Vehicle Kits

ManufacturerModelDescriptionOur Price
AMT Model Kits854371 1:25 ’40 Ford Standard Coupe$23.95
AMT Model KitsAMT-6291:25th International Transtar 4300 Eagle w/free Golfer decal set$39.95
AMT Model KitsAMT1007/121:25 Chevy Cheverra Z28 SNAP-FIT$23.98
AMT Model KitsAMT1030/121:20 ’94 Camaro$27.95
AMT Model KitsAMT1032M/121:25 2017 Camaro SS 1LE SNAP KIT$27.75
AMT Model KitsAMT1042/121:32 1965 Mustang Fastback$24.95
AMT Model KitsAMT1046/061:25 White Freightliner SD/DD 2 in 1$44.99
AMT Model KitsAMT1053/061:25 Amer Lafrance Custom Pumper$47.95
AMT Model KitsAMT10591:25 2017 Camero – Indy Pace Car$27.98
AMT Model KitsAMT1065/121:25 1969 Plymouth GTX Dirty Donny$28.75
AMT Model KitsAMT1094/121:25 1955 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup Coca-Cola$37.50
AMT Model KitsAMT1138/121:25 1969 Chevell SS396$32.50
AMT Model KitsAMT1145M/121:25 1940 Willys Pickup Truck Coca-Cola$35.00
AMT Model KitsAMT1162/121:25 Fire Chief Retro Deluxe kit$33.75
AMT Model KitsAMT1176M/121:25 ’65 Dodge Coronet 500 Snap kit$29.95
AMT Model KitsAMT16021:25 Mack Cruise Liner Semi$47.50
AMT Model KitsAMT6541:25 ’49 Mercury Club Coupe$21.95
AMT Model KitsAMT687/061:25th Kenworth K-123 Cabover w/free Golfer decal set$39.95
AMT Model KitsAMT7041:25 ’66 Ford Mustang$25.95
AMT Model KitsAMT750M/121:25 Ghostbusters ECTO-1A$29.25
AMT Model KitsAMT7561:25 ’12 Chevy Corvette Coupe$18.95
AMT Model KitsAMT7571:25 ’11 Chevy Camaro$21.00
AMT Model KitsAMT772/121:25 “66 Chevy NOVA$26.25
AMT Model KitsAMT801M/121/25 1958 Plymouth “Christine”$29.00
AMT Model KitsAMT822/121:25 Ford 1960 Ranchero “Ohio George”$25.00
AMT Model KitsAMT823/121:25 1969 Chery Chevelle SS396 Convertible$21.00
AMT Model KitsAMT866/121:25 Peterbilt 359 California Hauler w/free Golfer decal set$44.95
AMT Model KitsAMT868/121/25 Chevy Camero Z/28 2’n’1$27.95
AMT Model KitsAMT871/121:25 Jack Reacher 1970 Chevelle SS$27.00
AMT Model KitsAMT893L/121:25 Chevy Camero 2010 SS/RS Coupe INDY PACE Car$24.50
AMT Model KitsAMT895/121:25 ’70 Chevy Impala Custom SS Hardtop “Heavy Chevy”$28.25
AMT Model KitsAMT896/121:25 Warren Tope 1973 Road Racing Mustang$26.25
AMT Model KitsAMT904/121:25 ’66 Ford Galaxy$25.00
AMT Model KitsAMT906/121:25 1941 Ford Custom Woody$27.95
AMT Model KitsAMT910/71:25th scale 1953 Corvette$24.98
AMT Model KitsAMT912/121:25 1969 Cougar Eliminator$28.75
AMT Model KitsAMT919/121:25 ’41 Plymouth$22.50
AMT Model KitsAMT920/121:25 1971 Ford Thunderbird$24.95
AMT Model KitsAMT928M/121:25 1970 Monte Carlo SS 454$27.75
AMT Model KitsAMT930/061:25th Tryone Malone’s Super Boss Custom Kenworth Truck$48.75
AMT Model KitsAMT932/061:25 Tryone Malone’s “PAPA truck”  Kenworth Truck$48.75
AMT Model KitsAMT953/121:48 F-104 Starfighter Star Trek “Today is Yesterday” w/bonus mini USS Enterprise$29.98
AMT Model KitsAMT980/061:25 Aero Chief Fire Aerial Platform Truck$47.95
AMT Model KitsAMT982M/121:25 2015 Camaro SS  SNAP KIT$27.50
AMT Model KitsAMT9891:25 Richard Petty Plymouth Belvedere 1964 Daytona 500 Winner$32.50
AMT Model KitsAMTPP0031:25 Racemaster Dragster tires$17.75
AMT Model KitsAMTPP010/241:25 Chevy Corvair and Vintage Chrysler Parts Pack$16.00
AMT Model KitsAMTPP011/241:25 GM Parts Pack Chevy & Pontiac$16.00
AMT Model KitsAMTPP0131:25 Muscle Car Red Line tires$17.75
AMT Model KitsAMTPP015M/121:25 Weekend Wrenchin’ Accessory Kit$29.75
AMT Model KitsAMTPP016M/121:25 Garage Accesory Kit #2 Tip Top Shop$32.25
AMT Model KitsAMTPPO17M/121:25 Garage Accesory Kit #3 Get on Up Lift$33.50
AMT Model KitsMOE12041:25 ’49 Mercury Club Coupe$28.95
AMT Model KitsSCAMT783/121:25 Galaxie slot car kit$42.00
AMT Model KitsSCAMT784/121:25 Charger slot car kit$42.00
AMT Model KitsSCAMT785/121:25 OLDS 442 slot racing kit$42.00
AMT Model KitsSCAMT8521:25 Performance Parts Kit$16.95
AMT Model KitsSCPOL884/121:25 The Green Hornet Black Beauty slot car kit$36.99
Aoshima0345761:24 Top Secret Fusion Skyline GTR$27.49
Aoshima0391991:24 1999 Mazda FD3S RX-7 Left Hand Drive Model$27.49
AtlantisALM1402Sinclair Mobile Gas Truck$19.99
AtlantisALM66501:32 Snap-Tite Lil’ Red Baron$21.99
AtlantisM66511:32 SNAP kit ‘Lil Trantula Dragster$21.99
Glencoe Models3607Work & Play 1914 Stuz Bearcat and 1915 T-Sedan$7.98
Gofer Decals16111Detail Parts – Plug Wire w/boot BLACK$4.50
Gofer Decals16115Detail Parts – Plug Wire w/boot ORANGE$4.50
Gofer Decals16118Detail Parts – Plug Wire w/boot VIOLET$4.50
Lindberg Kits721691:25 ’63 Ford Mustang II$12.95
Lindberg KitsHL123/121:25 Ford Crown Vic Build & Display Set$12.75
MPC/Round2MPC804M/031:25 Malco Gasser$26.00
MPC/Round2MPC815/121:25 ’40 Ford Snap$21.00
MPC/Round2MPC868/121:25 Don Garlists Rear-Engine Dragster$27.98
Moebius12071:25 1956 Chrysler 300B$29.95
Moebius12351965 Ford F-100 Service Truck Model King$40.00
MoebiusMOE12101/25 Mercury 1965 Comet$32.50
MoebiusMOE13021:25 Great Dane 53′ Trailer$42.99
Monogram8540191:24 ’64 1/2 Mustang$19.95
Monogram8542801:24 ’58 Ford Thunderbird$19.75
Phoenix Toys18410car show accessory kit$11.75
Polar LightsPOL891121:25 Stone Woods & Cook – ’40 Willys Gasser$22.00
Revell070651:24 1965 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback kit$24.95
Revell713741:32 Revell 360 Challenge Easy Kit$7.95
Revell85-1225Mack Fire Pumper  1:24$19.95
Revell85-12341:25 Grave Digger SNAP TITE MAX$19.95
Revell85-14721:24 Snap-Tite Max –  Brad Keselowski Blue Deuce Ford Fusion$21.95
Revell85-14741:24 #88 Dale Earnhart Jr Chevy SS SNAP-TITE MAX$23.95
Revell85-19281:25 SNAP-Tite Chevy Impala Police Car$14.95
Revell85-19341:25 Snap-Tite ’63 Corvette Convertible$15.95
Revell85-19671:25 SnapTite Ferrari$15.95
Revell85-19681:25 SNAP-TITE 1963 Corvette Sting Ray Coupe$14.95
Revell85-19821:25 SnapTite 2014 Corvette Stinray$16.95
Revell85-19871:25 SNAP-TITE 2017 FORD GT$16.95
Revell85-19881:24 Lightning McQueen Kit – lev 3$24.95
Revell85-24471:24 Dale Earnhart Goodwrench Service Plus Monte Carlo$14.99
Revell85-25141:25 Kenworth K-100 Aerodyne Tractor$49.95
Revell85-25851:24 Dale Earnhart Goodwrench Plus NASCAR Champion 2000 Monte Carlo$16.99
Revell85-29431:24 1971 Plymouth MEI Cuda 426$23.95
Revell85-4023Starksy & Hutch Ford Torino$24.95
Revell85-40241:25 1957 Ford Fireball Roberts$21.00
Revell85-40251:24 1969 Shelby GT500 Convertible$21.95
Revell85-40271:25 Smokey & Bandit ’77 Pontiac Firebird$24.95
Revell85-41951:25 ’90 Mustang Lx 5.0 Drag Racer$24.99
Revell85-42151:25 1968 Mustang GT 2’n1$23.95
Revell85-42681:25 ’70 Plymouth HEMI Cuba 2’n’1$26.95
Revell85-42831:25 Ford 1957 Custom 2’n’1 kit$24.95
Revell85-43211:24 Datsun Off-road Pickup$23.95
Revell85-43311:25 Fast & Furious Honda Civic Si Coupe$24.95
Revell85-44091:25 ’66 Chevy Suburban$26.95
Revell85-44111:25 1969 Corvette Coupe “Yenko” 2n1$24.95
Revell85-44121:25 ’76 Ford Gran Torino$24.95
Revell85-44231:25 1969 Chevy Nova “Yenko”$24.95
Revell85-44351:25 Custom Cadillac Eldorado$24.95
Revell85-44361:25 Ford Ba-Ja Bronco$24.95
Revell85-44411:25 ’57 Chevy Black Widow 2’n’1$24.95
Revell85-44431:25 Greased Lightening ’48 Ford$26.95
Revell85-44651:24 ZZ Top Eliminator$25.95
Revell85-71681:25 Chevy Beretta Pro Street$26.95
Revell85-72151:25 1997 Ford F-150 XLT$21.00
Revell85-72241:24 ’80 Jeep Honcho “Ice Patrol”$24.95
Revell8508851:24 ’82 Corvette Cruiser$19.98
Revell8519701:32 Snap-tite Humvee kit$14.95
Revell8527151:24 ’70 Chevelle Street burner$19.75
Revell8540221:25 ’50 Olds Custom$22.00
Revell8540811:25 ’57 Ford Custom Police Car$28.00
Revell8542691:25 ’55 Chevy Bel Air Conv$23.95
Revell8542701:25 ’57 Chevy Convertible$21.00
Revell8542771:25 ’62 Corvette Roadster$23.95
Revell8543151:25 ’59 Chevy Impala Hard Top$21.00
Revell8572031:25 1950 Ford F-1 Pickup 2-‘n-1 kit$23.95
Woodland ScenicP347Pine Car Racing Wheels$5.99
Updated July 15, 2020