HO Scale Structures

ManufacturerModelDescriptionOur Price
A Line Products50607Auto Loader Ramp Kit12.95
Am Model BuildAMB163CB&Q Standard Tool House19.95
Am Model BuildAMB702Interlocking Tower laser kit34.95
Am Model BuildAMB792Gandy Dancers Shack laser kit12.95
Am Model BuildAMB798Company House Laser Kit12.95
Athearn797534076020Athearn billboard Western Pacific4.98
AtlasATL650Lumber Yard & Office Building built-up28.75
AtlasATL703HO Passenger Station Kit13.49
AtlasATL704Signal Tower kit14.95
AtlasATL705HoTelephone Shanty & Pole Kit6.50
AtlasATL706HO Passenger Station Kit16.50
AtlasATL707HO Station Platform kit9.50
AtlasATL709HO Roundhouse38.75
AtlasATL715Refreshment Stand kit10.95
AtlasATL774Hairpin Fence6.75
AtlasATL775Ho Telephone Poles8.50
AtlasATAL776Ho Picket Fence & Gate6.50
AtlasATL777Ho 3-rail Fence & Gate6.75
BTS structures27227Greeley’s Place kit19.95
Bachmann45132Plasticville HO Switch Tower9.99
Bachmann45151Plasticville Barn kit19.75
Bachmann45152Plasticville Farm Buildings w/animals17.49
Bachmann45173Suburban Station w/Platform20.50
Bachmann45434Structures – Drive-in Burger Stand HO22.00
BachmannBAC45532Plasticville Vintage Auto Repair Shop16.00
BachmannBAC88005Spectrum Bus Station CityScenes kit40.00
Bar Mills ScaleBAR0792Twin Crossing Shacks19.98
Bar Mills ScaleBMS42HO Insta Fence kit9.95
Blair LineBLS174Loading Ramp  – HO16.95
Blair LineBLS177HO Wooden Truck Dump21.95
City Classics110Rt 22 Diner Kit20.98
City ClassicsCITY113Roberts Road Mobile Home kit15.98
City ClassicsCTY208Rooftop Details14.98
City ClassicsCTY601Modular Concrete Walls9.98
Clever PaperCL290Water Tower4.95
Clever PaperCLP297Small Railway Station4.95
Clever PaperCLP298Small Wooden Station4.95
DPM10400B. Moore Catalog Showroom20.99
DPM20600Humble Home kit18.99
DPMDPM118001st National Bank20.99
DPMDPM12000Front Street Building20.99
DPMDPM12100Seymour Block22.99
DPMDPM401HO – Drywell Inks Kit56.00
Downtown DecoDD-1002Adams Ave – part 242.00
Downtown DecoDD1069Lindsey’s Grocery44.95
Durango PressDP-40Ho Ashpit17.00
GCLaser11275HO 18″ Grade Crossing 2-pk9.99
GCLaser11277HO 22″ Grade Crossing 2-pk9.99
GCLaser11391Storage Shed laser kit15.00
GCLaser1255HO  Yard Office Kit12.99
GCLaser1294Gas House kit8.00
GCLaser19017Co-Op Backdrop Flat23.00
GCLaser19041Caboose Servicing Kit #117.00
GCLaser19042HO Caboose Servicing #29.99
GCLaser19044HO Coal bunker8.99
GCLaser1909HO Team Yard Office22.99
Grandt Line Prd3566O Standard Section Tool House15.00
Grandt Line Prd3580O Sheepscot Station Kit26.95
Grandt Line Prd5908HO Corrugated Iron Warehouse26.95
Grandt Line Prd5910Standard Relay House kit 2 pak6.99
Grandt Line Prd5911HO Valley Feed & Seed Kit27.95
Imex Model Co6147Sukup Grain Towers #349.99
JL Invt. DsignsJLI441F.S. Jones Painting  – kit24.00
JL Invt. DsignsJLI651George Helm Conoco Kit32.95
JL Invt. DsignsJLI7721000 gallon Bulk Fuel Tank kit7.98
JL Invt. DsignsJLI7731500 gallon Bulk Fuel Tank kit7.98
JWDJWD21323Concrete Coal Bunker Wall Kit17.98
Kirbi10202HO Contruction Crane Kit yellow33.99
LifeLike1372Moore & Company Warehouse15.00
LifeLike433-1331National Oil Company kit14.00
LifeLike433-1347Train Station kit11.98
LifeLike433-1378Modular Stock Pen kit14.98
Lunde StudiosP32Moore Books kit64.95
Micro Engineerg75-50150′ Open Deck Girder Bridge12.45
Micro Engineerg75-50230′ Open Deck Girder Bridge10.95
Micro Engineerg75-50585′ Open Deck Girder Bridge Kit17.95
MicroMarkMM88344PR Branchline Trackside Shelter Kit29.95
MicroMarkMM88346Rural Workshop Tool Shed Kit24.95
MicroMarkMM88347Rural Tractor Shed w Hayloft Kit34.95
Model PowerMDP410Bors Coaling Station kit19.98
Model PowerMDP6433 Trackside Structures, built-up and lighted19.98
Model PowerMPC202Small Freight Station kit14.50
Model PowerMPC407Valley Lumber Mill kit19.98
Model PowerMPC4373 Trackside Buildings kit14.00
Model PowerMPC6251940’s era RR Depot kit18.00
Model Power037135006300Flashing Water Tower pre-built/lighted21.98
Model Railstuff170End of Track Unloading Ramp wood7.75
Model Railstuff180Loading Dock Wood & Stone7.75
Model Tech StudD0282P“Left to Rot” Old Sheds (2) painted/weathered21.99
Model Tech StudD0286Equipment-Work Shed prebuilt/unpainted12.49
Model Tech StudD0301PCoal Station, painted & weathered18.99
Model Tech StudJ0022Pulpwood Cutters Shop, prebuilt, unpainted12.00
Monroe Models2203Loading Ramp  – HO14.49
Motrak ModelsMOT83000Supply Shed kit25.00
Motrak ModelsMOT83001Danielson Building #1 Kit39.95
Motrak ModelsMOT83002Danielson Building #2 Kit39.95
OsborneRRA-1061Cross Bucks – HO5.75
Pikestuff541-0003Highway Guardrails3.00
Pikestuff541-000430′ * 80′ Prefab Warehouse20.95
Pikestuff541-0005Yard Utility Building kit7.95
Pikestuff541-0008Modern Enginehouse kit large24.95
Pikestuff541-0013Highway Guardrails – HO7.49
Pikestuff541-0015The Shops29.95
Pikestuff541-0017Versatile Modular Loading Docks  – HO7.25
Pikestuff541-0192Fire Station kit RED18.95
Pikestuff541-1004Concrete Blocks – long sections3.75
Pikestuff541-1005Concrete Blocks – intermediate sections3.75
Pikestuff541-1006Concrete Blocks – short sections3.75
Pikestuff541-1008Cap Tiles3.25
Pikestuff541-5001Truck Terminal Kit18.95
Pikestuff628-0102Early Overpass with Pier15.95
Pikestuff628-0104Early Highway Overpass Railings6.95
PlastrucKIT-1011Sand Tower kit16.45
RR Line Models9201Petes Garage Laser Kit29.95
RR Line Models9204Yardmasters Office and Shed Laser Kit27.95
RailtownRT2901Self Storage Facility15.99
RailtownRT2902Self Storage Facility15.99
Rix Products628-0200Rural Timber Overpass18.95
Rix Products628-030433″ foot tall Corrugated Grain Bin kit17.95
Rix Products628-0358Grain Bin Parts4.50
Rix Products628-0407Grain Elevator kit22.99
Rix Products628-0410Quonset Hut kit15.95
Rix Products628-050329 foot peaked top Water/oil tank9.25
Tichy Train GrpTTG4011Ho Handcar & Pushcar Kit set9.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG7011Handcar Shed and Trailer kit9.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8006Water Column kit4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8328Watchman’s Shanty kit7.95
Walthers931-804United Trucking, Trainline Built Up29.98
Walthers931-902Old Country Barn – HO19.98
Walthers931-903Consolidated Manufacturing – HO24.98
Walthers931-904Iron Ridge Station – HO24.98
Walthers931-905Iron Ridge Freight Station – HO29.98
Walthers931-906Water Tower & Shanty – HO19.98
Walthers931-911Coal Creek Tipple – HO25.79
Walthers931-912Trainline Truck Repair Shop24.98
Walthers931-916Trainline Machine Shop24.98
Walthers931-920Trainline Gas Station24.98
Walthers933-1050Motorizing Kit for Walthers turntable24.98
Walthers933-1499Steel Coils8.98
Walthers933-2813Built Up Wood RR Water Tank Yellow44.98
Walthers933-2900Modern Roundhouse54.98
Walthers933-2903Modern Coaling Tower45.98
Walthers933-2904City Station49.48
Walthers933-2908Diesel Fueling Facility31.98
Walthers933-2909Miss Bettie’s Diner HO39.98
Walthers933-2912State Line Farm Supply39.98
Walthers933-2916Modern Diesel House kit89.98
Walthers933-2918Open Air Transload Building44.98
Walthers933-2932Whitehall Station49.48
Walthers933-2934Silver Springs Bus Terminal30.00
Walthers933-2935Surge Bin44.98
Walthers933-2937Two Wet/dry storage Bins kit54.98
Walthers933-2939Street System Expander24.98
Walthers933-2940Conveyor Bridge & Support Tower29.98
Walthers933-2942Modern Grain Head House w/Silos54.98
Walthers933-2944Two Elevated Crossing Shanties HO26.98
Walthers933-2955Support Truss w/ Gywrs & Piping19.98
Walthers933-2956Cag Ladders & Safety Cages Photo-etched brass kit21.98
Walthers933-2963Reversing Mill Stand16.98
Walthers933-2982PRR Block & Interlocking Station29.98
Walthers933-2983ATSF Interlocking Tower29.98
Walthers933-3006Interstate Oil Company38.98
Walthers933-3011Central Gas & Supply kit29.98
Walthers933-3019Medusa Cement Cornerstone kit44.98
Walthers933-3021Northern Light & Power39.98
Walthers933-3022Concrete Grain Elevator54.98
Walthers933-3028Merchants Row I39.98
Walthers933-3036Farmers Cooperative Rural Elevator – HO39.98
Walthers933-3038Modern Amtrak Station34.98
Walthers933-3043Steel Water Tower27.98
Walthers933-3051Coal Flood Loader – HO39.98
Walthers933-3057HO Walton & Sons Lumber kit46.98
Walthers933-3061Sunrise Feed Mill34.98
Walthers933-3063Clarksville Depot15.00
Walthers933-3066Municipal Pier Terminal30.00
Walthers933-3071Interlocking Tower – HO24.98
Walthers933-3072Al’s Victory Service31.98
Walthers933-3073MidState Marble Products24.00
Walthers933-3085Black Gold Asphalt32.00
Walthers933-3087Golden Flame Fuel kit47.98
Walthers933-3091Peterson Tool Specialty kit49.98
Walthers933-3094Union Station40.00
Walthers616374020638Valley Growers Elevator49.98
Walthers933-3102Overhead Traveling Crane kit19.98
Walthers933-3104Tank Car Oil Loading Platform- HO14.98
Walthers933-3109Kalmar Crane24.98
Walthers933-3114Refinery Piping Kit – HO14.98
Walthers933-3121Four Transmission Towers24.98
Walthers933-3122MI-JACK Crane31.98
Walthers933-3123Grain Bin – HO21.98
Walthers933-3124Grain Conveyor kit19.98
Walthers933-3125Chain Link Fence kit17.98
Walthers933-3128Grain Dryer17.98
Walthers933-3129Propane Tanks19.98
Walthers933-3130Northern Light & Power Interior- HO11.98
Walthers933-3138Concrete Street System17.98
Walthers933-3139Brick Street System – HO17.98
Walthers933-3140Street Track Inserts – HO24.98
Walthers933-3147Wood Trestle w/Steel Deck Girder31.98
Walthers933-3149Belt Conveyor kit17.98
Walthers933-3155Street Expander System – Concrete Straight Sections17.98
Walthers933-3156Street System Expander17.98
Walthers933-3160Centennial Mills Background Buildings37.98
Walthers933-3164Heritage Furniture background building34.98
Walthers933-3165Shop Building No.1 background building39.98
Walthers933-3169Tanker Truck Loading Rack29.98
Walthers933-317190 Foot Turntable – HO54.98
Walthers933-3172Armstrong Electric Motors29.98
Walthers933-3177Parkview Terrace Tenement background building39.98
Walthers933-3178River City Textiles background building41.98
Walthers933-3181Cinder Conveyor & Ash Pit- HO31.98
Walthers933-3183Plant No. 428.79
Walthers933-3184Imperial Food Products Background Building29.98
Walthers933-3185Single Track Girder Bridge31.98
Walthers933-3187Concrete Curbs & Sidewalks14.98
Walthers933-3188Wood Station Shelter and Platform31.98
Walthers933-3190Art Deco Highway Underpass18.00
Walthers933-3191Lauston Shipping Background Buildings34.98
Walthers933-3192Bud’s Trucking Background Buildings34.98
Walthers933-3193Arrowhead Ale background building34.98
Walthers933-3194Asphalt Street System17.98
Walthers933-3196Arched Road Bridge19.00
Walthers933-3197Industrial Tanks Set – HO11.98
Walthers933-3330Meadowhead Barn – HO39.98
Walthers933-3331Fieldstone Barn Base and Ramp21.98
Walthers933-3332Concrete Style Silo17.98
Walthers933-3339Antiques Barn – HO39.98
Walthers933-3343Modern High Voltage Transmission Towers24.98
Walthers933-3344High-Voltage Power Transmission Wire 100′17.98
Walthers933-3391HO Station Platforms kit29.98
Walthers933-3460Thompson Bros. Paint- HO39.98
Walthers933-3474HO Donnie’s Drive-In Kit31.98
Walthers933-3478Skyview Drive-in31.98
Walthers933-3479Winner’s Circle Petro- HO29.98
Walthers933-3484HO Vintage Dairy Queen29.98
Walthers933-3485DQ Grill and Chill34.98
Walthers933-3486Culvers kit49.98
Walthers933-3487Vintage Motor Hotel w/Office & Restaurant59.98
Walthers933-3488Vintage Motor Hotel39.98
Walthers933-3489Vintage Motor Restaurant29.98
Walthers933-3490Vintage Ford Auto Dealership39.98
Walthers933-3491HO Country Store Kit36.00
Walthers933-3493HO Public Library44.00
Walthers933-3496Brick Church kit49.98
Walthers933-3507Wood Water Tank – HO14.98
Walthers933-3510Wall-Mount Industrial Dust Collectors11.98
Walthers933-3518Modern Conveyors17.98
Walthers933-3519Bulk Transfer Conveyor34.98
Walthers933-3520Old time Coal Conveyor17.98
Walthers933-3521Wood Fencing14.98
Walthers933-3531Wood Water Tank Kit17.98
Walthers933-3532HO – Golden Valley Depot34.98
Walthers933-3533Golden Valley Freight House kit31.98
Walthers933-3537Modern Gas Station kit49.98
Walthers933-3538Modern Travel Center kit71.98
Walthers933-3539Gas Station Car Wash – HO24.98
Walthers933-3540Gas Station Parking Lot – HO11.98
Walthers933-3632Corrugated Fence – HO14.98
Walthers933-3645Conveyor – HO14.98
Walthers933-3655Cottage Grove Church – HO34.98
Walthers933-3656Cottage Grove School44.98
Walthers933-3660Post Road Supply – HO34.98
Walthers933-3720Modulars  -Peaked Roof & Base9.98
Walthers933-3721Modulars  -Flat Roof & Base9.98
Walthers933-3722Modulars  – Small Walls, Windows & Doors9.98
Walthers933-3723Modulars  – Large Walls & Windows9.98
Walthers933-3724Modulars  – Foundation & Loading Docks9.98
Walthers933-3725Modulars  -Wall Columns & Caps9.98
Walthers933-3728Two Brick Smokestacks17.98
Walthers933-3733Roof Details- HO9.98
Walthers933-3736Modulars – Modern Fire Escapes9.98
Walthers933-3760Grocery Distributor39.98
Walthers933-3767Fire Department Repair Shop34.98
Walthers933-3768Hole-in-One Donut Shop – HO24.98
Walthers933-3775Framed RAnch Tract House24.98
Walthers933-3777Ranch Tract House – HO24.98
Walthers933-3786Two Story Frame House – HO29.98
Walthers933-3787American Bungalow kit29.98
Walthers933-3789HO – Tillman Farm House34.98
Walthers933-3790Company House 2-Pack39.98
Walthers933-3791Updated American Bungalow w/Garage39.98
Walthers933-3792Two Story House w/garage39.98
Walthers933-3793Two-car garage19.98
Walthers933-3794Split Level House34.98
Walthers933-3796Single Car Garage 2-pack24.98
Walthers933-4020Industry Office – HO19.98
Walthers933-4021Union Crane and Shovel34.98
Walthers933-4023Import Motors kit33.49
Walthers933-4025Import Motors kit41.98
Walthers933-4037Four Modern Loading Racks – HO27.98
Walthers933-4038Truck -Served Fuel Distributor – HO41.98
Walthers933-4040Merchants Row IV44.98
Walthers933-4042Central Beverage Distributor49.98
Walthers933-4046Diamond Coal Corporation44.98
Walthers933-4047Prairie CO-OP elevator39.98
Walthers933-4048Piggyback Ramps – HO34.98
Walthers933-4049Express Motor Freight Lines – HO34.98
Walthers933-4050Brick Office Building29.98
Walthers933-4054Pella Depot39.98
Walthers933-4056Brick Mission Style Freight House24.98
Walthers933-4057UP-Style Depot44.98
Walthers933-4058Truck dump – HO29.98
Walthers933-4059Trackside Oil Dlr w/ Tanks49.98
Walthers933-4064Modern Brick Santa Fe Station49.98
Walthers933-4067Modern Concrete Warehouse49.98
Walthers933-4068Truck & Rail Scale kit24.98
Walthers933-4069Modern Cold Storage Warehouse59.98
Walthers933-4071Modern Concrete Warehouse Background Building34.98
Walthers933-4074Security Details kit14.98
Walthers933-4075Modern Electrical Gear kit14.98
Walthers933-4076Modern Guard Shack kit29.98
Walthers933-4078Modern Yard Office24.98
Walthers933-4087Particulate Dust Cyclone kit19.98
Walthers933-4090Aggregate Bins kit14.98
Walthers933-4093Coal Trestle29.98
Walthers933-4095Modern Subsubran Station34.98
Walthers933-4096Traveling Crane w/ Brick Street53.98
Walthers933-4099Suburban Station Platforms24.98
Walthers933-4100Brick Kilns 2-pk39.98
Walthers933-4101Brickworks Storage Building24.98
Walthers933-4103Brick Stacks19.98
Walthers933-4105Modern Concrete Grocery Warehouse53.98
Walthers933-4106Modern Lumber Transload59.98
Walthers933-4110UPS Hub with Customer Center62.98
Walthers933-4112The UPS Store – HO39.98
Walthers933-4115Modern Shopping Center Cornerstone kit39.98
Walthers933-4116Modern Shopping Center II kit39.98
Walthers933-4120Intermodal Yard Pavement kit34.98
Walthers933-4121Modern Concrete Grade Crossing kit9.98
Walthers933-4130Transloading Ramp 2-pack17.98
Walthers933-4131Cross-dock Truck Facility49.98
Walthers933-4150Modern Sectional House24.98
Walthers933-4152Postwar Prefab House21.98
Walthers933-4200Brick Post Office39.98
Walthers933-4201Modern Police Station39.98
Walthers933-4202Small Wooden Coaling Station39.98
Walthers933-450030′ Single Track Through Girder Bridge17.98
Walthers933-450150′ Single Track Through Girder Bridge19.98
Walthers933-450270′ Single Track Girder Bridge24.98
Walthers933-450390′ Single Track Girder Bridge29.98
Walthers933-450530′ Single Track Deck Girder Bridge17.98
Walthers933-450650′ Single Track Deck Girder Bridge19.98
Walthers933-450770′ Single Track Deck Girder Bridge24.98
Walthers933-450890′ Single Track Deck Girder Bridge29.98
Walthers933-450930′ Single Track Deck Girder Bridge17.98
Walthers933-4510HO Modernized Double track Truss Bridge38.00
Walthers933-4521Single-track Railroad Arched Pratt Truss Bridge44.00
Walthers933-4522Double-track Railroad Arched Pratt Truss Bridge51.00
Walthers933-4550Single Track RR Bridge Concrete Piers19.98
Walthers933-4554Steel Railroad Bridge Tower24.98
Walthers933-4555Steel Railroad Bridge Tower Bent19.98
Walthers933-4559Bridge Shoes and Adapter9.98
Walthers933-4560Urban Concrete Overpass kit29.98
Walthers933-4561Urban Steel Overpass kit29.98
Walthers933-4562Urban Retaining Walls kit29.98
Walthers933-4563Elevated Commuter Station39.98
Walthers933-4591Modern Short Span Concrete Railroad Bridge39.98
Walthers933-4592Modern Long Span Concrete Railroad Bridge44.98
Walthers949-2901Mobile Construction Site Storage Trailer14.98
Walthers949-2903Pizza & Burgers Food Trailers kit17.98
Walthers949-2904BBQ & Tacos Food Trailers kit17.98
Walthers949-2905Ice Cream & Hot Dog Food Trailers17.98
Walthers949-4100Three large dumpsters GREEN9.98
Walthers949-4106Industiral dumpsters 8-pk17.98
Walthers949-4139Modern Trackside Detail Set26.98
Walthers949-4165Camping Tents (4 small, 2 large)7.98
Walthers949-4186Small Propoane Tank9.98
Walthers949-722Instant Buildings Back Street Stores (backdrop building sheet)17.98
Walthers949-725Instant Buildings Main Street Stores (backdrop building sheet)17.98
Walthers949-4121City Street Accessory Pkg14.98
Woodland ScenicBR4052Old windmill pre-built22.99
Woodland ScenicBR5029HO Drive and Dine pre-built84.00
Woodland ScenicBR5038Old Weathered Barn Built N Ready79.99
Woodland ScenicBR5039B&R Davenport Department Store lighted76.49
Woodland ScenicBR5040Old Homestead Built N Ready LIGHTED59.99
Woodland ScenicBR5043Windmill pre-built22.99
Woodland ScenicBR5052The Depot Built & Ready, Just Plug92.99
Woodland ScenicBR5055Emilio’s Iltalian Restaurant84.99
Woodland ScenicBR5056Tin Shack – HO scale27.99
Woodland ScenicBR5057Work Shed – HO scale26.99
Woodland ScenicBR5058Wood Shack Built & Ready26.99
Woodland ScenicBR5060Grillin’ & Chillin’ Trailer – HO67.00
Woodland ScenicBR5065BnR Rustic Cabin, lighted56.99
Woodland ScenicJP5792Just Plug Billboard – Duece’s Bike Shop29.99
Woodland ScenicJP5793Just Plug Billboard – Conoco The Hottest Brand29.99
Woodland ScenicJP5794Just Plug Billboard – Monroe’s Drive In29.99
Woodland ScenicJP5795Just Plug Billboard – Wise Owl Tobacco29.95
Woodland ScenicJP5796Just Plug Billboard – Lane’s Bowling & Bar29.99
Woodland ScenicPF5183Landmark Structure Sonny’s Super Service  KIT38.00
Woodland ScenicPF5184Sicken Tire Company Pre-Fab kit37.79
Updated November 16, 2020