O Scale Structures

ManufacturerModelDescriptionOur Price
Atlas2009000Trainman Rural Station Kit$29.95
Atlas6913Ace Feed & Supply kit$59.95
BTS structures13005Outhouse, Ladies and Gents (1 ea)$9.95
Bachmann45602 Dairy Barn O$22.50
Bachmann45603Windmill w/ Farm Machinery$22.50
Bachmann45604 Farm Outbuildings O$18.00
Bachmann45605Plasticville Diner$24.00
Bachmann45606Plasticville Frosty Bar$17.00
Bachmann45608Plasticville Cape Code Houses (2)$22.00
Bachmann45610Firehouse w. Vehicles O$24.75
Bachmann45611School House with Play Equipment$26.00
Bachmann45615Plasticville Greenhouse$22.50
Bachmann45622Two Story House – Plastictville kit$24.95
Bachmann45623Signal Bridge – Plastictville kit$22.00
Bachmann45975Trestle Bridge – O$22.00
Bachmann45976Union Station – Plastictville kit$24.00
Bachmann45977Loading Platform O$26.00
Bachmann45979Coaling Tower Plasticville kit$26.00
Bachmann45981Plasticville Cathedral$21.50
Bachmann45983Hobo Jungle Boxcar w/outbuildings$22.50
Bar Mills Scale0684Sidewalks in a snap, 100 scale feet$11.98
Bar Mills ScaleBMS04004Horizontal Fuel Tank (1 tank)$14.95
Bar Mills ScaleBMS0794O Crossing Shanty$24.95
GCLaser3901O West End Shack$24.99
K-LineK-121Automatic Switchman’s Tower$24.00
Lionel1929050The Polar Express Barrel Loader$62.99
Lionel1930140Tolley House (engine house)$49.99
Lionel1930410Morris House kit$21.99
Lionel1930420Bishop House Kit$21.99
Lionel6-14092Floodlight Plug-N-Play$47.99
Lionel6-14242Hard Rock Cafe, lighted$30.00
Lionel6-16883Neil’s Guitar Shop, lighted$30.00
Lionel6-22554K-Line Auto Parts Store$15.95
Lionel6-37829The Polar Express Station Platform$39.99
Lionel6-37977Hooker Tank Car Accident – lighted$74.99
Lionel6-37985Operating Wind Turbine$67.99
Lionel6-81016Coaling Station$98.99
Lionel6-81063Classic Auto Gateman$94.99
Lionel6-81621JD Billboard Set$24.99
Lionel6-81622JD Water Tower$34.95
Lionel6-81629 Lumber Shed Kit$34.99
Lionel6-82013Double Floodlight Plug-N-Play$74.99
Lionel6-82056Operating Freight Station Plug N Play$109.99
Lionel6-82708Gingerbread Crossing Shanty$28.00
Lionel6-82743Santa’s Reindeer Station Platform$49.99
Lionel6-82870loading and unloading ramp$24.99
Lionel6-83440Rico Station Kit$49.99
Lionel6-83444Illuminated Station Platform$42.99
Lionel6-83496Lionel Station Platform$39.99
Lionel6-83688Trackside Railroad Details Set$24.99
Lionel6-83691Company Row House – Yellow$44.99
Lionel6-83692Company Row House – White$44.99
Lionel6-84315Branchline Water Tower kit$39.99
Lionel6-84481John Deere General Store$84.99
Lionel6-84599Bucking Feed & Tack Building pre-built/resin$84.99
Lionel682018Lionel Track Gang Plug-N-Play$84.99
Lionel682745Structures – Chistmas Cocoa Barrel Shed$44.00
LionelROADSIGNSRoad Signs – No Box$6.95
MTH30-11007O Scale Water Column, Black$27.50
MTH30-11028Operating O-Scale Water Tower$84.95
MTH30-90004Country Freight Station Red/Black$39.95
MTH30-90154Dewey, Cheetum & Howe 3-story Building w/fire escape$79.95
MTH30-90190Old Reading Brewery Operating Freight Platform$59.95
MTH30-9025#395 Floodlight Tower$49.95
MTH30-9033Rotary Beacon$49.95
MTH30-90479Structures – Horlacher’s Brewing Company Billboards$34.95
MTH30-90502Barn, Red w/brown roof$79.95
MTH30-90525North Pole Country Passenger Station w/operating Xmass lights$89.95
MTH30-90620Buxom Melons Road Side Stand$54.95
MiscASSTPLASTICVILEAsst Plasticville Box$20.00
MiscCARDINALCardinal Feed Bin$2.00
MiscPM-ENGHOUSESingle Stall Engine House$4.00
MiscVILLAGESTOREVillage Store Building$3.00
Model Power6085O scale White Picket Fence$15.29
Model Power6086Iron Fence kit O scale$14.75
Model PowerMDP6374Jackson’s House Lighted w/2 figures$48.98
Model Tech StudSO101The Coal Unloader Set, kit/unfinished$41.99
OGR PublishingOGR-501Flag Stop Station Kit$13.95
OGR PublishingOGR302Post Office$24.95
OGR PublishingOGR40Factory Rear Wall$12.95
OGR PublishingOGR503Trackside Shed$12.95
OGR PublishingOGR822Marvin’s Drug Store kit$22.95
OGR PublishingOGR864Fire Station kit$26.95
OGR PublishingOGR867Palace Theater kit$26.96
OGR PublishingORG41Factory Side Wall w/dock$12.95
RR Line Models9401Pete’s Garage Laser-cut Kits -O scale$39.95
RR Line Models9404Yardmaster’s Office & Shed Laser-cut Kits -O scale$37.95
Rail Line9403Freight Interchange Loading Dock – O$37.95
Walthers933-3304Phoenix Fuel Oil Corp$48.00
Walthers933-3309Interlocking Tower$34.00
Woodland ScenicBR5852Structures – The Depot Built & Ready O$149.99
Woodland ScenicBR5855O Structures-Emilio’s Italian Restaurant$134.00
Woodland ScenicBR5856Tin Shack – O scale$41.99
Woodland ScenicBR5857Wood Shed – O scale$41.99
Woodland ScenicBR5858Wood Shack- O scale$41.99
Woodland ScenicBR5868B&R Windmill 3-piece set$54.99
Woodland ScenicPF5891Harrison Hardware kit$69.99
Woodland ScenicPF5892J.W. Cobbler kit$72.99
Woodland ScenicPF5893Corner Emporium kit$74.99
Updated November 16, 2020