HO Scale Vehicles

ManufacturerModelDescriptionQtyOur Price
A Line Products5050853′ Reefer Trailer kit w/decals WERNER1$16.95
A Line Products50511-S53′ Reefer Trailer kit w/decals C.R. England1$19.95
A Line Products5508Freightliner Tractor kit BN2$8.95
Athearn26447Pennsylvania Pickup1$11.95
Athearn8106Ford C-Series Truck – John Deere2$11.98
Atlas200037491973 Ford F-100 Undecorated Gray Primer1$14.75
Atlas200037501973 Ford F-100 pickup Candy Apple Red4$19.95
Atlas200037511973 Ford F-100 Wind Blue2$19.95
Atlas200037521973 Ford F-100 pickup Wintergreen2$19.95
Atlas200037541973 Ford F-100 pickup Sequoia Brown/Wimbeldon White2$21.95
Atlas200037631973 Ford F-100 Mallard Green/Winbeldon White1$21.95
Atlas30-000-109Ford LNT 9000 Tractor Cab UNION PACIFIC (yellow)2$16.95
Atlas30-000-110Ford LNT 9000 Tractor Cab BURLINGTON NORTHERN (green)1$16.95
Atlas30-000-114Ford LNT 9000 Tractor Cab SANTA FE (white)1$16.95
Atlas30-000-1191973 Ford F-100 Pickup Milwaukee Road2$24.95
Atlas300000881993 Ford Explorer Yellow – CONRAIL2$18.25
Atlas300000911993 Ford Explorer Yellow – NORFOLK SOUTHERN2$18.25
Atlas300001051973 Ford F-100 MOW Yellow2$19.95
Atlas600001051997 Ford F-150 POLICE2$22.95
AtlasATL1220Ford LNT 9000 Tractor Cab UNDECORATED/UNPAINTED1$13.95
AtlasATL1226Ford LNT 9000 Tractor Cab RED1$13.95
AtlasATL1228Ford LNT 9000 Tractor Cab YELLOW2$13.95
AtlasATL1237Ford LNT 9000 Tractor Cab RED/WHITE1$13.95
AtlasATL1238Ford LNT 9000 Tractor Cab BLACK/WHITE2$13.95
AtlasATL1239Ford LNT 9000 Tractor Cab YELLOW/GREEN2$13.95
AtlasATL1250HO Ford F-150 Undecorated1$12.25
Brekina19971Corvette C3 – metallic blue2$21.99
Brekina19974Corvette C3 – cabrio orange1$19.99
Brekina19977Corvette C3 – purple1$19.99
Busch Gmbh & Co44001Dodge Power Wagon Farm Truck1$15.29
Busch Gmbh & Co44922Manure Wagon w/load2$14.25
CMW20233/24Outdoor Billboard COCA COLA3$12.95
CMW30178HO – IH r-190 undec Red Cab Van2$11.00
CMW30200HO -’54 Ford Pickup – Raven Black2$10.00
CMW30202HO -’54 Ford Pickup -Sheridan Blue1$10.00
CMW30203HO -’54 Ford Pickup – Meadow Green1$10.00
CMW30208HO – ’54 Ford F-350 PRR MoW Pickup5$10.00
CMW30210HO – ’54 Ford F-350 SF MoW Pickup2$11.00
CMW30213HO -’54 Ford F-350 Utility Truck – NYC2$11.00
CMW302351054 Ford F-350 pickup C&NW RR3$14.00
CMW30271HO – ’41/46 Chevy Flat Bed Swift’s RED1$16.50
CMW30298HO – ’41/46 Chevy Delivery Truck – Rath Meats2$13.00
CMW30300HO – ’41/46 chevy Delivery Truck – Schlitz Beer1$12.00
CMW30331HO – ’41/46 chev Delivery Truck – Stroh’s Beer2$13.00
CMW30335HO 41/46 Chevy Tank Truck Pennsylvania Oil1$12.95
CMW30337HO – 41/46 Stakebed Swifts RedTruck2$12.00
CMW30338HO – 41/46 Stakebed Brewster Green Truck1$16.95
CMW30339HO -’41/46 Chevy Stake Bed – Mobil Oil2$12.00
CMW30341HO – 41/46 Stakebed Pillsbury Feeds4$17.75
CMW30347HO – ’41/46 chev Delivery Truck – Roadway3$13.00
CMW30348141/46 Chevy Box Truck Electro-Motive Division (EMD)1$19.75
CMW30350HO – ’41/46 Chevy Delivery Truck – Oscar Meyer Meats2$13.00
CMW30358HO -Metro Van – REA1$19.75
CMW30360Internl Metro Van -Red Unmarked – HO4$9.95
CMW30375HO – 41/46 Stakebed Pioneer Corn Company1$17.75
CMW30387International Metro Van SEARS ROEBOCK & CO1$14.75
CMW30393HO -’41/46 Chevy Wrecker – Sinclair2$16.50
CMW30401HO – ’55 Ford Town Sedan – Dk blue2$17.00
CMW30411HO – ’60 Ford Flatbed Truck – Monte Carlo Red1$18.49
CMW30412HO – ’60 Ford Flatbed Truck – Holly Green1$18.49
CMW30418HO – ’60 Ford Tank Truck – Texaco1$18.25
CMW30419HO – ’60 Ford Tank Truck – Mobilgas1$18.25
CMW30423HO – ’60 Ford 1/2 ton Pickup – UP Hyline2$16.29
CMW30424HO – ’60 Ford 1/2 ton Pickup – SF Hyline1$16.29
CMW30425HO – ’60 Ford 1/2 ton Pickuo Milw Hyline2$13.00
CMW30429HO – ’60 Ford Stakebed – 84 Lumber1$18.25
CMW30430HO – ’60 Ford Stakebed – Purina1$18.25
CMW3043455 Ford Sedan RR Inspection w/Hy-Line Wheels2$12.75
CMW30438HO – ’60 Ford 1/2 ton Pickup GN Hyline1$16.98
CMW30443HO 60 Ford Dump Truck Blue Cab1$18.50
CMW304461955 Ford Fairlane Black/Yellow1$17.00
CMW30447HO Scale 1955 Ford Fairlane Red/Black2$17.00
CMW30449HO -60 Ford Pickup – Corinthian White2$14.00
CMW30450HO – ’60 Ford 4×4 Pickup – Academy Blue1$13.00
CMW30452HO – ’60 Ford Box Truck – Piggly Wiggly1$19.75
CMW30453HO – ’60 Ford Box Truck – Preston1$19.75
CMW30454HO – ’60 Ford Box Truck – Firestone Tires1$19.75
CMW30456HO – ’60 Ford Tank Truck – Valvoline1$19.75
CMW30457HO – ’60 Ford Tank Truck – kendall Oil2$19.75
CMW30461’60 Ford Utility Truck – Monte Carlo Red – HO1$14.00
CMW30462’60 Ford Utility Truck – Cornithian White – HO2$14.00
CMW30463’60 Ford Utility Truck – Armour Yellow – HO1$14.00
CMW3047360′ Ford 4*4 Pickup Truck Academy Blue2$17.55
CMW3047660 Ford Box Truck Monte Carlo Red1$19.75
CMW3047760 Ford Box Truck Corinthian White1$19.75
CMW3047860 Ford Box Truck Yellow Cab1$19.75
CMW3047941/46 Chevy Box Truck Westinghouse1$19.75
CMW3048041/46 Chevy Box Truck 7-Up Soda1$19.75
CMW3048341/46 Chevy Stake Bed Truck BLUE COAL1$19.75
CMW30484’60 Ford Box Truck GENERAL ELECTRIC2$19.75
CMW30485’60 Ford Stakebed Truck MAYTAG2$19.75
CMW30486’67 Ford Sedan Charcoal Grey1$17.00
CMW30488’67 Ford Sedan Wimbledon White1$17.00
CMW304951960 Ford Stake Bed Truck Funks Hybrids3$19.95
CMW30498/241060 Ford F-100 pickup Conoco Service2$16.95
CMW30499/241060 Ford F-100 pickup Shell Oil Service2$16.95
CMW30500/241060 Ford F-100 pickup Texaco Service2$16.95
CMW30502/241953 Ford Delivery Truck Coca-Cola1$16.95
CMW30503’53 Ford Delivery Sedan – Texaco Salesman Car3$16.95
CMW30504/241953 Ford Delivery Sedan Western Union2$16.95
CMW30506/2441/46 Chevy Box Refrigerated Truck Hudepohl Beer2$17.95
CMW3050941/46 Chevy Box Refrigerated Truck Coca-Cola1$17.95
CMW30510/2441/46 Chevy Stakebed Truck Coca-Cola1$19.95
CMW30512/241960 Ford Stakebed Truck SUNOCO2$17.95
CMW30515/2441/46 Chevy Pickup Coca-Cola8$19.95
CMW30516/2441-46 Chevy Pickup US ARMY2$13.95
CMW30520/241960 Ford Box Truck Coca-Cola2$19.95
CMW30521/24International Metro Van Coca-Cola2$19.95
CMW30523/24International Metro Van – Diaper Service2$19.95
CMW30533/241967 Ford State Police Car2$16.95
CMW30534/241967 Ford State Highway Patrol Car1$16.95
CMW30535/241950 Dodge County Sheriff Car2$16.95
CMW30536/241950 Dodge Police Car2$16.95
CMW30537/241954 Bottle Ford Truck Coca-Cola2$19.95
CMW30538/241954 Bottle Ford Truck Dad’s Root Beer1$19.95
CMW30540/241954 Ford Hi-Rail Truck Rio Grande/D&RGW2$19.95
CMW30543/241990’s GMC Step Van – AC Delco2$11.95
CMW30556/241955 Chevy Pickup Ocean Green1$16.95
CMW30557/241955 Chevy Pickup Mariner Blue1$16.95
CMW30558/241955 Chevy Pickup Autumn Brown2$16.95
CMW30561/241940’s GMC 6*6 Tanker – Gulf Oil2$11.95
CMW30562/241941-46 Chevy Bottle Truck–Coca Cola2$19.95
CMW30563/241941-46 Chevy Bottle Truck–O-So Grape1$19.95
CMW30564/241941-46 Chevy Bottle Truck–Whistle Vess2$19.95
CMW30566/241960 Ford Camper Truck yellow/white1$20.99
CMW305681955 Chevy Box Truck – Planters Peanuts3$19.95
CMW305701955 Chevy Box Truck – Turtle Wax1$19.95
CMW30577/241955 Chevy Stakebed Truck Conoco3$19.95
CMW30578/241955 Chevy Stakebed Truck Union 763$19.95
CMW30579/241955 Chevy Stakebed Truck Standard Oil4$19.95
CMW30580/241953 Ford Station Wagon Cascade Green2$16.95
CMW30581/241953 Ford Station Wagon Sungate Ivory2$16.95
CMW30582/241953 Ford Station Wagon Flamingo Red1$16.95
CMW30584/241960 Ford F-250 Utility Truck – Plumbing Service1$19.95
CMW30586/241953 Ford Station Wagon Gold Mist1$16.95
CMW30587/241974 Buick Estate Wagon Leaf Green1$16.99
CMW30588/241974 Buick Estate Wagon Burgundy1$16.99
CMW30591/241957 Chevy Garbage Truck – Ironwood1$25.99
CMW30594/241954 Ford Pickup Truck Gulf Oil3$16.99
CMW31103HO -PIE R-190n Tractor/ AeroVan set1$16.50
CMW31154HO – ’41/46 Chevy Single Tandem Semi-Tractor Swift’s RED1$15.99
CMW31161HO -32′ Aerovan Trailer Set – Unmarked1$19.95
CMW31163HO – ’60 ford Single Tandem Tractor Cab – Monte Carlo Red1$16.79
CMW3116641/46 Chevy Tractor/Trailer Set Mushroom1$32.75
CMW3116741/46 Chevy Tractor/Trailer Set Ryder1$32.75
CMW311681941/1946 Chevy Tractor with Covered Wagon Set US Steel1$32.75
CMW311701941/1946 Chevy Tractor with Covered Wagon Set TransAmerican Trucking1$32.75
CMW31171’60 Ford Tractor/covered wagon – Purina2$32.75
CMW31175/2441/46 Chevy Tractor/Trailer Set US Mail1$32.95
CMW31179/24’40’s/’50’s  Aero Van Trailer Santa Fe1$21.95
CMW31181/24’40’s/’50’s  Aero Van Trailer Old German Beer2$21.95
CMW31184/24IH R-190 Tractor/32′ Flat Bed Trailer Set – Breir & Smith Building1$32.95
CMW31190/241954 Ford F-350 Semi Tractor Santa Fe4$14.99
CMW31193/241954 IH R-190 Tractor/Lowboy set Bonito Contractor1$34.99
CMW32302HO – GMC TDH-3610 Transit Bus – Shore Lines1$12.49
CMW32317/24GMC TDH-3610 Transit Bus Coca-Cola2$32.95
CMW33112GMC Pd-4501 Scenicruiser Bus 1973-1978 Greyhound-Chicago2$24.95
CMW40004/241954 Ford Bottle Truck w/Billboard COCA COLA2$29.99
CMW40005/241950′ International Metro Van w/billboard HOSTESS1$29.99
CMW40008/241955 Chevy Stakebed w/vending machines & sign COCA Cola1$28.99
CMWCMW305711957 Chevy Cameo – Alpine Blue1$16.95
CMWCMW305721957 Chevy Cameo – Orange2$16.95
CMWCMW30573/24’57 Chevy Cameo – Golden Yellow2$16.95
CMWCMW31180Aero Van Trailer – Overland2$21.95
CMWCMW31187WHT Trk/Trailer Coca Cola3$32.95
CMWCMW31188WHT Trk/Trailer Coca Cola3$32.95
CMWCMW31191’54 F-350 Semi – Overland2$14.99
CMWCMW400061960 Ford Stakebed Coca Cola2$26.99
CMWTC100/12AHydraulic Excavator Orange3$20.99
CMWTC100/12BHydraulic Excavator Yellow2$20.99
CMWTC105/24Traqctor Trailer set- Dk Blue & White – Northtech Chemical1$12.49
CMWTC106/24Tractor Trailer set- Blue/Lt Blue –  Paul Bunyan1$12.49
CMWTC107/24Tractor Trailer set- Maroon & Tan –  Tasket Bakery1$12.49
Ertl13883Ford 5000 Tractor w/ Hay Tool1$11.95
Ertl45293John Deere 1962 Model 1010 Special2$6.95
GCLaser12232Truck Bed kit – Cattle Dual Axle for CMW Box truck/flatbed1$10.99
GCLaser12235Material Truck Bed kit for CMW R-190 & White Single Axle truck frames1$12.99
GCLaser12238Truck Bed kit – Cattle for Athearn Ford C truck/flatbed1$12.99
GCLaser12324Truck Bed Kit Corn/Coal for CMW Dual Axle R-190 & White Trucks1$14.99
GHQ61-005IT18F Log Loader kit1$18.00
Herpa Models028264-003Mercedes-Benz A-Klass Wagon Black1$21.50
Herpa Models12201BMW 5er Limo MINI-KIT3$10.95
Herpa Models12676Mercedes Benz 600 SEC Sedan MINIKIT2$8.00
Herpa Models13222Mercedes-Benz 500-SL MINI-KIT Black1$10.95
Herpa Models5275Elliptical Tank Trailer3$14.25
Herpa Models6493New Holland  W19B Front End Loader1$20.95
Herpa Models6512New Holland D180 Bulldozer1$22.95
LifeLikeLL1644Box Truck – Smith Bros1$4.99
LifeLikeLL1697Fire Cheif Cruiser2$6.99
Lonestar Models500940′ Trailmobile Flatbed Trailer kit Black/undec1$21.95
Lonestar Models501340′ Trailmobile Flatbed Trailer kit SANTA FE1$21.95
Lonestar Models501940′ Trailmobile Flatbed Trailer kit MP, TPL, C&EI1$21.95
Lonestar Models50205000 Series 40′ Flatbed Trailer ROCK ISLAND1$21.95
Lonestar Models5202Ford LN9000 w/gray lumber bed kit1$21.95
MOTORMAX80111982 Honda Accord2$4.50
MOTORMAX80131970 Ford Maverick2$4.50
Misc3011-16GMC Dump Truck1$12.99
Misc3011-73GMC Dump Truck1$12.99
Model Tech StudAJD17Drum Delivery Truck2$29.99
Model Tech StudAJD22Concrete Truck3$29.99
Model Tech StudAJD9Barrel Delivery Truck1$29.99
Norscot Scale55173CAT #12 Motorgrader4$24.95
Oxford Diecast87BC550011955 Buick Century turqouise/white1$9.99
Oxford Diecast87CC61002Chrysler 1961 300 Covertible (closed) black2$10.95
Oxford Diecast87CC61003Chrysler 1961 300 Covertible Open Top Alaskan White2$10.95
Oxford Diecast87CI61004’61 Chevy Impala Conv Hot Rod2$10.95
Oxford Diecast87CN570011957 Chevy Nomad dusk pearl/ivory1$10.95
Oxford Diecast87CSD610021961 Cadillac Sedan DeVille Aspen Gold Metallic2$8.95
Oxford Diecast87DP57001’57 Dodge PickUp  -Coral2$10.95
Oxford Diecast87DP57002Dodge 1957 D1000 Sweptside Pickup turqoiuse jewel black3$10.99
Oxford Diecast87DP57003Dodge 1957 D1000 Sweptside Pickup forest green/misty green3$10.99
Oxford Diecast87DS460031946 Desoto Suburban w/luggage brown/gold2$10.95
Oxford Diecast87ED580051958 Edsel Citation Ice Green/Snow White1$9.99
Oxford Diecast87ED580061958 Edsel Citation Red/White1$9.95
Oxford Diecast87MT57001HO 1957 Mercury Turnpike BLACK/PASTEL PEACH1$9.99
Oxford Diecast87OR500011950 Olds Rocket 88 Red/Cream3$9.95
Oxford Diecast87TH56004HO 1956 Ford T-bird FIESTA RED/COLONIAL WHITE4$9.99
PROMOTEX5287Chemical Tanker Trailer1$12.99
PROMOTEX54463-Axle Grain Trailer1$21.95
River Pt. Stan.536-5057.02Ford  Super Duty F250 Regular Cab Long Bed Yellow2$20.00
River Pt. Stan.536-5221.01Ford SD Service Truck WHITE2$28.00
River Pt. Stan.536-5221.09Ford SD Service Truck ORANGE2$28.00
River Pt. Stan.536-5228.01Ford SD Hi-Rail pickup WHITE2$29.00
River Pt. Stan.536-5555.01F-350 Crew Cab Dual Wheels MoW White4$21.00
River Pt. Stan.536-5555.10F-350 Crew Cab Dual Wheels RED1$21.00
River Pt. Stan.536-5725.01F450 XL Std DRW white2$25.00
River Pt. Stan.536-5725.02F450 XL Std DRW yellow1$25.00
River Pt. Stan.536-5726.02F450 XL DRW Bucket – yellow1$26.00
River Pt. Stan.536760107Ford Expedititon El – BlK1$18.00
River Pt. Stan.538-5058.92F350 Regular Cab Hi-Rail pickup Norfolk Southern1$22.00
River Pt. Stan.538-5058.94F350 Regular Cab Hi-Rail pickup CSX1$22.00
River Pt. Stan.538-5058.96Ford  F350  HI-RAIL regular cab BNSF1$22.00
River Pt. Stan.538-5097.72F250 Super Cab pickup Roadside Assistance1$22.00
River Pt. Stan.538-5221.P9Ford SD pickup Police Highway Service2$28.00
River Pt. Stan.538-5228.73Ford SD Hi-Rail pickup BNSF2$29.00
River Pt. Stan.538-5228.87F-series Hi-Line Pickup UP3$24.00
River Pt. Stan.538-5228.92Ford SD Hi-Rail pickup Norfolk Southern1$29.00
River Pt. Stan.538-5257.07Ford SD pickup USFS2$27.00
River Pt. Stan.538-5257.W6Ford Super Duty pickup Sheriff3$27.00
River Pt. Stan.538-5297.P8Ford Super Duty pickup DOT CVE3$27.00
River Pt. Stan.538-5402.82F-550 Super Duty Brush Truck w/pump unit2$28.00
River Pt. Stan.538-5726.42Ford F450 XL DRW Bucket IC Sparks1$27.00
River Pt. Stan.538-5726.56Ford F450 XL DRW Bucket Verizon1$27.00
River Pt. Stan.538-5729.90F450 XL Bucket  HI AMTRAK1$27.00
River Pt. Stan.538-5729.92F450 XL Bucket  HI NS1$27.00
River Pt. Stan.538-7607.M1Ford Expidition EL EMS Supervisor1$23.00
River Pt. Stan.538-7607.R5Ford Expidition EL Fire Command1$23.00
River Pt. Stan.563-760515Ford Expidition EL Eddie Bower Red1$18.00
River Pt. Stan.618-538572663F450 XL DRW Bucket Truck Dept Public Works2$27.00
Tonkin10006CAT 972K Wheel Loader1$24.95
Trainworx80303Sears Drop Frame Trailer C&EI2$24.00
Trainworx80306Vehicles -40′ Drop Frame Van – ICG2$21.00
Trainworx80306ICSears Drop Frame Trailer ILLINOIS CENTRAL3$28.95
Trainworx8032740′ Drop Frame Van N&W1$17.95
Trident Miniatr900412Chevy Sportvan Red2$9.99
Trident Miniatr901012Chevy Delivery Van 1 ton BLUE2$9.99
Trident Miniatr901544Delivery Truck GREEN2$9.99
Trident Miniatr90254Mass State Police Truck, blue1$11.99
Trident Miniatr90279CT State Police Chevy Van, white1$11.99
Trident Miniatr90297Drinking & Driving Police van, white1$16.99
Trident Miniatr90347US Secret Service Police van, white1$16.19
Trucks’n Stuff60141Peterbuilt 386 Green Day Cab Fuel Delivery w/polished chrome tank1$18.99
Trucks’n StuffJW4003Cascadia Day Cab w/ Trailer Walmart1$16.99
Trucks’n StuffJW4005Pro-Star Day Cab w/ Trailer Walmart1$13.59
Trucks’n StuffSP039Freightliner Cascadia w/53′ Dry Van Gully Transportation1$14.99
Trucks’n StuffSP070Peterbuilt 386 w/53′ Reefer Trailer VAN JK1$14.99
Trucks’n StuffSP072Peterbuilt 386 TNS Gosal Trucking1$14.99
Trucks’n StuffSP107Freightliner Cascadia Daycab w/53′ Dry van trailer SCHNEIDER NATIONAL1$14.99
Trucks’n StuffSP121International Prostar DHE Daycab1$14.99
Trucks’n StuffSP717Freightliner Cascadia Daycab w/53′ Containter JB HUNT INTERMODAL1$15.99
Trucks’n StuffSPT3023Peterbuilt Freightliner 587 AG Transport1$17.99
Trucks’n StuffSPT3024Kenworth T660 Tiger Lines w/Walking Floor Trailer1$17.99
Trucks’n StuffSPT3165Freighliner Cascadia WALMART SAM’S CLUB1$12.99
Trucks’n StuffSPT3304Volvo VNL300 w/Knight Intermodal Container1$14.99
Trucks’n StuffSPT3308Kenworth T660 w/container Cory Ted Peters1$15.99
Trucks’n StuffSPT715International Prostar Sleeper Cab w/53′ Dry Van JB HUNT1$14.99
Trucks’n StuffTNS058Peterbilt 579 DC w/flatbed trailer -TMC1$22.99
Trucks’n StuffTNS059Peterbilt 579 DC w/flatbed trailer -St. Germain1$22.99
Trucks’n StuffTNS060Peterbilt 579 DC w/flatbed trailer – Lonestar2$22.99
Trucks’n StuffTNS061Kenworth T680SC w/flatbed trailer – Central Oregon Truck3$22.99
Trucks’n StuffTNS062Kenworth T680SC w/flatbed trailer – Transport1$22.99
Trucks’n StuffTNS073Peterbilt 389 w/grain trailer Cargill Nutrina2$24.99
Trucks’n StuffTNS075Peterbilt 579 DC w/grain trailer Cerri Feed2$24.99
Trucks’n StuffTNS076Peterbilt 579 DC w/grain trailer AL Gilbert2$24.99
Trucks’n StuffTNS078Peterbilt T680 DC w/grain trailer Cargill Select Product2$24.99
Trucks’n StuffTNS079Peterbilt 579 DC w/grain trailer Cargill Safe Choice2$24.99
Trucks’n StuffTNS081Peterbilt 579DC w/flatbed trailer – Cardinal Logistics1$22.99
Trucks’n StuffTNS083Kenworth W900L w/grain Trailer Cargill Loyall Life2$24.99
Trucks’n StuffTNS084Kenworth W900L Sleeper w/Nutrina Feeds Grain Trailer2$24.99
Trucks’n StuffTNS086Peterbilt 579DC w/lowboy trailer – Blackjack1$22.99
Trucks’n StuffTNS087Peterbilt 579DC w/lowboy trailer – Granite Construction1$22.99
Trucks’n StuffTNS088Peterbilt 579DC w/lowboy trailer – Alpha Steel1$22.99
Trucks’n StuffTNS125Peterbilt 579 DC w/grain Trailer Nutrina Feeds2$24.99
Trucks’n StuffTNS126Peterbilt 579DC w/flatbed trailer – Gigli1$22.99
Trucks’n StuffTNS142Kenworth T680 Dc w/grain Trailer2$24.99
Trucks’n StuffTONKIN60131Freightliner Cascadia Day Cab Red w/polished food grade tank1$18.99
Trucks’n StuffTRGE2139V8716753′ Container w/Chassis Knight Port & Rail2$9.99
Trucks’n StuffTRKW6020S87136Kenworth T700 Sleeper Cab w/53′ Cargill Van2$19.99
Univs Hobbies6037Fordson E27N – 19481$22.95
Walthers949-11012Heavy Forklift kit2$17.98
Walthers949-11131International 4300 1-axle tractor truck RED2$9.98
Walthers949-11133International 4300 Single-axle Tractor Orange2$9.98
Walthers949-11186International 4900 Dual-Axle Semi Tractor UPS Gray6$13.98
Walthers949-11192International 4900 Single-axle semi tractor UPS bow-tie scheme6$11.98
Walthers949-11193International 4900 Single-axle semi tractor UPS new shield scheme5$11.98
Walthers949-11194International 4900 Single-Axle Semi Tractor UPS Gray5$13.98
Walthers949-11293International 4900 Single-axle box van UPS bow-tie scheme5$11.98
Walthers949-11294International 4900 Single-axle box van UPS new shield scheme4$11.98
Walthers949-11633International 4300 Single Axle Dump Truck orange cab1$9.98
Walthers949-11634International 4300 Crew Cab Dump Truck White w/RR decal3$11.98
Walthers949-11635International 4900 Single-Axle Dump Truck White w/RR decal4$11.98
Walthers949-11650International 7600 3-axle Flatned whiite w/RR decal3$11.98
Walthers949-11660International 7600 3-axle Heavy Duty Dump Truck whiite/MOW3$11.98
Walthers949-11661International 7600 3-axle Heavy Duty Dump Truck orange/silver5$11.98
Walthers949-11702International MOW Crew Bus White w/RR decal2$17.98
Walthers949-11743International 4300 2-axle Tree Trimmer truck4$14.98
Walthers949-11770International 7600 Garbage Truck1$14.98
Walthers949-11892International 4900 Fire Department Utility Truck1$9.98
Walthers949-12200UPS Delivery Van5$21.98
Walthers949-12201Scenemaster Ambulance Service Van1$21.98
Walthers949-12203Scenemaster FedEx Delivery Van3$21.98
Walthers949-12204Scenemaster Fire Rescue Service Van1$21.98
Walthers949-12208Scenemaster Postal Delivery Van2$21.98
Walthers949-14000UPS Package Car (delivery van) Bow-tie Scheme2$11.98
Walthers949-14001UPS Package Car (delivery van) New Shield1$11.98
Walthers949-214635′ Trailer 2-pack Illinois Central2$27.98
Walthers949-221245′ Stoughton Trailer – UPS2$34.98
Walthers949-2313Scenemaster 40 Trailers Union Pacific 2-pack2$21.95
Walthers949-2356Scenemaster 32′ Trailers Santa Fe 2-pack1$17.98
Walthers949-2358Scenemaster 32′ Trailers CB&Q 2-pack1$21.95
Walthers949-2361Scenemaster 32′ Trailers NKP 2-pack2$17.98
Walthers949-2363Scenemaster 32′ Trailers PRR 2-pack2$21.95
Walthers949-2364Scenemaster 32′ Trailers Roadway 2-pack2$17.98
Walthers949-2368Scenemaster 32′ Trailers Santa Fe 2-pk1$17.98
Walthers949-237232′ Trailer 2-pk – Soo Line1$21.98
Walthers949-2401SceneMaster 35′ Trailer 2-pak Santa Fe2$24.98
Walthers949-2403SceneMaster 35′ Trailer 2-pak C&NW3$24.98
Walthers949-2404SceneMaster 35′ Trailer 2-pak M&STL2$24.98
Walthers949-2407HO Scenemaster 35′ Trailer 2 pack ATSF2$22.00
Walthers949-2408HO Scenemaster 35′ Trailer 2 pack Canadian Pacific1$19.98
Walthers949-2409HO Scenemaster 35′ Trailer 2 pack Missouri Pacific2$22.00
Walthers949-2410HO Scenemaster 35′ Trailer 2 pack Nickel Plate Road1$19.98
Walthers949-2411HO Scenemaster 35′ Trailer 2 pack PIE1$19.98
Walthers949-2412HO Scenemaster 35′ Trailer 2 pack Southern Pacific1$19.98
Walthers949-241335′ Trailer 2-pack, C&NW3$27.98
Walthers949-241835′ Trailer 2-pack Monon1$22.00
Walthers949-242835′ Trailer 2-Pack UPS4$28.78
Walthers949-245153′ Stoughton Trailer 2-pk C.R. ENGLAND2$31.49
Walthers949-2459HO 53′ Stoughton Trailer 2-pk UPS (New Shield)1$34.98
Walthers949-2460HO 53′ Stoughton Trailer 2-pk UPS Freight w/shield1$34.98
Walthers949-250340′ Trailmobile Trailer 2-pk  C&NW Falcon Service2$26.98
Walthers949-250540′ Trailmobile Trailer 2-pk  Crab Orchard & Egyptian1$26.98
Walthers949-250640′ Trailmobile Trailer 2-pk Illinois Central/ICG Piggyback3$26.98
Walthers949-250940′ Trailmobile Trailers 2-pack UPS2$29.98
Walthers949-255126′ Drop-floor Trailer 2-pk UPS NEW SHIELD3$27.98
Walthers949-4161Farm Tractors, Green (2-pk)2$14.98
Walthers94911183Intl 4900 2-Axl Tractor Orange1$9.98
Walthers94911670Intl 7600 Dbl-Tanker1$19.98
Wiking66339Still RX70-30H forklift1$16.99
Woodland ScenicAS5522HO Billy Brown’s Coupe2$16.00
Woodland ScenicAS5525HO Family Vacation1$15.49
Woodland ScenicAS5527HO Roger’s Rag Top1$16.00
Woodland ScenicAS5536HO Cruisin Coupes 2 cars1$25.99
Woodland ScenicAS5537HO Cop’n a Kiss vehicle1$20.99
Woodland ScenicAS5551Dog Gone Animal Control1$24.99
Woodland ScenicAS5558HO Fritz’s Front Loader1$21.00
Woodland ScenicAS5562HO Dewies Dozer2$21.29
Woodland ScenicAS5564HO Tractor & Disc1$21.00
Woodland ScenicAS5565HO Tractor & Planter1$19.99
Woodland ScenicD207HO Disc & Tractor Metal Kit1$10.99
Woodland ScenicD210HO Plow, Disc, Horse, Man Metal Kit2$10.99
Woodland ScenicD247HO Dump Truck Metal Kit1$9.79
Updated July 15, 2020