Accurail Kits – HO

ManufacturerModelDescriptionQtyOur Price
Accurail25824C&NW USRA Twin Hopper (split up of 3-pack)317.98
Accurail2583HO-USRA 55T 2-Bay Hopper TPW117.98
Accurail2721Wood sided twin hopper – NKP117.98
Accurail380240′ Combo Door Boxcar – Soo Line118.98
Accurail6541PS 4750 Hopper -CGW120.98
Accurail84139MR&T 45th Anniversary Boxcar (Special Run)124.99
AccurailACU115136′ Fowler Wood Boxcar SOO Line318.98
AccurailACU115736′ Fowler Wood Boxcar CGW118.98
AccurailACU116536′ Fowler Wood Boxcar MONON118.98
AccurailACU116836′ Fowler Wood Boxcar Illinois Terminal118.98
AccurailACU117236′ Fowler Wood Boxcar C.St.P.M&O.218.98
AccurailACU117336′ Fowler Wood Boxcar Grand Trunk Western118.98
AccurailACU117636′ Fowler Wood Boxcar – RI218.98
AccurailACU1223240′ AAR Double Door Boxcar CB&Q218.98
AccurailACU1229.240′ Steel Boxcar ROCK ISLAND (Boxcar Red)318.98
AccurailACU1232136′ Double Sheath Wood Boxcar C&NW (#1)219.98
AccurailACU1232236′ Double Sheath Wood Boxcar C&NW (#2)219.98
AccurailACU171136′ Dbl Sheath Boxcar – Big Four118.98
AccurailACU20722ACF 3-bay Hopper DM&E120.98
AccurailACU21053-bay ACF Hopper ATSF119.98
AccurailACU2108ACF 3-Bay Covered Hopper ILLINOIS TERMINAL119.98
AccurailACU2112ACF Covered Hopper BN (green)319.98
AccurailACU23025Canton Coal Twin Hopper Great Northern red117.98
AccurailACU24251USRA Twin Hopper C&NW217.98
AccurailACU2540.1USRA Twin Hopper GM&O317.98
AccurailACU2582USRA Twin Hopper C&NW217.98
AccurailACU2599USRA 55 ton Coal hopper DATA ONLY117.98
AccurailACU28071Panel Side Twin Hopper GRAND TRUNK217.98
AccurailACU2818Panel-side USRA Twin Hopper NKP217.98
AccurailACU3107.240′ Plug Door Boxcar DT&I118.98
AccurailACU312640′ Plug Door Boxcar Northern Pacific118.98
AccurailACU3129.140′ Plug Door Boxcar Ann Arbor118.98
AccurailACU313140′ Plug Door Boxcar C&NW218.98
AccurailACU313240′ Plug Door Boxcar – PRR/FGEX218.98
AccurailACU313340′  Plug Door Boxcar Chicago Great Western318.98
AccurailACU3401.240′ PS-1 Steel Boxcar SANTA FE118.98
AccurailACU3405.140′ PS-1 Boxcar ROCK ISLAND (blue)418.98
AccurailACU3407.140′ PS-1 Steel Boxcar – Illinois Terminal318.98
AccurailACU3432140′ PS-1 Steel Boxcar GM&O118.98
AccurailACU345640′ PS-1 Steel Boxcar Milwaukee Road – Compartimentalizer118.98
AccurailACU3501940′ AAR Steel Boxcar SANTA FE518.98
AccurailACU3503.940′ AAR Steel Boxcar Pennsylvania318.98
AccurailACU3504.940′ AAR Steel Boxcar UNION PACIFIC218.98
AccurailACU3510.940′ AAR Steel Boxcar CB&Q118.98
AccurailACU3516940′ AAR Steel Boxcar WESTERN PACIFIC218.98
AccurailACU3518940′ Steel Boxcar ROCK ISLAND Rocket Freight418.98
AccurailACU3523.940′ Steel Boxcar CANADIAN PACIFIC118.98
AccurailACU3527.9AAR 40′ Steel Boxcar LACKAWANNA118.98
AccurailACU3558.940′ AAR Steel Boxcar PENNSYLVANIA418.98
AccurailACU3560940′ AAR Boxcar M&STL318.98
AccurailACU3612.140′ Double Door Steel Boxcar C&NW218.98
AccurailACU3616140′ AAR Double Door Boxcar MILWAUKEE ROAD118.98
AccurailACU363240′ AAR Double Door Boxcar D&RGW218.98
AccurailACU3639.940′ AAR Double Door Boxcar PENNSYLVANIA118.98
AccurailACU375441′ AAR Steel Gondola MISSOURI PACIFIC218.98
AccurailACU376641′ Steel Gondola SOO LINE218.98
AccurailACU3804.240′ Combo Door Boxcar MILWAUKEE ROAD118.98
AccurailACU381540′ Combo Door Boxcar SOO LINE118.98
AccurailACU382040′ Combo Door Boxcar Rock Island818.98
AccurailACU399140′ Rib-side Boxcar Milwaukee Road “Hiawathas”118.98
AccurailACU399240′ Rib-side Boxcar Milwaukee Road “Olympians”218.98
AccurailACU399340′ Rib-Side Boxcar – Milw Rd 1963 Herald & Billboard Lettering618.98
AccurailACU399440′ Rib Side Steel Boxcar Milwaukee Road 1968-1974 repaint/renumber218.98
AccurailACU4101.140′ AAR Wood Outside Brace Boxcar CB&Q118.98
AccurailACU431240′ Wood O.B. Boxcar w/Metal ends CB&Q118.98
AccurailACU432240′ Single Sheath Wood Boxcar  Milwaukee Road218.98
AccurailACU4601240′ USRA Wood Boxcar Santa Fe218.98
AccurailACU4603240′ Wood Boxcar CB&Q318.98
AccurailACU4604.440′ USRA Double Sheath Boxcar GREAT NORTHERN118.98
AccurailACU4604540′ Wood Boxcar Great Northern218.98
AccurailACU4610.340′ Double Sheath Boxcar Northern Pacific118.98
AccurailACU46132Union Pacific 40′ wood boxcar 126459118.98
AccurailACU464140′ USRA Double Sheath Boxcar  ANN ARBOR218.98
AccurailACU474240′ Wood Stockcar SWIFT Livestock Express318.98
AccurailACU474340′ Wood Stock Car Texas & Pacific118.98
AccurailACU4803240′ Wood Reefer WFEX/Great Northern219.98
AccurailACU4809.240′ Wood Reefer Northern Pacific119.98
AccurailACU4814340′ Wood Reefer Santa Fe Super Chief119.98
AccurailACU4815340′ Wood Reefer Santa Fe Grand Canyon119.98
AccurailACU4816340′ Wood Reefer Santa Fe The Scout119.98
AccurailACU4817340′ Wood Reefer Santa Fe El Capitan219.98
AccurailACU4841.140′ Wood Reefer Colorado & Southern119.98
AccurailACU485240′ Wood Reefer NKP/Lakawana Dairy119.98
AccurailACU485440′ Wood Reefer Central New Jersey119.98
AccurailACU485640′ Wood Reefer C&NW119.98
AccurailACU490340′ Wood Reefer Burlington/CB&Q219.98
AccurailACU490640′ Wood Reefer NRCC-Bananas219.98
AccurailACU5008.150′ Steel Boxcar Burlington (red)318.98
AccurailACU5106.150′ Plug Door Boxcar NIckel Plate Road318.98
AccurailACU513750′ Plug Door Boxcar WESTERN PACIFIC118.98
AccurailACU5205.150′ AAR Double Door Boxcar D&RGW118.98
AccurailACU523150′ AAR Boxcar Wabash118.98
AccurailACU523950′ Double Door Steel Boxcar Illinois Cenhtral Gulf218.98
AccurailACU524450′ Double Door Steel Boxcar MONON318.98
AccurailACU532350′ Combo Door Boxcar WESTERN MARYLAND118.98
AccurailACU532650′ Combo Door Boxcar Great Northern118.98
AccurailACU541450′ Double Plug Door Boxcar TP&W218.98
AccurailACU550250′ Riveted AAR Boxcar C&NW118.98
AccurailACU550750′ Plug Door Boxcar Superior Door BURLINGTON218.98
AccurailACU555150′ Superior Door Boxcar ICG118.98
AccurailACU5621150′ Steel X-Post Boxcar, Golden West118.98
AccurailACU564650′ Exterior Post Boxcar CHICAGO GREAT WESTERN318.98
AccurailACU565550′ Exterior Post Boxcar VERMONT RAILWAY218.98
AccurailACU566250′ Ext Post boxcar – CN/IC318.98
AccurailACU582050′ Welded Plug Door Boxcar C&NW218.98
AccurailACU5823M-K-T 50′ Welded-side Boxcar218.98
AccurailACU582450′ Plug Door Steel – Soo Line119.98
AccurailACU582750′ Welded Plug Door Boxcar MONON218.98
AccurailACU6506HO PS 4750 Cvd Hopper CSX220.98
AccurailACU6511P-S 4750 Grain Hopper FARMERS CO_OP118.98
AccurailACU6516P-S 4750 Grain Hopper Illinois Central120.98
AccurailACU6517P-S Covered Hopper MILWAUKEE ROAD220.98
AccurailACU6519PS Covered Hopper Wisconsin & Southern120.98
AccurailACU6526PS-4750 Covered Hopper GM&O120.98
AccurailACU6538P-S Covered Hopper TP&W220.98
AccurailACU6540P-S Covered Hopper Kansas City Southern320.98
AccurailACU6544Pullam Std Hopper – ADM120.98
AccurailACU710240′ AAR 6-Panel Wood Boxcar CB&Q218.98
AccurailACU720740′ Outside Brace Wood Boxcar C&EI318.98
AccurailACU7506.1Offset Triple Hopper SOO Line118.98
AccurailACU7549Offset Tripple Hopper B.N.418.98
AccurailACU7555Offset Triple Hopper Burlington Route/CB&Q317.98
AccurailACU7556Offset Tripple Hopper Illinois Central218.98
AccurailACU7716Offset Twin Hopper NKP218.98
AccurailACU7720Offset Twin Hopper M&STL118.98
AccurailACU7721Offset Twin Hopper Rock Island118.98
AccurailACU7722Offset Twin Hopper SOO LINE118.98
AccurailACU7729Offset Twin Hopper MAINE CENTRAL218.98
AccurailACU8062140′ AAR Steel Reefer SANTA FE “Super Chief”119.98
AccurailACU8062240′ AAR Steel Reefer SANTA FE “The Chief”119.98
AccurailACU8062340′ AAR Steel Reefer SANTA FE “El Capitan”119.98
AccurailACU80709USRA Twin Hopper N&W317.98
AccurailACU80769Offset Twin Hopper SANTA FE317.98
AccurailACU8077240′ AAR Steel Boxcar CB&Q chinese red118.98
AccurailACU8077340′ Steel Boxcar DRGW118.98
AccurailACU80791Rolling Stock – Wood Reefer – Deckers119.98
AccurailACU80792Rolling Stock – Wood Reefer – Wescott & Winks119.98
AccurailACU80793Rolling Stock – Wood Reefer – Morrell319.98
AccurailACU80871HO 3-bay ACF Covered Hopper – Continental Grain320.98
AccurailACU80872HO 3-bay ACF Covered Hopper – Cargill420.98
AccurailACU80873HO 3-bay ACF Covered Hopper – Co-Op220.98
AccurailACU8091.2P-S Std. Covered Hopper PERCIVAL GRAIN120.98
AccurailACU8093.140′ Steel Reefer Dubuque Packing Company219.98
AccurailACU8093.240′ Steel Reefer Wilson Car Lines – Beef “Cornland”319.98
AccurailACU8093.340′ Steel Reefer ART/WABASH/MOPAC119.98
AccurailACU8095340′ Single-sheath Wood Boxcar C&S/Burlington118.98
AccurailACU8096.140′ Wood Reefer NRCC-Pet Milk119.98
AccurailACU8096.340′ Wood Reefer NRCC-Ohlhausen Cheese119.98
AccurailACU80991P-S Covered Hopper C&EI320.98
AccurailACU8105140′ AAR Steel Boxcar – Southern Pacific Overnights218.98
AccurailACU8109140′ Steel Reefer Pacific Fruit Express119.98
AccurailACU8110.140′ Wood Boxcar Single-Sheath 6-panel Great Northern218.98
AccurailACU8110.240′ Wood Reefer Great Northern219.98
AccurailACU8111.140′ Steel Boxcar Pittsburg & Lake Erie218.98
AccurailACU8112150′ Steel X-Post Boxcar C&NW/Rock Island Blue #718053218.98
AccurailACU8112250′ Steel X-Post Boxcar C&NW/Rock Island Brown #715154218.98
AccurailACU8112350′ Steel X-Post Boxcar C&NW/Rock Island White #718309218.98
AccurailACU8114.2P-S Covered Hopper General Chemical220.98
AccurailACU8114.3P-S Covered Hopper ADM220.98
AccurailACU8115140′ AAR Single Door Boxcar – UP119.98
AccurailACU8115240′ AAR Boxcar – UP119.98
AccurailACU81153PS-1 Boxcar – UP119.98
AccurailACU8121250′ General American Steel Boxcar Burlington519.98
AccurailACU8121350′ General American Steel Boxcar Rock Island819.98
AccurailACU81221ACF Covered Hopper Canadian Pacific119.98
AccurailACU8123.1Pullman Std Cvd Hopper- RI/CNW Patched #752316521.98
AccurailACU8123.2Pullman Std Cvd Hopper- RI/CNW Patched #752327521.98
AccurailACU8123.3Pullman Std Cvd Hopper- RI/CNW Patched #752340521.98
AccurailACU81271P-S Covered Hopper Corn Sweeteners520.98
AccurailACU81272P-S Covered Hopper Farmers Co-Op220.98
AccurailACU81273P-S Covered Hopper Georgia Pacific320.98
AccurailACU8128140′ Riveted Steel Boxcar Pennsylvania X290 “Dont Stand Me Still” Keystone218.98
AccurailACU8303.140′ Steel Reefer NEW YORK CENTRAL219.98
AccurailACU831640′ Steel Reefer Swing Door Northern Pacific119.98
AccurailACU8322HO 40′ Steel Reefer – Armour119.98
AccurailACU832340′ Steel Reefer WILSON CAR LINES119.98
AccurailACU832440′ Steel Reefer ART Ice Service219.98
AccurailACU832540′ Steel Reefer – N&W/MoPAC119.98
AccurailACU839540′ Steel Reefer DATA YELLOW218.98
AccurailACU850940′ Steel Reefer – Milw Rd219.98
AccurailACU851440′ Steel Reefer Rock Island Dri-Protecto519.98
AccurailACU852340′ Steel Reefer NADX-Dubuque319.98
AccurailACU852440′ Steel Reefer – Rath Packing119.98
AccurailACU852540′ Steel Reefer – Greenlee Packing219.98
Updated November 16, 2020