Remote Control Vehicles & Parts

ManufacturerModelDescriptionQtyOur Price
Imex Model Co1620Davy Jones Spray Hover Speed Boat1$26.95
Lionel7-20003Mega Tracks Set – Frequency A2$48.00
Lionel7-20004Mega Tracks Set – Frequency B2$48.00
Lionel7-20005Mega Tracks Tornado Mountain Stunt Set1$14.99
Lionel7-20006Mega Tracks Twisted Tower Stunt Set1$14.99
MRCE511-003Remote Control Excavator2$49.98
MRCE519-003Remote Control Front-end Loader2$59.98
MRCE520-003Remote Control Man Mining Truck3$49.98
Traxxas36054-1Stampede 2wd Truck – Blue1$225.00
Traxxas38104-5Blast RTR BOAt w/ esc NEW1$170.00
Traxxas71054-1E-Revo Brushed 4WD Truck 1:161$259.00
Traxxas7908ATON Quad-Rotor Copter w/2.4gHz receiver1$420.00
TraxxasTRX/5853XWheel hubs splined 17mm2$34.00
Estes4609Syncho Quadcopter WHITE1$47.00
Estes4814Proto Z drone1$42.00
HDRCHDRC692001Replacement PROP – Hooverjet4$1.00
HDRCHDRC9601Aerobatic R/C Jet3$60.00
HDRCHDRC9618Border Patrol2$50.00
Traxxas6608LaTrax Alias HiProForm Quadcopter1$109.95
DU-BRO222Silicone Fuel Tubing, medium, 2′2$2.35
DU-BRO223Silicone Fuel Tubing, large, 2′2$2.59
DU-BRO666Kwik Start Glo Plug Ignitor2$22.95
DU-BRODUB100MW1″ Mini Lite Wheels1$4.25
DU-BRODUB123MS1.23″ Micro Sport Wheels3$2.40
DU-BRODUB1252-56 x 1/2″ Mounting Bolts & Blind Nuts set2$2.25
DU-BRODUB125MW1 1/4″ Mini Lite Wheels3$4.41
DU-BRODUB12MTW1/2″ Micro Tail Wheel w/Retainers3$1.89
DU-BRODUB1332-56 Blind Nuts6$0.99
DU-BRODUB1354-40 Blind Nuts5$0.99
DU-BRODUB1366-32 Blind Nuts6$0.99
DU-BRODUB145MS1.45″ Micro Sport Wheels3$2.98
DU-BRODUB150ML1 1/2″ Micro Lite Wheels3$3.25
DU-BRODUB150TW1 1/2″ Dia Tail Wheel3$3.31
DU-BRODUB1682-56 Nylon Insert Lock Nuts4$1.05
DU-BRODUB1704-40 Nylon Insert Lock Nuts5$1.05
DU-BRODUB1716-32 Nylon Insert Lock Nuts6$1.05
DU-BRODUB175SL1 3/4 Dia Super Lite Wheels3$5.25
DU-BRODUB186MS1.86″ Micro Sport Wheels3$3.52
DU-BRODUB1901/16′ Threaded Ball Link2$2.25
DU-BRODUB200ML2″ Micro Lite Wheels3$3.52
DU-BRODUB200SL2″ Dia Super Lite Wheels2$5.95
DU-BRODUB221Super Blue Silicone Fuel Tubing, small 2′2$2.15
DU-BRODUB250ML2 1/2″ Micro Lite Wheels3$3.78
DU-BRODUB2594-40 E/Z Adjust Ball Link2$2.95
DU-BRODUB300MS3.00 Micro Sport Wheels3$5.25
DU-BRODUB3092-56 x 1/4″” Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.10
DU-BRODUB3102-56 x 1/2″ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.10
DU-BRODUB3112-56 x 3/4″ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.10
DU-BRODUB3124-40 x 1″ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.10
DU-BRODUB3134-40 x 1 1/4″ Socket Head Cap Screws5$1.26
DU-BRODUB3144-40 x 1 1/4″ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.37
DU-BRODUB3156-32 x 1″ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.10
DU-BRODUB3166-32 x 1 1/4″ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.26
DU-BRODUB3176-32 x 1 1/2″ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.40
DU-BRODUB3188-32 x 1′ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.26
DU-BRODUB3198-32 x 1 1/4″ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.26
DU-BRODUB3208-32 x 1 1/2″ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.68
DU-BRODUB321#2 Flat Washer6$0.90
DU-BRODUB322#2 Split Washer6$0.90
DU-BRODUB323#2 Flat Washer6$0.90
DU-BRODUB324#4 Split Washer6$0.90
DU-BRODUB325#6 Flat Washer5$0.90
DU-BRODUB326#6 Split Washer6$0.90
DU-BRODUB327#8 Flat Washer6$0.90
DU-BRODUB328#8 Spilt Washer6$0.90
DU-BRODUB3298-32 Nylon Insert Lock Nuts5$1.10
DU-BRODUB3478-32 Blind Nuts5$1.24
DU-BRODUB380#2 x 3/8″ Socket Head Sheet metal Screws6$1.95
DU-BRODUB381#2 x 1/2″ Socket Head Sheet metal Screws6$1.95
DU-BRODUB382#4 x 1/2″ Socket Head Sheet metal Screws6$1.95
DU-BRODUB383#4 x 3/4″ Socket Head Sheet metal Screws6$1.95
DU-BRODUB384#4 x 1″ Socket Head Sheet Metal Screws6$1.95
DU-BRODUB385#6 x 1/2″ Socket Head Sheet Metal Screws6$1.95
DU-BRODUB386#6 x 3/4″ Socket Head Sheet Metal Screws6$1.95
DU-BRODUB38MTW3/8″ Micro Tail Wheel w/Retainers3$1.79
DU-BRODUB489Heavy Duty E-Z Connector2$2.35
DU-BRODUB525#2 x 3/8″ Button Head Sheet metal Screws6$1.95
DU-BRODUB526#2 x 1/2″ Button Head Sheet metal Screws6$1.95
DU-BRODUB527#4 x 1/2″ Button Head Sheet metal Screws6$1.95
DU-BRODUB5602-56 Steel Hex Nuts6$0.90
DU-BRODUB5614-40 Steel Hex Nuts4$0.90
DU-BRODUB5626-32 Steel Hex Nuts6$0.90
DU-BRODUB5638-32 Steel Hex Nuts6$0.90
DU-BRODUB56410-32 Steel Hex Nuts6$0.90
DU-BRODUB5684-40 x 1/8″ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.10
DU-BRODUB5694-40 x 1/4″ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.10
DU-BRODUB5704-40 x 3/8″ Socket Head Cap Screws3$1.10
DU-BRODUB5714-40 x 1/2″ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.10
DU-BRODUB5724-40 x 3/4″ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.10
DU-BRODUB5746-32 x 1/4″” Socket Head Cap Screws5$1.10
DU-BRODUB5756-32 x 1/2″ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.10
DU-BRODUB5766-32 x 3/4″ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.10
DU-BRODUB5778-32 x 1/2′ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.15
DU-BRODUB5788-32 x 3/4′ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.15
DU-BRODUB57910-32 x 1/2″ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.15
DU-BRODUB58010-32 x 3/4″ Socket Head Cap Screws5$1.24
DU-BRODUB58110-32 x 1″ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.40
DU-BRODUB58210-32 x 1 1/4″ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.40
DU-BRODUB58310-32 x 1 1/2″ Socket Head Cap Screws6$1.40
DU-BRODUB58410-32 Blind Nuts6$1.24
DU-BRODUB58510-32 Nylon Insert Lock Nuts5$1.24
DU-BRODUB586#10 Flat Washer6$0.99
DU-BRODUB587#10 Spilt Washer6$0.99
DU-BRODUB608Kwik-Grip E/Z Connector2$2.25
DU-BRODUB634Double Sided Tape Assortment6$2.84
DU-BRODUB6531/4-20 Blind Nuts6$1.28
DU-BRODUB845Mini E/Z Connector24$2.89
DU-BRODUB846Micro Pull-Pull System3$9.25
DU-BRODUB84720″ Micro Pushrod System2$5.72
DU-BRODUB848Micro Control Horns6$1.16
DU-BRODUB849Micro E/Z Link6$1.49
DU-BRODUB850Micro Aileron System5$5.72
DU-BRODUB851Micro 90 Bellcrank System3$1.47
DU-BRODUB85230″ Micro Pushrod System3$6.93
DU-BRODUB853Micro Tail Skid6$1.47
DU-BRODUB854Micro Tail Wheel Bracket6$1.47
DU-BRODUB868Micro Wheel w/Retainers3$1.16
DU-BRODUB893Socket Head Servo Mounting Screws 24/pkg6$4.65
DU-BRODUB915Mini E/Z Connector3$16.80
DU-BRODUB916Electric Flyer Hinge Tape11$3.99
DU-BRODUB917Micro Clevis6$3.41
DU-BRODUB918Micro Clevis Replacement Pins3$3.41
DU-BRODUB919Micro2 Control Horns3$1.26
DU-BRODUB920Micro2 E/Z Link6$1.47
DU-BRODUB921Micro2  Clevis6$3.41
DU-BRODUB92230″ Micro Pushrod System, 0.047″ pushroods2$7.25
DU-BRODUB923Micro Pushrod Guide6$1.42
DU-BRODUB924Micro Servo Mount6$3.41
DU-BRODUB925Hatch Latch3$3.49
DU-BRODUB926Micro Steerable Tail Wheel3$4.57
DU-BRODUB928Micro Ball Link3$3.99
DU-BRODUB929Micro Ball Link3$3.99
DU-BRODUB930Micro Servo Arm XL3$6.93
DU-BRODUB931Micro Servo Arm XL3$6.93
DU-BRODUB932Micro Servo Arm XL6$6.93
DU-BRODUB933Micro Servo Arm XL3$6.93
DU-BRODUB934Micro Servo Arm XL3$6.93
DU-BRODUB935Micro Adjustable Control Horn6$1.79
DU-BRODUB936Micro Razor Control Horn5$1.50
DU-BRODUB937Micro E/Z Hinge5$4.60
DU-BRODUB940-BKMini E/Z Link ( Black)3$1.50
DU-BRODUB94130″ Mini Pushrod System2$7.56
DU-BRODUB943Micro Profile Landing Gear3$9.25
DU-BRODUB9441/16″ Micro Wheel Collars6$1.70
DU-BRODUB985Micro Servo Arm XL3$6.56
DU-BRODUB986Micro Servo Arm XL3$6.56
Estes4615Proto X Rotor Blades4$2.75
LaTrax6637Drone Battery – 650mAh2$12.00
LaTrax6655Alias LED Lightbar1$22.95
LaTrax6661Alias Camera Wide Angle Lens1$28.95
MRCRB825Instinct 825 AC?DC Delta Peak Charger1$29.00
MRCRB965Instinct 925 AC/DC Delta Peak Charger2$48.75
MRCRB992Super Brain 992 AC/DC Palm Size Charger4$59.00
Traxxas1633Parts E-clips/C-rings2$2.00
Traxxas1647Silicone Grease3$2.00
Traxxas1666Silicone Shock Oil 30wt5$2.00
Traxxas1675Oilite Bushings 5*11*4mm (14-pk)2$5.00
Traxxas17474mm NYLON Lock Nuts3$2.00
Traxxas1747R4mm NYLON Nuts Flanged2$7.50
Traxxas1765Silicone Grease2$2.00
Traxxas1834Body Clips Standard (12-pk)3$3.00
Traxxas18463mm Nut & Washer Set2$3.00
Traxxas191818T Pinion Gear 48P1$3.25
Traxxas19655*8 mm Teflon Washers1$2.00
Traxxas2018Servo Standard2$25.50
Traxxas2072Gear Set for 2070, 2075 Servo1$4.00
Traxxas2336ATurnbuckles (pair), alluminum (fits Stampede)2$12.00
Traxxas2362Black shock rebuild kit3$2.50
Traxxas2381Main Differential gear w/side cover plate & screw2$3.00
Traxxas2419Pinion Gear2$3.00
Traxxas2423Pinion Gear2$3.00
Traxxas242626T Pinion Gear 48p1$3.00
Traxxas2427Gear, 14-T pinion set screw2$3.00
Traxxas2429Gear, 29-T pinion (48 pitch)1$3.00
Traxxas243131T Pinion Gear 48p1$3.00
Traxxas2443Turnbuckles, camber link 36mm1$7.00
Traxxas2575Screws, 3*6mm Button Head Machine2$2.50
Traxxas2576Screws, 3*8mm Button Head Machine2$2.50
Traxxas2577Screws, 3*10mm Button Head Machine2$2.50
Traxxas2578Screws, 3*12mm Button Head Machine2$2.50
Traxxas2579Screws, 3*15mm Button Head Machine2$2.50
Traxxas2716Diff Lube4$3.00
Traxxas27453mm NYLON Lock Nuts4$2.00
Traxxas2748XTool Set2$5.00
Traxxas2820XLiPo Battery 2200mah 7.4v 2 cell2$50.99
Traxxas2919Battery 1 power Cell 1800mah2$15.25
Traxxas2921EZ-Start Battery Charger 350 mA (6 cell NIMH)1$15.00
Traxxas2923XBattery Power Cell 3000mA 8.4v1$39.99
Traxxas2925X7.2v NIMH Battery for 1:16th Cars1$24.50
Traxxas2942X7.2v 3300mamh NIMH Battery Pack2$40.00
Traxxas3060Connector Male/female4$4.25
Traxxas3064XWire Harness Parallel Battery2$8.00
Traxxas3180Guides; 2 rods & 2 nuts1$2.25
Traxxas3232XNew Gloplug Superduty3$7.00
Traxxas3623Skid Plates1$7.00
Traxxas3638Shock Tower Rear – Stampede2$4.50
Traxxas3639Shock Tower Front – Stampede2$4.00
Traxxas3641ACamber Link Set2$3.00
Traxxas3654Wheels, hubs, hex tall offset1$3.00
Traxxas3727Battery Hold down plate1$3.00
Traxxas3736Steering Blocks, left & right (1 set)4$3.00
Traxxas3739Stampede & Rustler Screw Pin set5$4.50
Traxxas3760AUltra Shocks set (complete), long, grey2$18.00
Traxxas3923EZMax Hold Down Battery1$7.50
Traxxas3934Parts Heavy Duty Body Clips2$3.00
Traxxas3935Parts 90 degree angled Body Clips2$3.00
Traxxas41475mm NYLON Locking Nuts2$2.00
Traxxas4579EZ Start Connector1$5.00
Traxxas4579XEZ Start Connector1$5.00
Traxxas4581E-Z Start Glow Plug Lead Wire2$1.95
Traxxas4581XGlow Plug Lead Wire Blue E-Z Start1$1.75
Traxxas4583EZ Start Wiring Harness2$5.00
Traxxas4622Pressure Rings1$2.50
Traxxas472525T pinion Gear 48P1$3.25
Traxxas472828T Pinion 48P1$3.25
Traxxas4939Suspension screw pin set (t-maxx, e-maxx)1$6.00
Traxxas4941Silicone Exhaust Coupler2$1.75
Traxxas4964.Brake Disc2$2.75
Traxxas513750k Weight Diff Oil2$7.50
Traxxas5147X5mm STEEL FLANGED Nuts3$3.50
Traxxas5552XRebuild Kit Slipper Clutch3$10.00
Traxxas5827Hold Down Battery1$6.00
Traxxas5827XHold Down Battery1$6.00
Traxxas5875Tires&Wheels for Slash  off-road front1$25.00
Traxxas5875RTires&Wheels for Slash  2WD front1$28.00
Traxxas6526Sensor Auto-detectable5$10.95
Traxxas6528Transmitter TQi 2 channel 2.65 gHz2$84.00
Traxxas6530Transmitter TQi 4 channel 2.65 gHz2$92.00
Traxxas6531Sensor Temperature + Voltage X-Maxx2$9.95
Traxxas6626Rotor Blade Set for Alias Qaudcopter  – black (2)6$2.00
Traxxas6628Rotor Blade Set for Alias Qaudcopter  – red (2)2$2.00
Traxxas6630Rotor Blade Set for Alias Qaudcopter  – orange (2)2$2.00
Traxxas6631Rotor Blade Set for Alias Qaudcopter  – green (2)2$2.00
Traxxas66431.6*5mm screws for Allias Quadcopter button head6$1.50
Traxxas6646Spur Gear for Allias Quadcopter 78-tooth (2)2$1.50
Traxxas6727XHold Down Battery1$6.00
Traxxas7662Rebuild Kit Oil Filled Shocks3$5.00
TraxxasTRX/1887Pinion gear 12T1$3.00
TraxxasTRX/242812t pinion 48p1$3.00
TraxxasTRX/3534XPropeller (plastic)1$6.00
TraxxasTRX/6519Receiver, micro, TQ 2.4GHz2$30.00
TraxxasTRX/6856XWheel hub splined 17mm short1$40.00
TraxxasTRX1726Antenna Tube2$1.00
TraxxasTRX1815Body washers, plastic 8-pk2$2.00
TraxxasTRX1844Servo Saver large for Stampede1$4.25
TraxxasTRX1926Antenna Caps, Vinyl1$2.00
TraxxasTRX1951Long Truck Half-shafts 1-pr2$6.00
TraxxasTRX2056Servo – Hi-torque Waterproof1$34.00
TraxxasTRX2060Servo Sub-micro1$28.00
TraxxasTRX2062Gear Set for Sub-Micro Servo1$4.00
TraxxasTRX2064Gear Set (La-Trax/E-Revo)1$4.00
TraxxasTRX2072XMetal Gear Set for 2070 and 2075 Servos1$20.00
TraxxasTRX2075Servo, digital high-torque (ball bearing), waterproof2$46.00
TraxxasTRX2082Gear Set for 2080 Servo1$4.00
TraxxasTRX2381XMain diff with Steel Ring gear/side cover plate/screws2$6.00
TraxxasTRX2388XPlanetary gear differential w/steel ring gear (complete set)1$15.00
TraxxasTRX2416Pinion gear/set screw 16-T, 48-pitch1$3.50
TraxxasTRX2542Screws 4*12mm countersunk machine thread (hex drive) 6pk3$2.50
TraxxasTRX2552Screws 3*12mm countersunk machine thread (hex drive) 6pk3$2.50
TraxxasTRX25543mm*6mm cap-head machine screws (6)2$2.50
TraxxasTRX2676Screws 3*12mm roundhead self-tapping 6pk3$1.50
TraxxasTRX2735Bumper (front) for Stampede2$3.00
TraxxasTRX2742Rod ends, long,, hollow ball connectors1$4.00
TraxxasTRX2753XStub Axles Rear (fits Stampede) 1-pr2$5.00
TraxxasTRX2754Stub Axle Pins4$1.00
TraxxasTRX29754 amp batter charger DC1$32.00
TraxxasTRX2983Battery and Charger Completer Pack1$73.00
TraxxasTRX3018RXL-5 Waterproof FWD/REV ESC1$76.00
TraxxasTRX3178Screws 3*12mm countersunk machine thread 6pk3$1.50
TraxxasTRX3614Body Mounts1$5.00
TraxxasTRX3619Body Mounts, front and rear w/2.5*18mm screw pins2$9.00
TraxxasTRX3631Stampede/Rustler Suspension Arms (2)2$8.50
TraxxasTRX3632Caster Blocks2$4.00
TraxxasTRX3632ACaster Blocks1$24.00
TraxxasTRX3640Suspension Screw Pin Set4$4.50
TraxxasTRX3642Shock attachment screws 3mm*12mm1$3.00
TraxxasTRX3643Turnbuckles, hollow balls, camber link 49mm2$7.50
TraxxasTRX3644Turnbuckles, hollow balls, camber link 39mm1$7.00
TraxxasTRX3647Lug Nuts3$3.25
TraxxasTRX3671Tires (2), Talon 2.8″3$20.00
TraxxasTRX3672Wheels, Chrome 2.2″ (rear)1$6.00
TraxxasTRX3673Chrome Wheels,Front, 2.2″2$6.00
TraxxasTRX3677Wheelie Bar Mount for Stampede/Rustler/Bandit series2$4.00
TraxxasTRX3691Gearbox halves (left & right), black, w/idler gear shaft1$8.00
TraxxasTRX3696Steel Idler Gear, 30-tooth1$3.00
TraxxasTRX37402.5×31.5mm Suspension Pins w/ EClips4$2.50
TraxxasTRX3744Servo Saver (Large)2$4.00
TraxxasTRX3745Turnbuckles, toe link 59mm2$8.75
TraxxasTRX3762AUltra Shocks grey (XX-long), rear (2 sets)1$18.00
TraxxasTRX3768Spring Retainers, upper & lower/piston head set1$4.00
TraxxasTRX3793Input shaft (slipper shaft)/spring pin2$3.00
TraxxasTRX4628RDifferential Output Yoke2$4.00
TraxxasTRX4897T-Maxx 4mm Grub Screws threadlocked 6-pk1$3.00
TraxxasTRX4960Spur Gear 90t/48p2$3.00
TraxxasTRX5116Ball bearings, blue,  5*11*4 (set of 2)4$3.50
TraxxasTRX5174Tires & Wheels Assembled1$39.00
TraxxasTRX5556Slipper Pressure Plate & Hub2$8.00
TraxxasTRX5873RTires & Wheels assembled/glued (2) 2WD-rear 4WD-f/r1$28.00
TraxxasTRX6716Body washers, FOAM  2mm/3mm/4mm assortment2$2.00
TraxxasTRX6873Tires & Wheels assembled/glued (2) BF Goodrich Mud Terrain 2WD-rear 4WD-f/r1$26.00
TraxxasTRX7034Axle Carriers, left & right1$6.00
TraxxasTRX7131Suspension Arm Set (front)2$8.00
TraxxasTRX7132Suspension Arm Set (rear)2$8.00
Updated September 28, 2020