HO Scale Details

ManufacturerModelDescriptionQtyOur Price
Durango PressDP-108Pot Belly Stove – HO1$3.50
Durango PressDP-215Welding Tanks w/carts 2-pk1$3.95
Durango PressDPR208Hayes Wheel Stops 8-pk2$3.50
Intermountain49700-002-720ES44 End Handrail Set,  blue2$4.00
Intermountain49700-004LES44 Windshield washers LEFT (pair)7$2.00
Intermountain49700-004RES44 Windshield washers RIGHT (pair)7$2.00
IntermountainGP10-FOOTGP-10 Footboards 4-pk1$3.00
IntermountainP40000Windshield Wiper Set (5) for GP10 diesel4$4.25
IntermountainP44086Farre Grilles (Horitzontal) for EMD F-A Unit1$9.00
IntermountainP44087Farr Grill (Vertical) for EMD FA unit (pair)2$9.00
IntermountainP44587Farr Grill (Vertical) for EMD FB unit (pair)2$9.00
KadeeKAD2020AJAX Brake Wheels, BOXCAR RED, 8-pak2$3.38
KadeeKAD2025MODERN Brake Wheels, BOXCAR RED, 8-pak4$3.38
KadeeKAD2030AJAX Brake Wheels, RED OXIDE, 8-pak3$3.50
KadeeKAD2033UNIVERSAL Brake Wheels, RED OXIDE, 8-pak3$3.38
KadeeKAD2035MODERN Brake Wheels, RED OXIDE, 8-pak3$3.38
KadeeKAD2040AJAX Brake Wheels, BLACK, 8-pak2$3.50
KadeeKAD2043Universal Brake Wheels, black2$3.50
KadeeKAD2045MODERN Brake Wheels, BLACK, 8-pak4$3.38
KadeeKAD2101End & Side Ladders, 7-run RED OXIDE3$3.75
KadeeKAD2102End & Side Ladders, 7-rung BOXCAR RED3$3.75
KadeeKAD2103End & Side Ladders, 7-rung BLACK4$3.75
KadeeKAD22258′ Pullman-Std Door Red Oxide low tackboard2$4.35
KadeeKAD22268′ Pullman-Std Door  low tackboard BOXCAR RED2$4.35
KadeeKAD2250Side Grab Irons Red Oxide2$7.10
KadeeKAD2251Side Grab Irons BOXCAR RED2$7.10
KadeeKAD2252End Grab Irons RED Oxide2$7.10
KadeeKAD2253End Grab Irons BOXCAR RED2$7.10
KadeeKAD2254End Grab Irons BLACK2$7.10
KadeeKAD323UNIVERSAL Brake Wheels, BOXCAR RED, 8-pak3$3.38
KadeeKAD426Whistle Post & Yard Limit Markers4$3.95
KadeeKAD437Cattle Guards 3-pak3$5.95
KadeeKAD438Air Hose & Angle Cock detail set3$2.15
KadeeKAD44018″ metal brake wheel (6 pk)2$2.50
Kato9500221 Chime Airhorn Gray2$1.25
Kato963022Horn & Bell Bracket Switchers2$1.00
Kato965010Cab sunshade SP Gray2$1.50
Kato965012Cab sunshade ATSF Yellow2$1.00
Kato965521Bell SD80/9043 Mac Black6$1.00
Kato965522Bell SD80/9043 Mac Gray6$1.00
MiscOVL9018Overland Models Nathan 5-chine Airhorn, brass K5LA1$4.75
MiscOVL9100Overland Models Beacon Strobe Light, Round base, Flat top1$3.25
MiscOVL9456Overland Models Metal V-shaped screens for SD50, Dash 7-401$3.50
MiscOVL9458Overland Models Metal V-shaped screens for Dash 8-40C1$3.50
MiscRPP-124Container Braces for Athearn IMPAC1$1.75
Rapido102092Diesel Horn Variety pack (11 horns)4$11.95
Tichy Train Grp8234Mailboxes1$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTT8182Early Diamond2$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT8252Hgwy Grade Crossing Warning sign1$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT8254Road Path Sign 1st Grp Warning sign3$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT8255Road Path Sign 2nd Grp Warning sign3$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT8256Written Warnings Warning sign3$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT8261No Parking Signs3$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT8262Misc Road Signs1$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT8263Misc Road Signs2$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT8298Warning Sign – Bridge clearance2$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT8299Warning Sign – Firehouse2$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG3005Brake Gear KC style Westinghouse 1 set3$3.00
Tichy Train GrpTTG3028Grab Irons Roof Corner Type 100-pk1$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG3033Freight Car Ladders variety pack2$3.00
Tichy Train GrpTTG3034Brake Gear Split K Westinghouse style3$3.00
Tichy Train GrpTTG3037Eyebolts7$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG305324″ Straight Grabirons2$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG3069Freight Car Bolsters – HO2$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG80324 panel door 30″ * 80″ 6-pk1$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG80334 lite door & transom 30″ * 100″  6-pk2$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG8038Baggage Door 8′ * 8′ w/transom 3-pk2$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG8053Baggage Door 8′ * 8′ w/frame 3-pk1$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG8067Work Car Windows 24*24 w/glazing 12-pk2$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG8068Work Car Windows 18*28 w/glazing 12-pk1$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG8091200 piece Windows, Doors & Parts Assortment1$40.00
Tichy Train GrpTTG8125Freight Door/Transom, 4pk3$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG8164HO Scale Telltales3$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8176Modern Warning Sign, 20 pak2$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8178Crossing Sign/Crossbucks, 20 pak5$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8179Diamond Crossing Signs (early)1$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8183HO Scale Modern Square Whistle Posts2$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8184Milepost Markers 1 to 501$7.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8246Milepost Markers 51 to 1001$7.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8247Modern (post 1954) Stop Signs3$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8248HO Scale Early Stop Signs4$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8320Funny Signs Group 12$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8321Funny Signs Group 23$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8330Yard Limit Signs 3-styles, 12-pk6$6.00
Updated July 15, 2020