N Scale Details

ManufacturerModelDescriptionQtyOur Price
Atlas4002003N 3D Fire Hydrants (8pk)4$7.50
Atlas4002006N 3D Pallets (8pk)2$7.95
Atlas4002009N 3D Acetylene Tanks (10pk)4$4.50
Atlas4002015N 3D Propane Tanks (8pk)5$5.95
Atlas4002017N 3D Cinder Blocks (10pk)4$5.95
AtlasBLMA615Storage Container – PODS2$14.95
BLMA610Concrete K-rail Barriers1$6.50
BLMA611Concrete Automobile Car Stops2$5.95
BLMABLM606Med Modern Electrical Box1$14.95
BLMABLMA-80N scale Modern Grade Crossings Concrete Style2$6.95
BLMABLMA16Modern EMD Cab Sunshades2$3.25
BLMABLMA5818″ Straight Grab Irons 20-pk2$5.95
BLMABLMA77Modern Grade Crossing, Rubber Style2$6.95
Bachmann42513N RR & Street Signs2$7.98
Bar Mills ScaleBMS01002Assorted 55 gallon barrels1$3.95
Bar Mills ScaleBMS41N Insta Fence1$9.95
Con-Cor0009-056001Bolster Shim/ Pin Asst4$4.39
Faller Gmbh272562N Silo and Straw Bales3$9.99
Gold Medal Modl160-55Assorted Brakewheels (6 ea/15 styles)3$9.00
Gold Medal ModlGMM32N Diesel Loco Stanchions brass1$8.00
JTT97375Utility Poles 12/pk unpainted3$4.95
Kato800451Caboose Smoke Jack Black4$1.00
Micro Train Lin499-05-901Ajax Brake Wheels (12/pkg)2$6.75
Micro Train Lin499-05-911Peacock Vertical Brake Wheels, Side Mount (12/pkg)1$6.75
Model Tech StudD-1046Oil Drums Super Piles (80 drums)2$6.00
Model Tech StudD-1047Wood Shipping Crates Super Piles, unpainted3$6.00
Model Tech StudD1020Dumpsters w/garbage3$5.50
Model Tech StudD1035Trackside Clutter Piles #13$5.99
Model Tech StudD1036Trackside Clutter Piles #23$5.99
Model Tech StudD1062Auto Salvage Clutter Pile1$5.00
Model Tech StudD1065Fruit Crates & Barrels2$6.00
Model Tech StudD1066Garbage Piles #13$4.00
Model Tech StudD1077Freight Dock Clutter Piles #14$6.00
Model Tech StudD1080Scrap Metal Super Pile2$9.00
Model Tech StudD1084Freight Dock Clutter Piles #24$6.00
Model Tech StudD1116Mailboxes set of 53$5.99
Model Tech StudD1121POil drums 12-pak PAINTED2$8.99
Model Tech StudD1129Concrete Telephone Booths2$8.99
Model Tech StudD1176LP Tanks2$6.99
Model Tech StudD1186PSmall Coal Conveyor, built up & painted1$14.99
Model Tech StudD1227PMilk Cans2$7.99
Model Tech StudD1228PWooden Barrels – bulk2$7.99
Model Tech StudD1243PNews Vending Machines, painted2$6.99
Model Tech StudFN360PScareCrow2$6.99
N Scale ArchtMAS048Hero’s Park Monument w/cannons1$15.95
N Scale ArchtNSA20010Rail Yard Assortment water spouts/coal2$9.95
NJ Internationl6522Hayes Bumping Post (1) WR Type1$4.99
OsborneRRA-3016Skids kit 20-pak1$4.50
OsborneRRA-3065Wooden crates kit (3 pack)3$6.50
OsborneRRA-3076Cessna 172 Skyhawk plane kit1$13.39
OsborneRRA-3109Mainline Electrical Boxes kit (2 pack)2$5.75
OsborneRRA-3110Branchline Electrical Boxes kit (2 pack)2$3.95
Pikestuff541-8101Doors & Windows – N2$3.25
Railway Exp2011 Kershaw Tie Crane & Tie Cart1$12.50
Railway Exp2141Railroad Yard Detail Set1$10.50
Railway Exp2192Recreation Detail Set1$8.50
Railway ExpREM2001Speeder & Crew Car2$10.95
S&S HobbySSH201N – Street Sign Kit1$6.99
Tichy Train GrpTT2608No parking Sign1$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT26131924-1954 Stop sign3$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT2684Bridge Clearance Warning Sign2$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTT2685Firehouse Warning Sign2$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG2612Stop Sign (post 1954)3$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG2614Warning Signs 6 different styles 18 pak2$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG2621Crossing Warning  Sign (post 1954)3$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG2622Crossing Signs, 18 pak1$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG2800Vertical Brake Wheels (16/pkg)3$3.50
Walthers933-3269HVAC Units (8-pk)3$14.98
Walthers933-3286Roof Details kit2$7.98
Updated September 28, 2020