HO Scale Details

ManufacturerModelDescriptionQtyOur Price
A Line Products29000Stirrup Steps Style A, 25 pak2$7.95
A Line Products29001Stirrup Steps Style B2$7.95
A Line Products29002Stirrup Steps Style C, 25 pak1$5.75
A Line Products29200HO Diesel Windshield Wipers long & short2$9.95
A Line Products29210EMD Cab Sunshades (adjustable), etched brass1$7.95
A Line Products29212Etched Sundshades for Wide cab/Comfort Cab Diesels1$5.75
A Line Products29219Black Chain 12″  40 links/inch1$4.99
A Line Products29220HO Black Chain – 12″2$4.99
A Line Products29221Black Chain – 12″- 15 link1$4.99
A Line ProductsD-1072HO Diesel Handrail Stanchions Medium 5/8″3$7.98
A Line ProductsD-1073HO Diesel Handrail Stanchions Short 9/16″4$7.98
A Line ProductsD-1074HO Diesel Handrail Stanchions Short 3/8″2$7.98
A Line ProductsD1071HO Diesel Loco Stanchions4$7.98
Am Model BuildAMB226Caboose axle generator kit (2 pak)1$6.95
Am Model BuildAMB228Athearn F Unit Windows (SCALE)1$6.95
Am Model BuildAMB229Athearn F Unit Windows1$5.95
Am Model BuildAMB230Athearn Modern GP/SD Angle Cab Windows1$5.95
Am Model BuildAMB231Athearn SW-7 Windows1$5.95
Am Model BuildAMB232Athearn SW 1000/1500 Windows1$5.95
Am Model BuildAMB235Athearn GP7/GP9 Windows2$5.95
Am Model BuildAMB236Athearn Wide-Vision CabooseWindows1$6.95
Am Model BuildAMB238Athearn C44-9W Windows1$5.95
Am Model BuildAMB34034′ Cupola Caboose (Athearn) detail set1$13.95
Am Model BuildAMB343Window Glass set for Athearn 34′ Caboose2$5.95
Amr. Ltd Models9810Diaphragm Kit for Athearn RTR F7AB2$6.95
Amr. Ltd Models9813HO Operating Diaphragms – Athearn F-Unit diesels1$13.95
Amr. Ltd ModelsALM9600Operating Diaphragms – Walthers Budd Car2$6.95
Amr. Ltd ModelsALM9680Operating Diaphragms – Walthers Pullman Car1$6.95
Amr. Ltd ModelsALM9690Operating Diaphragms – Walthers Pullman Car Black1$6.95
AthearnATH12504HO Ladder, Caboose4$7.98
AthearnATH42009Blomberg B Sideframe F7/GP7/GP352$9.98
AthearnATH90037HO Motor Brushes 24pk3$12.98
Atlas4002002HO 3D Fire Hydrants (8pk)4$9.50
Atlas4002008HO 3D Acetylene Tanks (10pk)7$4.95
Atlas4002011HO 3D Oxygen Tanks (10pk)5$4.95
Atlas4002014HO 3D Propane Tanks (6 pack)9$6.95
Atlas4002016HO 3D Cinder Blocks (10pk)5$7.50
Atlas40020193D Tall Air Compressor 6-pk6$8.95
Atlas40020523D F150 High Railer Wheel Sets5$8.50
AtlasATL4002022Short Air Compressor3$8.95
AtlasATL4002051Fire Extinguisher2$5.95
AtlasBLMA4115Storage Container – PODS5$11.95
AtlasBLMA78Rubber Style Expander Pack1$8.50
AtlasBLMA79Concrete Style Grade X-ing1$8.50
BLMABLMA4106HO Rubber Grade Crossing2$7.50
BLMABLMA4108HO Concrete Auto Stop2$5.95
BLMABLMA4390HO Modern Concrete Segmental Bridge1$22.95
Bar Mills ScaleBMS682HO Sidewalks Kit1$11.95
Blair LineBLS113Curved Wood Grade Crossings 27-29″ radius 2 sets2$6.00
Blair LineBLS120HO Wooden Grade Crossing1$6.00
CMW20213Stacked 50lb Sacks Load 2-pack2$9.99
CMW20215HO Stacked Shipping Crates – Havoline Oil1$10.00
CMW20216HO Wooden crates – INGERASOL-RAND1$10.00
CMW2021755 gallon drums – TEXACO – HO1$10.00
CMW20219Stacked Shipping Crates GE LAMPS1$10.00
CMW20222Stacked Sacks – US Mail5$9.95
CMW20223/24Staked Shipping Cases – Coca-Cola1$9.95
CMW20224Stacked Crates – Ford Parts7$9.95
CMW20226Stacked Lumber Loads3$9.95
CMW20227/24Dirt and Gravel Piles2$9.95
CMW2022850’s Coca-Cola Vending Machines3$9.95
CMW2022960’s Coca-Cola Vending Machines2$9.95
CMW20231/24Brick and Block Loads6$9.95
CMW20232Produce Loads4$9.95
CMW20244/24Coca-Cola Building Signs 1950-1960s2$12.95
CMWCMW20218Stacked 25lb Sacks BLUE COAL1$10.00
CMWCMW20220Stacked Shipping Crates MAYTAG1$10.00
CMWCMW2022155 Gallon Drums Mobile Oil2$10.00
Cal-Scale190-206Headlight with Visor1$2.58
Cal-Scale190-213Generator Loco Light2$4.20
Cal-Scale190-215Pyle National Generator2$4.20
Cal-Scale190-219Loco Brake Cylinders (2)2$6.00
Cal-Scale190-234Dual Voltage Generator2$4.20
Cal-Scale190-247Pop value 6/pk1$3.40
Cal-Scale190-250Modern Whistle2$3.40
Cal-Scale190-275Air, Steam & Signal Hose Set2$4.75
Cal-Scale190-276Air Hose and Bracket, plastic (20 pack)1$3.60
Cal-Scale190-281Standard Bell Rope Pull1$5.30
Cal-Scale190-299Front Mount Bell brass casting1$6.40
Cal-Scale190-312Marker Lights Standard Era2$4.25
Cal-Scale190-317Rope Pull Bell1$5.49
Cal-Scale190-325Caboose marker lights (pair), brass, no jewels3$4.60
Cal-Scale190-329Bell, ball top old style1$4.20
Cal-Scale190-339Whistles 3/pk1$6.60
Cal-Scale190-422Nathan Air Horn KS-13$4.25
Cal-Scale190-423Nathan Air Horn KS-23$4.25
Cal-Scale190-448F & E Unit Steps 6 pieces2$8.00
Cal-Scale190-449F-45 & FP-45 Steps (5 pkg)1$7.50
Cal-Scale190-501.012 Lift Rings (20)2$4.50
Cal-Scale190-502F/FT Side Door Grab Irons 12-pk3$3.50
Cal-Scale190-503F/FT Cab Door Grab .0122$3.50
Cal-Scale190-505F7FT Wndw Roof Grabs2$3.50
Cal-Scale190-50718″ Straight  Grab Irons .0122$3.50
Cal-Scale190-50821″ Straight  Grab Irons .0122$3.50
Cal-Scale190-509Metal Drop Grabs Irons .200 Wide 17 scale inches 20pak2$3.50
Cal-Scale190-511Ladder Grab Irons .0122$3.50
Cal-Scale190-515Pilot Grab Bar .0122$3.50
Cal-Scale190-517Windshield Wiper Single Arm1$3.50
Cal-Scale190-522Coupler Lift Bar for SW/GP/SD 2-pk1$3.50
Cal-Scale190-535Diesel Cab Sunshades2$3.30
Cal-Scale190-543Nathan P3 3-chime horn2$3.95
Cal-Scale190-545Nathan P3 horn All bells forward2$3.95
Cal-Scale190-547Sinclair Antenna 2-pk2$3.50
Cal-Scale190-549Firecracker Antenna (2)3$3.50
Cal-Scale190-557Wind deflector w/mirrors2$3.30
Cal-Scale190-577Leslie S3L 3 chime airhorn1$3.75
Cal-Scale190-583Nathan M3HR 3 chime Airhorn1$3.75
Cal-Scale190-591Rerail Frog in Bracket Bottom Mount2$3.95
Cal-Scale190-592Rerail Frog Interior Bracket Side Mount2$3.95
Cal-Scale190-595Whistle straight2$2.30
Cal-Scale190-610Nathan M5R2 Air horn, 3 forward 2 reverse2$4.50
Cal-Scale190-613Nathan K3HR3 Airhorn2$4.25
Cal-Scale190-619Windhield Wipers, plastic, 6-pk3$3.25
Cal-Scale190-621Locomotive Air Hoses 2-pak2$1.95
Cal-Scale190-622Loco fuel Fillers3$2.95
Cal-Scale190-678HO Cab Window Shade – cloth stowed5$6.95
Cal-Scale190-679HO Cab Window Shade – cloth open1$6.95
Cal-Scale190-680HO F unit Nose Walk 2pc2$6.95
Cal-Scale190-682F Unit Pilot Coupler Cut Levers 2pk2$2.95
Cal-Scale190-683F Unit Roof Mount Radiator Sideways Piping2$6.95
Cal-Scale190-703HO CNW Gong Bell2$4.50
Cal-Scale190-733HO Alco Sand filler Hatch – plastic2$2.95
Cal-Scale190476Coupler Lift Bar & Stanchions2$6.30
Calumet TrainsCAL505-SINGLESuper Traction Tires for Diesels (singles)18$0.60
Calumet TrainsCAL515Super Traction Tires for Tyco Chattanooga Choo-Choo20$0.60
Campbell SclModCSM904HO Windows Double hung 3-pane (3 pak)1$5.49
Campbell SclModCSM922HO Porch Railings 4 pack3$5.49
Campbell SclModCSM924HO Smoke Jacks and Attic Vents4$5.49
Campbell SclModCSM926HO Turned Posts 5 pak3$5.49
Cannon & COAR-2155EMD  EMD Standard Air Reservoirs2$3.95
Cannon & COBH-1601Angled Blower Housing EMD SD50/60 & Late Dash-2 Units3$3.50
Cannon & COBH-1603EMD Blower Hosuings Late 40 Series (post 1970)1$3.50
Cannon & COCD-1552EMD Cab Details – Padlocks & Wiper Motors2$2.50
Cannon & COCD-1554EMD Spartan Cab Interior Kit2$4.50
Cannon & COCW-1505Laser-Cut Cab Window set for diesels1$3.50
Cannon & COFB-1901AAF Angled Filter Hatch1$2.95
Cannon & COFH-1355Inertial Filter Hatches EMD GP40-2 & GP39-2 Ph11$2.95
Cannon & COFH-1357Inertial Filter Hatches EMD GP49 & GP501$2.95
Cannon & COFH-1358Inertial Filter Hatches EMD GP59, GP60, GP60B, GP60M1$2.95
Cannon & COFH-1359Inertial Filter Hatches EMD SD50, SD60, SD601$2.95
Cannon & COFH-1360Inertial Filter Hatches EMD SD70, SD70M1$2.95
Cannon & COFS-1305Inertial Filter Screens Post 1984 EMD SD40-21$2.50
Cannon & COHD-1009EMD Hood Unit Doors Dash-2 & 50//601$1.95
Cannon & COLN-1104EMD 88′ Low Short Hood Kit2$6.95
Cannon & COLN-1107Recessed Brake Wheel Sides EMD Post 1990 88″ Low Nose2$2.95
Cannon & CORG-1405Radiator Grilles & Shutters2$3.95
Cannon & CORG-1411EMD Radiator Grilles2$3.95
Cannon & COSH-1551EMD Cab Sunshades6$2.95
Cannon & COSL-2052EMD Step Lights3$2.95
Cannon & COTD-2156EMD fuel Tank Detail Set2$4.95
Cary (Bowser)13-154Bell, Front Mount (1)2$2.95
Cary (Bowser)13-196Bell, Rigid Steam/Diesel1$3.95
Cary (Bowser)13-404E Unit Dynamic Brake Grids (1 pair)2$3.75
Cary (Bowser)13-432Number Boards for Diesels (pair)2$2.45
Cary (Bowser)13-433Marker Lights for Diesels (pair)2$1.75
Central Valley1601Fences & Railings set3$6.95
Central Valley1602Steps and Ladders pack1$6.95
City ClassicsCC850Retail Signs #16$14.98
City ClassicsCC851Retail Signs #26$14.98
Custom Finishng247-1271mm clear Jewels1$4.95
Custom FinishngCFM214Steam Generator Intake/exhaust 2-piece set1$6.95
Custom FinishngCFN320Caboose Stacks and Vents, metal1$5.95
Detail Assoc101301Cab Sunshades (2) for SW/GP/SD diesels, brass2$5.95
Detail AssocDT1303HO Cab sunshade – “EMD” Widecab1$3.40
Detail AssocDTA-6413Stirrup steps offset double angled, 8pk2$4.40
Detail AssocDTA-6415Stirrup steps strt 13.5*13, 8pk2$4.40
Detail AssocDTA-6416Stirrup steps strt. 9*12 side mount, 8pk3$4.40
Detail AssocDTA-6419Stirrup steps Gunderson 8 pak2$4.40
Detail AssocDTA-6425-12Grab Irons, metal  22″ drop type3$3.40
Detail AssocDTA-6503Grab Irons Curved 48″ Side Type1$3.49
Detail AssocDTA-6504Grab Irons L-shaped 32″*32″ scale end type2$3.49
Detail AssocDTA1001Oscillating Headlight – Pyle Gyralite1$3.40
Detail AssocDTA1003Dual Headlight – Pyle EMD1$3.40
Detail AssocDTA1017Classification Lights, Early EMD GP7/9, SD7/9, GP18/20, SD-241$3.40
Detail AssocDTA1024Dual Headlight – Pyle Vertical w/Shield2$3.40
Detail AssocDTA1101EMD Lift Rings (eye bolts) 3.5″ diameter4$3.40
Detail AssocDTA1201Bell, EMD Cab Mount 2/pk1$3.40
Detail AssocDTA1202BELL – Underframe Mount2$3.40
Detail AssocDTA1301Cab Sunshade EMD GP/SD diesels 6-pk4$4.40
Detail AssocDTA1302Cab Sunshades for F/E Units 4-pak2$4.40
Detail AssocDTA1404Drop Step – EMD Dash-2 Type1$3.40
Detail AssocDTA1708Clear Classification Lights 4.5″ diameter2$3.95
Detail AssocDTA1710Headlight Marker Lens 12″ round clear2$3.40
Detail AssocDTA1711Headlight lens 14.5″ round, clear 12-pk1$4.40
Detail AssocDTA1805Radio Antenna Motorola Firecracker type1$3.40
Detail AssocDTA1901Air Vent – Round, Cab/Hood Mount1$3.40
Detail AssocDTA2105Spark Arrestor MILW switcher type1$4.40
Detail AssocDTA2206eye bolts – 3 1/2′ dia wire formed10$5.95
Detail AssocDTA2215Ladder Grab Irons for EMD cab units 28″2$3.40
Detail AssocDTA2216Curved Grab Irons, 18″ anti-climber 12-pk2$3.40
Detail AssocDTA2225Grab Irons, 14″ straight (1 doz)3$3.40
Detail AssocDTA2302Cab Armrest 24″ plain2$3.40
Detail AssocDTA2303Cab Armrest 24″ * 36″ Stepped Type2$3.40
Detail AssocDTA2308Cab Air Conditioner “Prime Type”3$3.40
Detail AssocDTA2311Cab Deflector – ‘Prime’ Angled2$3.50
Detail AssocDTA2312Cab Deflector – ‘Prime’ Straight2$3.50
Detail AssocDTA2314Windshield Wipers, offset blade, single & double arm type2$3.40
Detail AssocDTA2315Windshield Wipers, Inline Blade, Simgle & Double Arm2$3.40
Detail AssocDTA2316Windshield Wipers, EMD Tandem Arm, Std Cab2$3.40
Detail AssocDTA2717Etched Grilles set for GE 8-40CW2$6.00
Detail AssocDTA2723Etched Grilles set for GE 9-44CW1$7.50
Detail AssocDTA2808Speed Recorder – GE w/flange 4/pk1$3.40
Detail AssocDTA3301Window Set for Athearn SW1500/SW71$3.40
Detail AssocDTA3305Window Set Atlas FP71$3.50
Detail AssocDTA6224Boxcar Roof Plug 8-pk2$3.40
Detail AssocDTA6421Ladder Set 8 rung 16.25″ spacing3$4.50
Detail AssocDTA6501Radio Antenna for Cabooses w/round shield plate1$5.50
Detail AssocSM-903Switch Tie and Motor Mounts17$2.25
Details West3G-118Steam Generator 1st gen hood units3$2.50
Details WestAC-158A/C Vapor Type Cab Roof – HO3$3.25
Details WestAC-159Air Conditioner “Prime Type” Cab Roof Mount2$2.25
Details WestAH-173Air Horn Blatt Type single chime4$3.95
Details WestAH-175Air Horn Nathan Type P-32$6.50
Details WestAH-186Air Horn, Nathan Type M-32$4.95
Details WestAH-191Leslie RS-ST-RF 5-chime airhorn4$6.50
Details WestAH-250Nathan K5HR24 5-chime airhorn2$3.75
Details WestAH-251“Nathan” Air Horn K5 low profile reverse #32$3.75
Details WestAH-252“Nathan” Air Horn K5 all forward2$3.75
Details WestAH-267Air Hose – Locomotive w/bracket4$1.25
Details WestAH-268Air Hose – Locomotive w/extension & angle cock4$1.25
Details WestAH-343“Nathan” Air Horn k5lA23 w/stand2$3.25
Details WestAH-347Air Horn Shrouded 3-chine1$2.95
Details WestAS-222Anntenna Stand (Style1)1$1.75
Details WestAS-223Anntenna Stand (Style2)2$1.75
Details WestAT-146Air Tank set Roof Mount, non-dynamic 1st Gen EMD diesels2$2.50
Details WestAT-261Air Tank Set for Post 1995 Dash 9, AC4400CW1$5.25
Details WestAT-263Air Tank Set for GE 4 & 6 Axle Diesels2$5.25
Details WestBE-129Bell, Hood-Side Mount for GE & Other Hood Units2$2.25
Details WestBE-152Bell gong type3$1.00
Details WestBE-176Bell Side Hood Mount1$1.25
Details WestBL-162Nose Mount Light Backup4$1.00
Details WestBP-111Breather Pipe Fuel Tank Mount1$1.95
Details WestBP-192Snowplow 2nd gen Hoodunits2$6.50
Details WestBW179Handbrake Wheel EMD & GE diesels4$1.00
Details WestCC-1027Scale Cushion Draft Gear for Cabooses w/cut bars & brackets1$4.50
Details WestDL-228Ditch Lights w/lenses Pilot-Top Mount for EMD2$2.95
Details WestDL-229Ditch Lights w/ lenses Pilot end mount1$2.95
Details WestDL-243Ditch Lights w/platforms & Lenses 1 set2$3.50
Details WestDL-301Ditch Light – late style, rounded top4$3.25
Details WestDTA3306Extra Cab Windows EMD style4$3.40
Details WestEC-901Electrical Relay Cabinet 1-door4$2.50
Details WestEC-902Electrical Relay Cabinet 2-door3$2.75
Details WestFA-208F & E Unit Detail set  – A UNITS1$5.50
Details WestFB209F-unit Parts B -Unit1$5.50
Details WestFF-166Fuel Filler EMD Road Units3$1.00
Details WestFF-167Fuel filler – EMD Switcher2$1.00
Details WestFL-906Flange Lubricator4$2.95
Details WestGP-325Gooseneck Rooftop Pipe1$1.25
Details WestGT-916Ground Throw Switch6$2.95
Details WestHB-177Brake Wheel & Gear Box SD-40 Rear Platform1$1.50
Details WestHL-138Headlight, Pyle Twin Gyralight w/recessed plate1$1.95
Details WestHL-148Headlight “pyle” twin gyralight1$1.00
Details WestHL-291Headlight “gyralight” Twin Signal Light4$1.00
Details WestLN-4560.083″ lens for universal headlight applications1$2.95
Details WestMS-452MU Cables w/2 types of stands2$2.95
Details WestMU-218MU Cable w/double ended plugs3$2.15
Details WestMU-219MU Cable w/receptacle plug & stand2$2.15
Details WestMU-220MU Cable w/two plugs, receptacle2$2.15
Details WestMU-221MU Cable w/receptacle & dummy receptacle1$2.15
Details WestMU-295MU Hoses 36″ Pre-1980 locos 4-hose cluster2$3.75
Details WestMW-451Men at Work Sign2$1.95
Details WestNB-136Number Board AUX EMD5$1.95
Details WestNB-249GE Number Boards HI-LO Mount2$1.35
Details WestNB156Number Board AUX ALCO3$1.25
Details WestNB165Number Boards EMD F7 and E-Units2$1.00
Details WestPL-110Snowplow w/footboards1$2.75
Details WestPL-120Snow Plow 1st/2nd Gen. Hood Units Alcos & Others1$2.75
Details WestPL-130Snow Plow 2nd Gen. Hood Units EMD/GE3$2.75
Details WestPL-140Snowplow 2nd Gen Hood Units Tall Profile2$2.75
Details WestPL-150Snow Plow Weed Cutter Type2$4.50
Details WestPL-155Snowplow 2nd gen Hoodnuts2$2.75
Details WestPL-160Snow Plow Pilot E & F Units2$3.25
Details WestPL-180Snow Plow 2nd Gen. Hood Units Medium Height Profile1$2.75
Details WestPL-203Snow Plow No MU Doors1$2.75
Details WestPL-206Snow Plow Modern2$2.75
Details WestPL-207Snow Plow 2nd Gen Hood Units low profile3$2.75
Details WestPL-217Snow Plow EMD Passenger Type2$2.75
Details WestPL-234Snow Plow Tall Profile UP/C&NW1$2.75
Details WestPL-256Snow Plow CSX, NS type1$2.75
Details WestPL-287Snow Plow BN, GN & Others2$2.75
Details WestRA-274Sinclair Radio Antenna (long type) 4-pk1$3.75
Details WestRA-276Radio Antenna “Can” Type 2-pk2$1.00
Details WestRA-277Radio Antenna – wide cone type2$1.00
Details WestRA-278Radio Antenna “Cone” Type 2-pk2$1.00
Details WestRA-279Radio Antenna Tear-drop Type2$1.00
Details WestRB-126Rotary Beacon “Western-Cullen” Type4$5.95
Details WestRB-306Rotary BeaconPyle National Type4$2.25
Details WestRB106Rotary Beacon Set – Stracto Light Type1$5.95
Details WestRF-119Re-rail Frogs w/hangers2$2.50
Details WestRF-293Re-rail Frog w/Brackets D&RGW, UP and others2$1.75
Details WestSA-123Spark Arrestors Non-Turbo Charged Units (2 pak)2$2.50
Details WestSA-124Spark Arrestors “Super” Non-Lifting Type Non-Turbo EMD Locos (2 pak)4$2.50
Details WestSA-125Spark Arrestors “Harco” Centerfugal Type Non-turbocharged EMD units (2pk)2$2.50
Details WestSA-319Half-Round Top Spark Arrestor2$1.50
Details WestSK-196Spare Knuckle and Bracket3$1.95
Details WestSK210Pilot Spare Knuckle Holder1$1.75
Details WestSR-284Speed Recorder w/cable line (early to late diesels)3$1.95
Details WestSS-914Switch Stand- Style 1 w/etched targets 2-pk5$3.50
Details WestSS-915Switch Stand- Style 2 w/etched targets 2-pk3$3.50
Details WestTB-912Telephone Box w/wood post4$1.50
Details WestTH-1007Trailer Hitch, rigid for Pullman-Std Trailers2$3.45
Details WestTH-1008Trailer Hitch, Cushioned Fixed for ACF Model 6-22$3.45
Details WestVE-121Cab & Body Vents, round Hood Units & Cabooses 12-pk1$2.00
Details WestVE-122Cab Vents (12) 2nd Gen. EMD & GE Units2$2.00
Details WestVF-161Dynamic Brake Vent & Elec. Cabinet Filter1$1.95
Details WestWH-163Winterization Hatch EMD F Units2$2.00
Details WestWH-164Winterization Hatch 1st Gen Hood Units1$2.00
Details WestYS-454Yard Speaker for yards & engine facility1$1.95
Durango PressDP-108Pot Belly Stove – HO1$3.50
Durango PressDP-215Welding Tanks w/carts 2-pk1$3.95
Durango PressDPR208Hayes Wheel Stops 8-pk2$3.50
GCLaser11271HO Straight Grade Crossing 2-pk2$11.95
Grandt Line Prd4032RGS Style Depot Window4$3.30
Grandt Line Prd501130″ Round Attic Window1$3.30
Grandt Line Prd5014Durango Station Window2$4.25
Grandt Line Prd50218_panel door w/frame 3-pkg2$2.75
Grandt Line Prd503136″ * 54″ 12-pane window1$3.30
Grandt Line Prd50461.75 Square Nut-Bolt-Washer1$3.00
Grandt Line Prd50661.25 Nuts 3″ Mallable Iron Washers6$3.00
Grandt Line Prd5073Double Door w/Transom3$3.30
Grandt Line Prd5080D&RGW Station Baggage Door4$3.30
Grandt Line Prd50962.5 Nut; 6″ Square Washer4$3.00
Grandt Line Prd03000000005098E2.25″ nuts, 4.50″ Flat Steel Washers10$3.30
Grandt Line Prd51001.75″ NBW 2.75″ long 175-pak8$3.30
Grandt Line Prd51011 7/8 Nut , 3/16 Steel Washer5$3.00
Grandt Line Prd51132.5 Nut on Rectangular Washer1$3.00
Grandt Line Prd5131Tongue & Groove Paneled Door1$2.75
Grandt Line Prd513436″ Door w/Transom4$2.75
Grandt Line Prd513939*92 Factory Front Door w/Transon for Masonary Buildings2$3.30
Grandt Line Prd514042*91 4-pane dbl-hung Factory Window for Masonry Buildings4$3.30
Grandt Line Prd5149Double Commercial Door w/Sidelight & Transom2$3.30
Grandt Line Prd51562.5″ NBW Cored 80-pak9$3.30
Grandt Line Prd5176R35 degree Steel Staircase Railings (2-pk)3$2.49
Grandt Line Prd5177Open Wooden Staircase set2$4.25
Grandt Line Prd5197RGS Style Depot Doors4$3.30
Grandt Line Prd5198Freight Door w/transon RGS style 3-pkg1$4.25
Grandt Line Prd5238C&S Caboose ladders (2)6$4.25
Grandt Line Prd5270Star Nut-Bolt_washer for Masonry Buildings6$3.00
Grandt Line Prd5274Warehouse Door, no frame2$3.30
Grandt Line Prd527638*68 6/6 Window for Masonry Buildings3$3.30
Grandt Line Prd527748*68 8/8 Window for Masonry Buildings4$3.30
Grandt Line Prd528163*75 5-light Commercial Window3$3.30
Grandt Line Prd529938*45 Masonry Window4$3.30
Grandt Line Prd53003-pane Horitzontal Window for Masonry Buildings2$3.30
Grandt Line Prd5301Freight & Panel w/Transon Door Set6$3.30
Grandt Line PrdGLP1631/4″ scale Star Nut, bolt washers9$3.30
Grandt Line PrdGLP517635 degree concrete & steel staircase3$3.30
Herpa Models5404Dump Chutes for Grain Trailers3$4.75
Hi-Tech Details6016SP Ice Breaker Bars – Tall2$2.95
Hi-Tech Details6018EMD Front Lift Lugs for E & F Units2$2.95
Hi-Tech Details6019EMd Rear Lift Lugs – E&F Units2$2.95
Hi-Tech Details6034HO Diesel MU, Signal & Air Hoses2$5.95
Hi-Tech DetailsHT6020AT&SF Front Lift Lugs for E & F Units1$2.95
Hi-Tech DetailsHT6021AT&SF Rear Lift Lugs for E & F Units1$2.95
Hi-Tech DetailsHTD-6000G.E. Exhaust Stack U-Boat thru Dash-71$2.95
Hi-Tech DetailsHTD-6001G.E. Exhaust Stack Dash-7 thru Dash-82$2.95
Hi-Tech DetailsHTD-6002G.E. Exhaust Stack Dash-8 thru Dash-92$2.95
Intermountain49700-001LES44AC/DC Side Handrail – LEFT2$3.00
Intermountain49700-001RES44AC/DC Side Handrail – RIGHT2$3.00
Intermountain49700-002-720ES44 End Handrail Set,  blue1$4.00
Intermountain49700-002FVMES44AC/DC Rear Handrail Set for Fox Valley Model1$3.00
Intermountain49700-002IAISES44AC/DC Front & Rear Handrail Set for Iowa Interstate1$5.00
Intermountain49700-003ES44 Cab Handrail sprue (left/right)1$4.00
Intermountain49700-004LES44 Windshield washers LEFT (pair)4$2.00
Intermountain49700-004RES44 Windshield washers RIGHT (pair)4$2.00
IntermountainGP10-FOOTGP-10 Footboards 4-pk1$3.00
IntermountainP40000Windshield Wiper Set (5) for GP10 diesel3$4.25
IntermountainP44086Farre Grilles (Horitzontal) for EMD F-A Unit1$9.00
IntermountainP44087Farr Grill (Vertical) for EMD FA unit (pair)2$9.00
IntermountainP44587Farr Grill (Vertical) for EMD FB unit (pair)2$9.00
JL Invt. DsignsJLI495Block “Relay & Ground box HO1$13.95
JL Invt. DsignsJLI562Texaco Barrels – HO1$5.49
JL Invt. DsignsJLI567Phillips 66 Barrels – HO1$5.49
JL Invt. DsignsJLI575Std Oil Barrels – HO1$5.49
JL Invt. DsignsJLI923Vintage Wood Deck Tandem Trailers – HO2$8.98
JL Invt. DsignsJLI924Cushman Truckster – HO2$10.95
JL Invt. DsignsJLI438Gas Station Junk #1, painted1$7.98
JL Invt. DsignsJLI439Gas Station Junk #2 painted1$7.98
JL Invt. DsignsJLI510Deluxe Gas Station Interior1$16.95
JL Invt. DsignsJLI515Custom Gas Pumps Mobil (2 pack)1$7.98
JL Invt. DsignsJLI708Wood Barrels Gray/Whiskey2$5.50
JL Invt. DsignsJLI709US Mail Sacks1$5.50
JL Invt. DsignsJLI710Custom US Mailbox Pre551$6.98
JL Invt. DsignsJLI7111955 US Mailboxes – Blue3$7.00
JL Invt. DsignsJLI713Mixed Flour Sacks2$5.49
JL Invt. DsignsJLI718Garbage Cans – Rusted2$5.50
JL Invt. DsignsJLI719Wood Barrels Tan/Beer Labels2$5.50
JL Invt. DsignsJLI723REA Crates – Green3$5.50
JL Invt. DsignsJLI726Small Propane – Lgt Blue3$5.50
JL Invt. DsignsJLI727Large Propane – Silver4$6.50
JL Invt. DsignsJLI728Large Propane – White3$6.50
JL Invt. DsignsJLI729Large Propane – Lgt blue1$6.50
JL Invt. DsignsJLI848Yard Limit Signs 2-pak4$5.98
JL Invt. DsignsJLI925Deluxe Cushman Truckster & Carts Detail set2$12.50
JMD Plastics683Concrete Construction (K) barriers4$6.00
JMD PlasticsJMD680HO Orange Construction Zone Barrels 10-pk2$6.95
KadeeKAD2020AJAX Brake Wheels, BOXCAR RED, 8-pak2$3.38
KadeeKAD2025MODERN Brake Wheels, BOXCAR RED, 8-pak4$3.38
KadeeKAD2030AJAX Brake Wheels, RED OXIDE, 8-pak3$3.50
KadeeKAD2033UNIVERSAL Brake Wheels, RED OXIDE, 8-pak3$3.38
KadeeKAD2035MODERN Brake Wheels, RED OXIDE, 8-pak3$3.38
KadeeKAD2040AJAX Brake Wheels, BLACK, 8-pak2$3.50
KadeeKAD2043Universal Brake Wheels, black2$3.50
KadeeKAD2045MODERN Brake Wheels, BLACK, 8-pak4$3.38
KadeeKAD2101End & Side Ladders, 7-run RED OXIDE3$3.75
KadeeKAD2102End & Side Ladders, 7-rung BOXCAR RED3$3.75
KadeeKAD2103End & Side Ladders, 7-rung BLACK4$3.75
KadeeKAD22258′ Pullman-Std Door Red Oxide low tackboard2$4.35
KadeeKAD22268′ Pullman-Std Door  low tackboard BOXCAR RED2$4.35
KadeeKAD2250Side Grab Irons Red Oxide2$7.10
KadeeKAD2251Side Grab Irons BOXCAR RED2$7.10
KadeeKAD2252End Grab Irons RED Oxide2$7.10
KadeeKAD2253End Grab Irons BOXCAR RED2$7.10
KadeeKAD2254End Grab Irons BLACK2$7.10
KadeeKAD323UNIVERSAL Brake Wheels, BOXCAR RED, 8-pak3$3.38
KadeeKAD426Whistle Post & Yard Limit Markers4$3.95
KadeeKAD437Cattle Guards 3-pak3$5.95
KadeeKAD438Air Hose & Angle Cock detail set3$2.15
KadeeKAD44018″ metal brake wheel (6 pk)2$2.50
Kato9500221 Chime Airhorn Gray2$1.25
Kato963022Horn & Bell Bracket Switchers2$1.00
Kato965010Cab sunshade SP Gray2$1.50
Kato965012Cab sunshade ATSF Yellow2$1.00
Kato965521Bell SD80/9043 Mac Black6$1.00
Kato965522Bell SD80/9043 Mac Gray6$1.00
Lonestar Models12109Load Tie-Downs rail brown1$4.95
MV Products601HO – .070″ Lens Set – RED3$2.25
MV ProductsLS-800Headlight Lens Set red/yellow/green2$2.25
MV ProductsMVP136.136″ Clear Lens4$1.00
MV ProductsMVP300Lens Set .052″ Clear3$2.25
MiscOVL9018Overland Models Nathan 5-chine Airhorn, brass K5LA1$4.75
MiscOVL9100Overland Models Beacon Strobe Light, Round base, Flat top1$3.25
MiscOVL9456Overland Models Metal V-shaped screens for SD50, Dash 7-401$3.50
MiscOVL9458Overland Models Metal V-shaped screens for Dash 8-40C1$3.50
MiscRPP-124Container Braces for Athearn IMPAC1$1.75
Model Tech StudBUILT1321920s-1950s U.S. Mail Catcher Crane painted/finished5$17.99
Model Tech StudD0151Freight Crates1$5.00
Model Tech StudD0154Birds, unpainted2$6.99
Model Tech StudD0164PPropane & Gas Cylinders1$11.99
Model Tech StudD0173POil Barrels – painted1$7.99
Model Tech StudD0176PMailboxes finished/painted2$9.99
Model Tech StudD0180Fruit & Produce Crates & Barrels Super Pile1$8.50
Model Tech StudD0191Garbage Day Pick Up Roadside Garbage Piles #12$5.00
Model Tech StudD0208Freight Dock Clutter #2 unpainted3$7.50
Model Tech StudD0210Freight Dock Boxes (24+) unpainted4$7.50
Model Tech StudD0241Fruit Crates w/produce1$7.99
Model Tech StudD0264Concrete Railroad Telephone Booths unpainted (2)2$10.99
Model Tech StudD0305PFruit Vendor1$24.99
Model Tech StudD0307PIndustry Clutter and Workers Set1$24.99
Model Tech StudD0310PProduce Loaded Bins – painted1$9.99
Model Tech StudD0330PBuilding Window Ventillation/Exhaust Fans, painted2$8.99
Model Tech StudD0334PConcrete Mixer – painted1$14.99
Model Tech StudD0335PSmall Coal Conveyor, pre-built painted & weathered1$24.99
Model Tech StudD0399PHandtrucks 3-pak PAINTED1$8.49
Model Tech StudD0407PBeer Kegs1$10.99
Model Tech StudD0410PWooden Barrels – bulk1$10.99
Model Tech StudD0415PFruit & Vegeetable Vender Clusters 3pk painted2$10.99
Model Tech StudD1075The (Railroad) Boneyard Clutter unpainted1$11.50
Model Tech StudD1095Alley Way Clutter Piles Unpainted4$8.50
Monroe ModelsMON2306Vintage Luggage Set white metal details1$9.49
NW Shortlines2181-6Athearn 282,472 17 tooth gear2$11.95
NW Shortlines2800-6Bachmann Shay Regear Kit1$34.95
NW Shortlines55-4Pulller II – 1 1/2″ depth1$24.95
NW ShortlinesNWSL106-4Bronze Thrust Wash-.0105$1.59
NW ShortlinesNWSL108-4Bronze Thrust Wash-.0102$1.59
NW ShortlinesNWSL110-4Bronze Thrust Wash-.0104$1.59
NW ShortlinesNWSL117-4Bronze Thrust Wash-.0103$1.59
NW ShortlinesNWSL118-4Bronze Thrust Wash-.0101$1.59
NW ShortlinesNWSL119-4Bronze Thrust Washer – .0154$1.59
PecoSS89Mechanical Interlocking Point Rodding Kit3$12.99
PecoSS90Mechanical Interlocking Extension Kit3$9.75
Pikestuff541-11008*10 Roll-up Freight Door 2-pk1$3.25
Pikestuff541-1102Door Entry – Solid1$3.25
Pikestuff541-1103Door Entry – Window2$3.25
Pikestuff541-110712*12 Freight Door 2-pk1$3.25
Pikestuff541-110814*18 Roll-Up Engine House Doors 2-pk1$3.50
Pikestuff541-11099.5*12 Roll-up Loading doors 2-pk1$3.25
Pikestuff541-111310*10 Roll-up Freight doors 2-pk1$3.25
Pikestuff541-1115Window & Door Combo2$3.25
Pikestuff541-1201Assorted Windows HO2$4.00
Pikestuff541-1203Asst Doors & Windows HO2$6.00
Pikestuff541-21034-pane Windows – HO2$3.25
Pikestuff541-21048-pane Windows – HO2$3.25
Pikestuff541-3000Machine Shop Doors & Windows – HO2$4.25
Plano Model PdtPMP504Rock Island Heralds (2) Stanless Steel2$3.00
Precis. Design1017HO Chains w/shackles (10 pak)2$9.75
Precis. Design1018HO Chains w/hooks (10 pak)1$9.75
Precis. Design110000HO Code 100 22″ 4-hole C Channel Joint Bars2$12.00
Precis. Design110002HO Code 100 26″ 4-hole L Channel Joint Bars2$12.00
Precis. Design110006HO Code 100 36″ C Channel Joint Bars2$12.00
Precis. Design110012HO Code 83 22″ 4 hole L Channel Joint Bars2$12.00
Precis. Design110014HO Code 83 26″ 4 hole Flat Joint Bars2$12.00
Precis. Design110016HO Code 83 36″ 4 hole C Channel Joint Bars2$12.00
Precis. Design11004HO Code 100 26″ 4-hole Flat Joint Bars2$12.00
Precis. Design110102HO Ratchet Style Load Binders (15 pak)1$10.00
Precis. Design110103HO Lever Style Load Binders (20 pak)1$8.00
Precis. Design1401HO 6*9 Roadside Sign4$8.99
Precision Scale31299HO Headlight2$2.50
Precision Scale31300Headlight Pyle – National PLS2$2.50
Precision Scale31305HO Headlight Bracket2$3.50
Precision Scale31384Pilot, Wabash type1$10.50
Precision Scale31455Smoke jack caboose1$5.00
Precision Scale3153Air Hose w/glad hand, plastic3$6.00
Precision Scale31661HO Number Brd Plastic2$3.00
Precision Scale3176HO Common Std Numbrd DRGW3$4.00
Precision Scale31982Smoke jack & toilet vent, modern style2$5.00
Precision Scale32409Beam, Rear Pilot2$8.00
Precision Scale32503Pilot Beam w Footboard swtich type N&W1$10.00
Precision Scale3428HO Headlight Pyle w/o visor2$2.50
Precision Scale39092Diesel cab seat, auxiliary style 23$6.00
Precision Scale39155-1EMD MU Air Hose w/brackets (front & rear)3$7.25
Precision Scale3970Mars light, dual signal oscilating (plastic)1$5.25
Precision Scale48327HO Lenses – red2$4.25
Precision Scale48328HO jewels Green 2.7mm2$6.25
Precision Scale48329HO Lenses – clear5$6.25
Precision Scale48330HO jewels Clear 2.5mm3$6.25
Precision ScalePSC32502Pilot Beam w Footboard solid N&W type2$10.00
Preiser Kg17713Grain Scale with 2 grain sacks3$7.99
Rapido102092Diesel Horn Variety pack (11 horns)4$11.95
River Pt. Stan.537525056Ladder, Rack, Brush Guard Set3$10.00
River Pt. Stan.537525068Tool Box Set, matte silver4$10.00
River Pt. Stan.537525069Tool Box Set, white3$10.00
River Pt. Stan.618-5High-Rail Set Mat Black/silver2$10.00
River Pt. Stan.618-537525239Bucket/Boom Accessory kit2$10.00
River Pt. Stan.618-537525249Jib Crane Accesory Kit1$10.00
River Pt. Stan.618-537525303Skid-Mount Pump Kit1$12.00
Rix Products628-0030RR Telephone Poles 30′ & 40′ Poles ONLY3$6.95
Rix Products628-0032RR Telephone Poles TWO CROSSARM kit1$6.95
Selley (Bowser)675-157Farm Wagon, white metal kit1$5.95
Selley (Bowser)675-228Harrow for Tractor, white metal kit4$3.00
Selley (Bowser)675-470Caboose Marker Lights (pair)1$2.49
Selley (Bowser)675-145Baggage Truck, white metal kit4$3.00
Tangent SMTSM-203Coupler Lift Bars Type12$5.95
Tangent SMTSM-204Coupler Lift Bars Type24$5.95
Tichy Train Grp8234Mailboxes1$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTT8182Early Diamond2$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT8252Hgwy Grade Crossing Warning sign1$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT8254Road Path Sign 1st Grp Warning sign3$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT8255Road Path Sign 2nd Grp Warning sign3$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT8256Written Warnings Warning sign3$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT8261No Parking Signs3$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT8262Misc Road Signs1$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT8263Misc Road Signs2$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT8298Warning Sign – Bridge clearance2$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT8299Warning Sign – Firehouse2$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG3005Brake Gear KC style Westinghouse 1 set3$3.00
Tichy Train GrpTTG301518″ Drop Grabirons3$4.00
Tichy Train GrpTTG3028Grab Irons Roof Corner Type 100-pk1$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG3033Freight Car Ladders variety pack2$3.00
Tichy Train GrpTTG3034Brake Gear Split K Westinghouse style3$3.00
Tichy Train GrpTTG3037Eyebolts4$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG305324″ Straight Grabirons2$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG3069Freight Car Bolsters – HO2$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG80324 panel door 30″ * 80″ 6-pk1$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG80334 lite door & transom 30″ * 100″  6-pk2$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG8038Baggage Door 8′ * 8′ w/transom 3-pk2$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG8053Baggage Door 8′ * 8′ w/frame 3-pk1$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG8067Work Car Windows 24*24 w/glazing 12-pk2$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG8091200 piece Windows, Doors & Parts Assortment1$40.00
Tichy Train GrpTTG8125Freight Door/Transom, 4pk3$3.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG8164HO Scale Telltales3$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8176Modern Warning Sign, 20 pak2$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8178Crossing Sign/Crossbucks, 20 pak5$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8179Diamond Crossing Signs (early)1$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8183HO Scale Modern Square Whistle Posts2$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8184Milepost Markers 1 to 501$7.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8246Milepost Markers 51 to 1001$7.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8247Modern (post 1954) Stop Signs3$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8248HO Scale Early Stop Signs4$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8320Funny Signs Group 12$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8321Funny Signs Group 23$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8330Yard Limit Signs 3-styles, 12-pk6$6.00
Utah PacificRJ-57Red Jewels, Clear Backs 12-pk1$2.45
Utah PacificRM-77Cab Mirror w/brackets 1pr4$3.45
Walthers616374155675Caboose Detail Kit3$9.98
Walthers910-256Diesel Detail Kit for EMD SD50, SD602$9.98
Walthers910-258Diesel Detail Kit for EMD GP9 locomotives1$11.98
Walthers920-6060Proto Trail Hitch Accessory Pack6$9.98
Walthers933-3515Caged Ladders & Vents1$14.98
Walthers933-3535City Accessory Package1$9.00
Walthers933-3729Modulars – Vintage Fire Escape & Details1$9.98
Walthers933-822Diesel Dtl Kit Athearn F7/F93$11.98
Walthers933-977Black Rubber Diaphrams (pair)2$4.98
Walthers949-4125Vintage Garbage Cans 12 pac4$7.98
Walthers949-4126HO Modern Trash Containers1$7.98
Walthers949-4127Vintage Garbage cans 20-pak3$9.98
Walthers949-4129HO Wood Pallets5$5.98
Walthers949-4130HO Bags of Sand, Grain, Cement5$5.98
Walthers949-4131HO – Stack of Rough Lumber3$9.98
Walthers949-4133HO – Loose Boards1$9.98
Walthers949-4135Baggage Carts (5pk – kits)2$19.78
Walthers949-4136HO Milk Cans, bottles and cases1$14.98
Walthers949-4140Vintage Trackside Detail Kit4$19.98
Walthers949-4142Suitcases, Packs and Baggage Trolleys2$14.98
Walthers949-4144Pallet Jacks 4-pk6$9.98
Walthers949-4146Benches 8-pk1$5.98
Walthers949-4148Safety & Security Poles 20-pak3$5.98
Walthers949-4149Ho Industrial Details3$14.98
Walthers949-4152Oil Drums 32-pak2$11.98
Walthers949-4153Beverage Crates and Bottles 80/pkg3$11.98
Walthers949-4154Relay Cabinets and Phone Boxes4$5.98
Walthers949-4155Cable reels kit6$7.98
Walthers949-4156Small Shoreline pier kit1$7.98
Walthers949-4158Wood Grade Crossing kit, single5$4.98
Walthers949-4162Farm Plow and Planter (red)2$14.98
Walthers949-4164Forklifts (2-pack)3$14.98
Walthers949-4167Garage Detail Set3$21.98
Walthers949-4168Quiet Crossing Markers (yellow/black)4$17.98
Walthers949-4169Construction Lane Markers(red/black)6$17.98
Walthers949-4174Modern Trash Cans6$9.98
Walthers949-4175Jersey Barriers 24-pk4$14.98
Walthers949-4178Parking Bumpers 12-pk4$7.98
Walthers949-4180SceneMaster Garden Fence5$9.98
Walthers949-4181SceneMaster Metal Fence3$9.98
Walthers949-4183Woodshop Equipment1$7.98
Walthers949-4367Non-operating Traffic 1960’s Single-Side Light2$17.98
Walthers949-4368Non-operating Traffic 1960’s Doubled-Sided Light2$19.98
Woodland ScenicD248Street & Traffic Lights Scenic Details2$7.99
Updated November 16, 2020