HO Scale Structures

ManufacturerModelDescriptionOur Price
A Line Products50607Auto Loader Ramp Kit$12.95
AM ModelsAM125HO – Andy’s Repair Shop$9.98
Am Model BuildAMB163CB&Q Standard Tool House$19.95
Am Model BuildAMB702Interlocking Tower laser kit$34.95
Am Model BuildAMB792Gandy Dancers Shack laser kit$12.95
Am Model BuildAMB798Company House Laser Kit$12.95
Athearn7602Athearn billboard Western Pacific$4.98
AtlasATL650Lumber Yard & Office Building built-up$28.75
AtlasATL703HO Passenger Station Kit$13.49
AtlasATL704Signal Tower kit$14.95
AtlasATL705HoTelephone Shanty & Pole Kit$6.50
AtlasATL706HO Passenger Station Kit$16.50
AtlasATL707HO Station Platform kit$9.50
AtlasATL709HO Roundhouse$38.75
AtlasATL715Refreshment Stand kit$10.95
AtlasATL774Hairpin Fence$6.75
AtlasATL775Ho Telephone Poles$8.50
AtlasATL776Ho Picket Fence & Gate$6.50
AtlasATL777Ho 3-rail Fence & Gate$6.75
BTS structures27227Greeley’s Place kit$19.95
Bachmann45132Plasticville HO Switch Tower$9.99
Bachmann45151Plasticville Barn kit$19.75
Bachmann45152Plasticville Farm Buildings w/animals$17.49
Bachmann45173Suburban Station w/Platform$20.50
Bachmann45211Plasticville Coaling Station Kit$24.00
Bachmann45434Structures – Drive-in Burger Stand HO$22.00
BachmannBAC45532Plasticville Vintage Auto Repair Shop$16.00
BachmannBAC88005Spectrum Bus Station CityScenes kit$40.00
Bar Mills ScaleBAR0792Twin Crossing Shacks$19.98
Bar Mills ScaleBMS42HO Insta Fence kit$9.95
Blair LineBLS174Loading Ramp  – HO$16.95
Blair LineBLS177HO Wooden Truck Dump$21.95
City Classics110Rt 22 Diner Kit$20.98
City ClassicsCITY113Roberts Road Mobile Home kit$15.98
City ClassicsCTY208Rooftop Details$14.98
City ClassicsCTY601Modular Concrete Walls$9.98
Clever PaperCL290Water Tower$4.95
Clever PaperCLP297Small Railway Station$4.95
Clever PaperCLP298Small Wooden Station$4.95
DPM10400B. Moore Catalog Showroom$20.99
DPM20600Humble Home kit$18.99
DPMDPM118001st National Bank$20.99
DPMDPM12000Front Street Building$20.99
DPMDPM12100Seymour Block$22.99
DPMDPM401HO – Drywell Inks Kit$56.00
Downtown DecoDD-1002Adams Ave – part 2$42.00
Downtown DecoDD1069Lindsey’s Grocery$44.95
Durango PressDP-40Ho Ashpit$17.00
GCLaser11275HO 18″ Grade Crossing 2-pk$9.99
GCLaser11277HO 22″ Grade Crossing 2-pk$9.99
GCLaser11391Storage Shed laser kit$15.00
GCLaser1255HO  Yard Office Kit$12.99
GCLaser1294Gas House kit$8.00
GCLaser19017Co-Op Backdrop Flat$23.00
GCLaser19041Caboose Servicing Kit #1$17.00
GCLaser19042HO Caboose Servicing #2$9.99
GCLaser19044HO Coal bunker$8.99
GCLaser1909HO Team Yard Office$22.99
Grandt Line Prd3566O Standard Section Tool House$15.00
Grandt Line Prd3580O Sheepscot Station Kit$26.95
Grandt Line Prd5908HO Corrugated Iron Warehouse$26.95
Grandt Line Prd5910Standard Relay House kit 2 pak$6.99
Grandt Line Prd5911HO Valley Feed & Seed Kit$27.95
Imex Model Co6147Sukup Grain Towers #3$49.99
JL Invt. Dsigns441F.S. Jones Painting  – kit$24.00
JL Invt. DsignsJLI651George Helm Conoco Kit$32.95
JL Invt. DsignsJLI7721000 gallon Bulk Fuel Tank kit$7.98
JL Invt. DsignsJLI7731500 gallon Bulk Fuel Tank kit$7.98
JWDJWD21323Concrete Coal Bunker Wall Kit$17.98
Kirbi10202HO Contruction Crane Kit yellow$33.99
LifeLike1372Moore & Company Warehouse$15.00
LifeLike433-1331National Oil Company kit$14.00
LifeLike433-1347Train Station kit$11.98
LifeLike433-1378Modular Stock Pen kit$14.98
Lunde StudiosP32Moore Books kit$64.95
Micro Engineerg75-50150′ Open Deck Girder Bridge$12.45
Micro Engineerg75-50230′ Open Deck Girder Bridge$10.95
Micro Engineerg75-50585′ Open Deck Girder Bridge Kit$17.95
MicroMarkMM88344PR Branchline Trackside Shelter Kit$29.95
MicroMarkMM88346Rural Workshop Tool Shed Kit$24.95
MicroMarkMM88347Rural Tractor Shed w Hayloft Kit$34.95
Model PowerMDP410Bors Coaling Station kit$19.98
Model PowerMDP6433 Trackside Structures, built-up and lighted$19.98
Model PowerMPC202Small Freight Station kit$14.50
Model PowerMPC407Valley Lumber Mill kit$19.98
Model PowerMPC4373 Trackside Buildings kit$14.00
Model PowerMPC6251940’s era RR Depot kit$18.00
Model PowerMPC630Flashing Water Tower pre-built/lighted$21.98
Model Railstuff170End of Track Unloading Ramp wood$7.75
Model Railstuff180Loading Dock Wood & Stone$7.75
Model Tech StudD0282P“Left to Rot” Old Sheds (2) painted/weathered$21.99
Model Tech StudD0286Equipment-Work Shed prebuilt/unpainted$12.49
Model Tech StudD0301PCoal Station, painted & weathered$18.99
Model Tech StudJ0022Pulpwood Cutters Shop, prebuilt, unpainted$12.00
Monroe Models2203Loading Ramp  – HO$14.49
Motrak Models83000Supply Shed kit$25.00
Motrak Models83001Danielson Building #1 Kit$39.95
Motrak Models83002Danielson Building #2 Kit$39.95
OsborneRRA-1061Cross Bucks – HO$5.75
Pikestuff541-0003Highway Guardrails$3.00
Pikestuff541-000430′ * 80′ Prefab Warehouse$20.95
Pikestuff541-0005Yard Utility Building kit$7.95
Pikestuff541-0008Modern Enginehouse kit large$24.95
Pikestuff541-0013Highway Guardrails – HO$7.49
Pikestuff541-0015The Shops$29.95
Pikestuff541-0017Versatile Modular Loading Docks  – HO$7.25
Pikestuff541-0192Fire Station kit RED$18.95
Pikestuff541-1004Concrete Blocks – long sections$3.75
Pikestuff541-1005Concrete Blocks – intermediate sections$3.75
Pikestuff541-1006Concrete Blocks – short sections$3.75
Pikestuff541-1008Cap Tiles$3.25
Pikestuff541-5001Truck Terminal Kit$18.95
Pikestuff628-0102Early Overpass with Pier$15.95
Pikestuff628-0104Early Highway Overpass Railings$6.95
PlastrucKIT-1011Sand Tower kit$16.45
RR Line Models9201Petes Garage Laser Kit$29.95
RR Line Models9204Yardmasters Office and Shed Laser Kit$27.95
RailtownRT2901Self Storage Facility$15.99
RailtownRT2902Self Storage Facility$15.99
Rix Products628-0200Rural Timber Overpass$18.95
Rix Products628-030433″ foot tall Corrugated Grain Bin kit$17.95
Rix Products628-0358Grain Bin Parts$4.50
Rix Products628-0410Quonset Hut kit$15.95
Rix Products628-050329 foot peaked top Water/oil tank$9.25
Tichy Train GrpTTG4011Ho Handcar & Pushcar Kit set$9.50
Tichy Train GrpTTG7011Handcar Shed and Trailer kit$9.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8006Water Column kit$4.95
Tichy Train GrpTTG8328Watchman’s Shanty kit$7.95
Walthers931-804United Trucking, Trainline Built Up$29.98
Walthers931-805Wallschlager Motors built-up$29.98
Walthers931-902Old Country Barn – HO$19.98
Walthers931-903Consolidated Manufacturing – HO$24.98
Walthers931-904Iron Ridge Station – HO$24.98
Walthers931-905Iron Ridge Freight Station – HO$29.98
Walthers931-906Water Tower & Shanty – HO$19.98
Walthers931-908Gantry Crane – HO$29.98
Walthers931-911Coal Creek Tipple – HO$25.79
Walthers931-912Trainline Truck Repair Shop$24.98
Walthers931-916Trainline Machine Shop$24.98
Walthers931-920Trainline Gas Station$24.98
Walthers933-1050Motorizing Kit for Walthers turntable$24.98
Walthers933-1499Steel Coils$8.98
Walthers933-2813Built Up Wood RR Water Tank Yellow$44.98
Walthers933-2900Modern Roundhouse$54.98
Walthers933-2903Modern Coaling Tower$45.98
Walthers933-2904City Station$49.48
Walthers933-2908Diesel Fueling Facility$31.98
Walthers933-2909Miss Bettie’s Diner HO$39.98
Walthers933-2912State Line Farm Supply$39.98
Walthers933-2916Modern Diesel House kit$89.98
Walthers933-2918Open Air Transload Building$44.98
Walthers933-2932Whitehall Station$49.48
Walthers933-2934Silver Springs Bus Terminal$30.00
Walthers933-2935Surge Bin$44.98
Walthers933-2937Two Wet/dry storage Bins kit$54.98
Walthers933-2940Conveyor Bridge & Support Tower$29.98
Walthers933-2942Modern Grain Head House w/Silos$54.98
Walthers933-2944Two Elevated Crossing Shanties HO$26.98
Walthers933-2955Support Truss w/ Gywrs & Piping$19.98
Walthers933-2956Cag Ladders & Safety Cages Photo-etched brass kit$21.98
Walthers933-2963Reversing Mill Stand$16.98
Walthers933-2982PRR Block & Interlocking Station$29.98
Walthers933-2983ATSF Interlocking Tower$29.98
Walthers933-3006Interstate Oil Company$38.98
Walthers933-3010Brookhill Dairy Farm – HO$27.98
Walthers933-3021Northern Light & Power$39.98
Walthers933-3022Concrete Grain Elevator$54.98
Walthers933-3036Farmers Cooperative Rural Elevator – HO$39.98
Walthers933-3038Modern Amtrak Station$34.98
Walthers933-3043Steel Water Tower$27.98
Walthers933-3051Coal Flood Loader – HO$39.98
Walthers933-3057HO Walton & Sons Lumber kit$46.98
Walthers933-3061Sunrise Feed Mill$34.98
Walthers933-3063Clarksville Depot$15.00
Walthers933-3066Municipal Pier Terminal$30.00
Walthers933-3072Al’s Victory Service$31.98
Walthers933-3073MidState Marble Products$24.00
Walthers933-3085Black Gold Asphalt$32.00
Walthers933-3087Golden Flame Fuel kit$47.98
Walthers933-3091Peterson Tool Specialty kit$49.98
Walthers933-3094Union Station$40.00
Walthers933-3096Valley Growers Elevator$49.98
Walthers933-3102Overhead Traveling Crane kit$19.98
Walthers933-3104Tank Car Oil Loading Platform- HO$14.98
Walthers933-3109Kalmar Crane$24.98
Walthers933-3114Refinery Piping Kit – HO$14.98
Walthers933-3122MI-JACK Crane$31.98
Walthers933-3124Grain Conveyor kit$19.98
Walthers933-3128Grain Dryer$17.98
Walthers933-3129Propane Tanks$19.98
Walthers933-3130Northern Light & Power Interior- HO$11.98
Walthers933-3138Concrete Street System$17.98
Walthers933-3139Brick Street System – HO$17.98
Walthers933-3140Street Track Inserts – HO$24.98
Walthers933-3149Belt Conveyor kit$17.98
Walthers933-3155Street Expander System – Concrete Straight Sections$17.98
Walthers933-3160Centennial Mills Background Buildings$37.98
Walthers933-3164Heritage Furniture background building$34.98
Walthers933-3165Shop Building No.1 background building$39.98
Walthers933-317190 Foot Turntable – HO$54.98
Walthers933-3172Armstrong Electric Motors$29.98
Walthers933-3177Parkview Terrace Tenement background building$39.98
Walthers933-3178River City Textiles background building$41.98
Walthers933-3181Cinder Conveyor & Ash Pit- HO$31.98
Walthers933-3183Plant No. 4$28.79
Walthers933-3184Imperial Food Products Background Building$29.98
Walthers933-3185Single Track Girder Bridge$31.98
Walthers933-3187Concrete Curbs & Sidewalks$14.98
Walthers933-3190Art Deco Highway Underpass$18.00
Walthers933-3191Lauston Shipping Background Buildings$34.98
Walthers933-3192Bud’s Trucking Background Buildings$34.98
Walthers933-3193Arrowhead Ale background building$34.98
Walthers933-3194Asphalt Street System$17.98
Walthers933-3196Arched Road Bridge$19.00
Walthers933-3197Industrial Tanks Set – HO$11.98
Walthers933-3330Meadowhead Barn – HO$39.98
Walthers933-3331Fieldstone Barn Base and Ramp$21.98
Walthers933-3332Concrete Style Silo$17.98
Walthers933-3339Antiques Barn – HO$39.98
Walthers933-3343Modern High Voltage Transmission Towers$24.98
Walthers933-3344High-Voltage Power Transmission Wire 100′$17.98
Walthers933-3391HO Station Platforms kit$29.98
Walthers933-3460Thompson Bros. Paint- HO$39.98
Walthers933-3474HO Donnie’s Drive-In Kit$31.98
Walthers933-3478Skyview Drive-in$31.98
Walthers933-3479Winner’s Circle Petro- HO$29.98
Walthers933-3484HO Vintage Dairy Queen$29.98
Walthers933-3485DQ Grill and Chill$34.98
Walthers933-3486Culvers kit$49.98
Walthers933-3487Vintage Motor Hotel w/Office & Restaurant$59.98
Walthers933-3488Vintage Motor Hotel$39.98
Walthers933-3489Vintage Motor Restaurant$29.98
Walthers933-3490Vintage Ford Auto Dealership$39.98
Walthers933-3491HO Country Store Kit$36.00
Walthers933-3493HO Public Library$44.00
Walthers933-3496Brick Church kit$49.98
Walthers933-3507Wood Water Tank – HO$14.98
Walthers933-3510Wall-Mount Industrial Dust Collectors$11.98
Walthers933-3518Modern Conveyors$17.98
Walthers933-3519Bulk Transfer Conveyor$34.98
Walthers933-3520Old time Coal Conveyor$17.98
Walthers933-3521Wood Fencing$14.98
Walthers933-3531Wood Water Tank Kit$17.98
Walthers933-3532HO – Golden Valley Depot$34.98
Walthers933-3533Golden Valley Freight House kit$31.98
Walthers933-3537Modern Gas Station kit$49.98
Walthers933-3538Modern Travel Center kit$71.98
Walthers933-3539Gas Station Car Wash – HO$24.98
Walthers933-3540Gas Station Parking Lot – HO$11.98
Walthers933-3632Corrugated Fence – HO$14.98
Walthers933-3645Conveyor – HO$14.98
Walthers933-3650River Road Mercantile – HO$32.98
Walthers933-3655Cottage Grove Church – HO$34.98
Walthers933-3656Cottage Grove School$44.98
Walthers933-3660Post Road Supply – HO$34.98
Walthers933-3662HO JC Landry Feed & Supply w/LED lights$34.98
Walthers933-3720Modulars  -Peaked Roof & Base$9.98
Walthers933-3721Modulars  -Flat Roof & Base$9.98
Walthers933-3722Modulars  – Small Walls, Windows & Doors$9.98
Walthers933-3723Modulars  – Large Walls & Windows$9.98
Walthers933-3724Modulars  – Foundation & Loading Docks$9.98
Walthers933-3725Modulars  -Wall Columns & Caps$9.98
Walthers933-3728Two Brick Smokestacks$17.98
Walthers933-3733Roof Details- HO$9.98
Walthers933-3736Modulars – Modern Fire Escapes$9.98
Walthers933-3760Grocery Distributor$39.98
Walthers933-3767Fire Department Repair Shop$34.98
Walthers933-3768Hole-in-One Donut Shop – HO$24.98
Walthers933-3777Ranch Tract House – HO$24.98
Walthers933-3786Two Story Frame House – HO$29.98
Walthers933-3787American Bungalow kit$29.98
Walthers933-3789HO – Tillman Farm House$34.98
Walthers933-3790Company House 2-Pack$39.98
Walthers933-3791Updated American Bungalow w/Garage$39.98
Walthers933-3792Two Story House w/garage$39.98
Walthers933-3793Two-car garage$19.98
Walthers933-3794Split Level House$34.98
Walthers933-3796Single Car Garage 2-pack$24.98
Walthers933-4021Union Crane and Shovel$34.98
Walthers933-4023Import Motors kit$33.49
Walthers933-4024Railcar Restoration & Charter$41.98
Walthers933-4025Import Motors kit$41.98
Walthers933-4037Four Modern Loading Racks – HO$27.98
Walthers933-4038Truck -Served Fuel Distributor – HO$41.98
Walthers933-4040Merchants Row IV$44.98
Walthers933-4042Central Beverage Distributor$49.98
Walthers933-4046Diamond Coal Corporation$44.98
Walthers933-4047Prairie CO-OP elevator$39.98
Walthers933-4048Piggyback Ramps – HO$34.98
Walthers933-4049Express Motor Freight Lines – HO$34.98
Walthers933-4050Brick Office Building$29.98
Walthers933-4054Pella Depot$39.98
Walthers933-4056Brick Mission Style Freight House$24.98
Walthers933-4057UP-Style Depot$44.98
Walthers933-4058Truck dump – HO$29.98
Walthers933-4059Trackside Oil Dlr w/ Tanks$49.98
Walthers933-4064Modern Brick Santa Fe Station$49.98
Walthers933-4067Modern Concrete Warehouse$49.98
Walthers933-4068Truck & Rail Scale kit$24.98
Walthers933-4069Modern Cold Storage Warehouse$59.98
Walthers933-4071Modern Concrete Warehouse Background Building$34.98
Walthers933-4074Security Details kit$14.98
Walthers933-4075Modern Electrical Gear kit$14.98
Walthers933-4076Modern Guard Shack kit$29.98
Walthers933-4078Modern Yard Office$24.98
Walthers933-4087Particulate Dust Cyclone kit$19.98
Walthers933-4090Aggregate Bins kit$14.98
Walthers933-4093Coal Trestle$29.98
Walthers933-4095Modern Subsubran Station$34.98
Walthers933-4096Traveling Crane w/ Brick Street$53.98
Walthers933-4099Suburban Station Platforms$24.98
Walthers933-4100Brick Kilns 2-pk$39.98
Walthers933-4101Brickworks Storage Building$24.98
Walthers933-4103Brick Stacks$19.98
Walthers933-4105Modern Concrete Grocery Warehouse$53.98
Walthers933-4110UPS Hub with Customer Center$62.98
Walthers933-4112The UPS Store – HO$39.98
Walthers933-4115Modern Shopping Center Cornerstone kit$39.98
Walthers933-4116Modern Shopping Center II kit$39.98
Walthers933-4120Intermodal Yard Pavement kit$34.98
Walthers933-4121Modern Concrete Grade Crossing kit$9.98
Walthers933-4130Transloading Ramp 2-pack$17.98
Walthers933-4131Cross-dock Truck Facility$49.98
Walthers933-4150Modern Sectional House$24.98
Walthers933-4200Brick Post Office$39.98
Walthers933-4201Modern Police Station$39.98
Walthers933-4202Small Wooden Coaling Station$39.98
Walthers933-450030′ Single Track Through Girder Bridge$17.98
Walthers933-450150′ Single Track Through Girder Bridge$19.98
Walthers933-450270′ Single Track Girder Bridge$24.98
Walthers933-450390′ Single Track Girder Bridge$29.98
Walthers933-450530′ Single Track Deck Girder Bridge$17.98
Walthers933-450650′ Single Track Deck Girder Bridge$19.98
Walthers933-450770′ Single Track Deck Girder Bridge$24.98
Walthers933-450930′ Single Track Deck Girder Bridge$17.98
Walthers933-4510HO Modernized Double track Truss Bridge$38.00
Walthers933-4521Single-track Railroad Arched Pratt Truss Bridge$44.00
Walthers933-4522Double-track Railroad Arched Pratt Truss Bridge$51.00
Walthers933-4550Single Track RR Bridge Concrete Piers$19.98
Walthers933-4554Steel Railroad Bridge Tower$24.98
Walthers933-4555Steel Railroad Bridge Tower Bent$19.98
Walthers933-4559Bridge Shoes and Adapter$9.98
Walthers933-4560Urban Concrete Overpass kit$29.98
Walthers933-4561Urban Steel Overpass kit$29.98
Walthers933-4562Urban Retaining Walls kit$29.98
Walthers933-4563Elevated Commuter Station$39.98
Walthers933-4591Modern Short Span Concrete Railroad Bridge$39.98
Walthers949-2901Mobile Construction Site Storage Trailer$14.98
Walthers949-2903Pizza & Burgers Food Trailers kit$17.98
Walthers949-2904BBQ & Tacos Food Trailers kit$17.98
Walthers949-2905Ice Cream & Hot Dog Food Trailers$17.98
Walthers949-4100Three large dumpsters GREEN$9.98
Walthers949-4106Industiral dumpsters 8-pk$17.98
Walthers949-4139Modern Trackside Detail Set$26.98
Walthers949-4165Camping Tents (4 small, 2 large)$7.98
Walthers949-4186Small Propoane Tank$9.98
Walthers949-722Instant Buildings Back Street Stores (backdrop building sheet)$17.98
Walthers949-725Instant Buildings Main Street Stores (backdrop building sheet)$17.98
Walthers9494121City Street Accessory Pkg$14.98
Woodland ScenicBR4052Old windmill pre-built$22.99
Woodland ScenicBR5029HO Drive and Dine pre-built$84.00
Woodland ScenicBR5038Old Weathered Barn Built N Ready$79.99
Woodland ScenicBR5039B&R Davenport Department Store lighted$76.49
Woodland ScenicBR5040Old Homestead Built N Ready LIGHTED$59.99
Woodland ScenicBR5043Windmill pre-built$22.99
Woodland ScenicBR5052The Depot Built & Ready, Just Plug$92.99
Woodland ScenicBR5055Emilio’s Iltalian Restaurant$84.99
Woodland ScenicBR5056Tin Shack – HO scale$27.99
Woodland ScenicBR5057Work Shed – HO scale$26.99
Woodland ScenicBR5058Wood Shack Built & Ready$26.99
Woodland ScenicBR5060Grillin’ & Chillin’ Trailer – HO$67.00
Woodland ScenicBR5063B&R Letters, Parcel & Post office lighted$76.99
Woodland ScenicBR5065BnR Rustic Cabin, lighted$56.99
Woodland ScenicJP5792Just Plug Billboard – Duece’s Bike Shop$29.99
Woodland ScenicJP5793Just Plug Billboard – Conoco The Hottest Brand$29.99
Woodland ScenicJP5794Just Plug Billboard – Monroe’s Drive In$29.99
Woodland ScenicJP5795Just Plug Billboard – Wise Owl Tobacco$29.95
Woodland ScenicJP5796Just Plug Billboard – Lane’s Bowling & Bar$29.99
Woodland ScenicPF5183Landmark Structure Sonny’s Super Service  KIT$38.00
Woodland ScenicPF5184Sicken Tire Company Pre-Fab kit$37.79
Updated September 28, 2020