yard Goat336006A Boatload of Steam1$26.00
Yard Goat383897Steam Trackside & Inside3$25.00
Yard Goat53263Return of Milwaukee Road 2613$25.00
Yard Goat70201By Coal, Volt and Oil: Iowa Rail Excursions1$25.00
Yard Goat70202Big Steam on the Mainline DVD2$25.00
Yard Goat70203Cascade Canyon Wintetr Train1$21.00
Yard Goat83808River Runs Two Steam Photo Charters2$14.00
Yard Goat83811Sparks & Cinders The Illinois Railway Museum DVD2$25.00
Yard Goat83813Bells & Whistles8$12.00
Yard Goat83816Steam on the Norfolk Southern3$25.00
Yard Goat83821Trains, Tractors & Threshers DVD2$25.00
Yard Goat83824Big Boy 4014 In the Midwest DVD6$25.00
Yard Goat93779DVD- Steamin’ Summer vol 12$25.00
Yard Goat93780Steamin’ Summer vol 23$25.00
Yard Goat93781Steamin’ Summer vol 32$25.00
Updated September 28, 2020