O Scale Rolling Stock

ManufacturerModelDescriptionOur Price
Atlas0503-13-rail 40′ Sliding Door Boxcar  P&LE$33.95
Atlas0627-23-rail 52’6″ Gondola Pennsylvania$42.95
Atlas10020001-2Industrial Rail Erie Lackawanna single door boxcar$21.95
Atlas1009912A2009 Passenger Car 2-pk SF$109.00
Atlas2001119-3“O” 60′ Coach D&RGW$84.95
Atlas2001214-2Trainman 60′ Combine 3-rail Milwaukee Road$79.95
Bachmann26329ON30 Coach Car, Lighted Interior, Ohio River & Western$35.00
Bachmann26429ON30 Baggage Car, Lighted Interior, Ohio River & Western$35.00
Bachmann26498ON30 Baggage Car, Lighted Interior, Unlettered Burghandy & Black$38.00
Bachmann26556On30 18′ Freight Cars 2pk – US Quartermaster #122047 & 122105 – GREEN$102.00
Bachmann26878ON30 Pulpwood Car Carolina Pulpwood & Paper$37.00
Bachmann27012ON30 Box Car Baltimore & Ohio$27.00
Bachmann27098ON30 Box Car, MINERAL RED (data only)$38.00
Bachmann27197ON30 Tank Car, Unlettered OXIDE RED$34.95
Bachmann27512ON30 Stock Car Baltimore & Ohio$24.00
Bachmann27529ON30 Stock Car OHIO RIVER & WESTERN$24.00
Bachmann28157.On30 – 0-4-0 Side Rod Gas Loco – DCC – Greenbrier Big Run$75.00
Bachmann43118-172′ Streamined Add-On Coach #6270 D&RGW “Prospector”$54.00
Bachmann43118-272′ Streamined Add-On Coach #6273 D&RGW “Prospector”$54.00
Bachmann43168-172′ Streamined Coach #6262 D&RGW “Prospector”$54.00
Bachmann43168-272′ Streamined Coach #6261 D&RGW “Prospector”$54.00
Bachmann43168-372′ Streamined Observation #6265 D&RGW “Prospector”$54.00
Bachmann43168-472′ Streamined RPO #6260 D&RGW “Prospector”$54.00
BachmannBAC27198ON30 Tank Car Painted/Unlettered SILVER$35.00
BachmannBAC27398ON30 Flat Car, Painted/unlettered BLACK$28.00
BachmannBAC27523ON30 Stock Car Colorado & Southern$34.00
Berkshire VallyBV460Motor Car/Trailer w/accessories metal kit$26.95
K-LineKL1248RIRI Dome Car – Big Ben #1248$30.00
K-LineKL308RIRI Coach – Dream Lake #308$30.00
K-LineKL310RIRI Coach – Longs’ Peak #310$20.00
K-LineKL376RIRI Coach – Pike’s Peak #376$30.00
K-LineKL477RIRI Observation Car -Thunder Mountain #477$30.00
Lionel1926540Ely Thomas Skeleton Log Car 2-pack #1$149.99
Lionel1926600Unlettered Skeleton Log Car 2-pack #1$149.99
Lionel1926620B&O FreightSounds Boxcar #4660024$121.99
Lionel1926640Pennsylvania FreightSounds Boxcar #24267$121.99
Lionel1926650Rio Grande “Cookie Box” FreightSounds Boxcar #60034$121.99
Lionel1926920Cupola Cam D&RG Wide Vision Caboose$116.99
Lionel1926930Cupola Cam Milwaukee Road Wide Vision Caboose$116.99
Lionel19282201890’s Anheuser Busch Reefer$79.99
Lionel1928240Anheuser Busch Uni-body Tank car$62.99
Lionel1928250Anheuser Bush Barrel Ramp Car$79.99
Lionel1928350John Deere Flatcar w/Piggyback Trailers$76.49
Lionel1928410The Polar Express Reindeer Car$71.99
Lionel1928420The Polar Express Santa Searchlight Car$62.99
Lionel1928430The Polar Express Barrel Ramp Car$71.99
Lionel1928470Christmas Transfer Caboose, Lighted$62.99
Lionel1928480Santa Finder Searchlight Car$64.99
Lionel1928550Nickel Plate TOFC Flatcar$69.99
Lionel1928680Union Pacific Flag Uni-body Tank car$56.99
Lionel19383502019 NLTD Boxcar$74.99
Lionel198260Wood Reefer – Miller High Life Beer$71.99
Lionel2027041Rio Grande Disconnect Baggage Car$44.99
Lionel2027042Rio Grande Disconnect Coach$44.99
Lionel2027043Rio Grande Disconnect Diner$44.99
Lionel2027044Rio Grande Disconnect Sleeper$44.99
Lionel2027045Rio Grande Disconnect Observation$44.99
Lionel2027800The Polar Express Skiing Hobo Observation Car – Black Roof$74.99
Lionel2028160Jack  O’ Lantern Flatcar$70.99
Lionel202820Anheuser Busch Brewing Wood Reefer$79.99
Lionel2028240Anheuser Buch Cold Storage Car$89.99
Lionel2028340Angela Trotter Thomas Gondola$70.99
Lionel2028380John Deere Flatcar with Tractors$82.00
Lionel2028440A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Boxcar$67.49
Lionel208230Enjoy Budweiser Wood Reefer$79.99
Lionel3-16161PS-2 CD Covered Hopper Milwaukee Road #100602$59.99
Lionel3-16164PS-2 CD Covered Hopper Milwaukee Road #100622$59.99
Lionel3-17012PS-1 Boxcar Northern Pacific Lionscale$52.99
Lionel3-17065Rio Grande 14-Panel Hopper #17316$54.99
Lionel3-17066Rio Grande 14-Panel Hopper #17488$54.99
Lionel3-17072LionScale 14-Panel Hopper CONRAIL$54.99
Lionel3-17160Lionscale ACF Centerflow Hopper CNW (UP) #490396$59.99
Lionel317260LionScale PRR Stock Car #134250$59.99
Lionel317270Lionscale Stock Car – NKP #40012$54.99
Lionel318161AAR 3-Bay Hopper – UP$59.99
Lionel318165AAR 3-Bay Hopper – UP #90341$59.99
Lionel6-16397Milwaukee Road I-Beam (centerbeam Flatcar w/load$34.00
Lionel6-192826464-196 Santa Fe Super Chief Boxcar$34.00
Lionel6-25186Polar Express Hot Chocolate Passenger Car$69.99
Lionel6-25727WP/CAL Zypher 18″ Passenger 2 car set$169.99
Lionel6-25731CB&Q/CAL Zypher 18″ Passenger 2 car set$198.99
Lionel6-25972Milwaukee Single Door Round Roof Boxcar$58.00
Lionel6-26906Southern Pacific Flatcar w/57 Chevy Police Car$49.95
Lionel6-27292M&STI Box Car$54.00
Lionel6-27948GN Christmas Boxcar$47.99
Lionel6-28425Polar Express Elf Handcar$88.00
Lionel6-292136464-198 AT&SF Grand Canyon Route Boxcar$34.00
Lionel6-29856#3494-550 MONON operating boxcar$49.95
Lionel6-39391US Army Flatcar$46.00
Lionel6-39392US Navy Flatcar$46.00
Lionel6-5722Woodside Reefer NKP$28.00
Lionel6-585312-Bay Reading Coal Hopper (Blue Coal) with end of train device$64.00
Lionel6-7610Virginia Box Car Spirit of 76 (rare)$125.00
Lionel6-81002UP 3-dome Tank Car$44.99
Lionel6-81004B&O Depressed Center w/Transformer #1004$48.00
Lionel6-81203USA PRR Flatcar$58.99
Lionel6-81494Santa Sleigh Rocket Fuel Tank Car$64.99
Lionel6-81666CNW Uni-body Tank Car #3465$54.95
Lionel6-81699Illinois Terminal Quad Hopper #4826$54.95
Lionel6-81725UP Operating Merchandise Car #9143$64.99
Lionel6-82054Weyerhauser Log Dump Car$56.99
Lionel6-82068NS Operating Coal Dump Car$56.99
Lionel6-82080C&NW 3-dome Tank Car$48.00
Lionel6-82082NS Bulkhead Flatcar w/load$49.00
Lionel6-82711Santa’s Favorite Transport Stock Car, lighted$64.99
Lionel6-82848Logging disconnect with load$64.99
Lionel6-82850MILW Rd Flatcar w/lumber load$72.99
Lionel6-83238John Deere Flat Car w/ Spreader O$69.99
Lionel6-83284Peek-a-Boo Reindeer Boxcar$69.99
Lionel6-83349Rock Island USRA Double Sheath Boxcar$74.99
Lionel6-83437The Polar Express Announcement Car$98.49
Lionel6-834982016 NLTD Boxcar$69.99
Lionel6-83527PS-1 Sound Boxcar Santa Fe$116.99
Lionel6-83555Disconnect Logging Caboose #1$39.99
Lionel6-83563C&EI Express Boxcar #2$74.00
Lionel6-83568CB&Q Grain Door Boxcar #1650$74.00
Lionel6-83571Chicago Great Western Grain Door Boxcar #5450$74.00
Lionel6-83572Illinois Central Grain Door Boxcar #19000$74.00
Lionel6-83752Western & Atlantic Horse Car & Corral$169.99
Lionel6-83944USA Made John Deere Boxcar$76.49
Lionel6-84125PS-2CD Covered Hopper MILWAUKEE ROAD$79.49
Lionel6-84129AT&SF Wide Vision Caboose$84.00
Lionel6-84130BN Wide Vision Caboose “Freedom”$84.00
Lionel6-84131BNSF Wide Vision Caboose$84.00
Lionel6-84370Polar Express Hopper w/Silver Load$69.99
Lionel6-84455Asst Lionel flat car pk$19.99
Lionel6-84457Asst Lionel UP Gondola pk$19.99
Lionel6-84459Asst Lionel Midwest Gondola$19.99
Lionel6-84482John Deere Gondola w/Hay Bales$74.99
Lionel6-84498Fire and Rescue Car Norfolk Southern$74.99
Lionel6-84555Santa’s Disconnect Obervation Car$44.99
Lionel6-84600The Polar Express Combination Car$74.99
Lionel6-84602Polar Express Disappearing Hobo Car$71.00
Lionel6-84603The Polar Express Hot Chocolate Car$74.99
Lionel6-84604The Polar Express Diner Car$74.99
Lionel6-84605Polar Express Baggage Car$74.99
Lionel6-846212017 NLTD Boxcar$74.99
Lionel6-84724SF Add-on Baggage Car$89.99
Lionel6-84725SF Add-on Vista Dome Car$84.99
Lionel6-84748Christmas Music Box Car$79.99
Lionel6-84767Harry Potter Dementors Coach w/sounds$84.99
Lionel6-84784John Deere Harvest Dump Car$79.99
Lionel6-84785Naughty or Nice Ore Car 2-pack$79.99
Lionel6-84786Christmas Essentials Barrel Car$69.99
Lionel6-84799Marvin the Martian Earth Stomper Flatcar$84.99
Lionel6-848048000 gal Tank Car – AE Staley$67.99
Lionel6-84807John Deere 8000 gallon Tank Car #236$79.99
Lionel6-85071ATSF CoupolaCam Caboose 999718$112.49
Lionel6-85076UP CouplaCam Caboose #13606$112.49
Lionel6-85246Vintage Anheuser Busch Reefer$79.99
Lionel6-85247Budweiser Clydesdales Reefer$79.99
Lionel6-85248Budweiser Reefer$79.99
Lionel6-85317Spirit of the Union Pacific Boxcar$76.99
Lionel6-85321John Deere Flatcar w/Tractor Load$74.99
Lionel6-85400The Polar Express Skiing Hobo Observation Car – Snow covered roof$79.99
Lionel6-9527FD Roosevelt Presidential Campain Car MILW RD$62.00
Lionel6-9528Harry S. Truman Presidential Campain Car PRR$62.00
Lionel6465-85Lionel Lines Tank Car issue 63-64$16.00
LionelLNL26741North Pole Delivery Service Operating Santa Boxcar No Box$26.00
LionelLNL3424Operating Brakeman Car WABASH complete$70.00
LionelLNL61756175 Missile Transport Car 1958-61$25.00
LionelLNL63576357 var.E SP Caboose$25.00
LionelLNL6415-VARCSunoco 3-D Tank, Variation C$18.00
LionelLNL6462-NYC1949-54 NYC gondola$10.00
MTH20-3037Die-Cast Auxiliary Water Tender SP for GS-4 Daylight$122.00
MTH20-655270′ Streamlined 5-car Milwaukee Road Passenger Set$149.95
MTH20-665270′ ABS Sleeper/Diner Set Milwaukee Road$69.95
MTH20-675270′ ABS Full Length Vista Dome Car Milwaukee Road$48.00
MTH20-91582MILW N6B caboose w/operating signal man$89.95
MTH20-93140Canada 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper$42.00
MTH20-93586CNW 40′ Boxcar Premier Line$53.95
MTH20-93590UP 40′ Wood Boxcar Premier Line$53.95
MTH20-9361340′ AAR Boxcar Union Pacific$59.95
MTH20-93670Iowa Interstate 40′ Boxcar$64.99
MTH20-93759Premier 40′ Akron Canton & Youngstown #3280$64.95
MTH20-95162Illinois Central Coil Car Premier$64.95
MTH20-97300NKP PS-2 Covered Hopper$59.95
MTH20-98960Rock Island Gondola Car w/Coil Steel Load$59.95
MTH30-72155Rock Island Gondola w/crate load$54.95
MTH30-72194Xmass (red) Gondola Car w/LED Xmass lights & Skiing Santas$79.95
MTH30-72210Xmass (red) Gondola Car w/LED Xmass lights & Lighted Snomen$79.95
MTH30-72211Xmass (green) Gondola Car w/LED Xmass lights & Lighted Snomen$79.95
MTH30-7472250′ 2-Door Plugged Boxcar Rock Island$44.95
MTH30-74959Rail King Peoria & Eastern Box Car$59.95
MTH30-75290Canada 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper$42.00
MTH30-75483Ps-2 Discharge Hopper Union Pacific$49.95
MTH30-75496Rail King 4-Bay Hopper car w/coal load Milwaukee Road$49.95
MTH30-75658Rail King Wayne Feeds 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper Car$58.95
MTH30-76581Iowa Interstate Husky Stak Car$64.95
MTH30-76773Xmass (green) Flat Car w/lighted Xmass trees$79.95
MTH30-76807U.S. Army Flatcar w/Bradley Fighting Vehicle$89.95
MTH30-77280Iowa Interstate Offset Caboose$64.95
MTH30-78166Senate Beer Reefer Rail King$44.95
O-Line RepoOLR101ATSF Stock Car 646014$34.95
O-Line RepoOLR102ATSF Stock Car #601114$34.95
O-Line RepoOLR105MILW Stock Car #646016$34.95
O-Line RepoOLR115CBQ Stock Car 646054$34.95
O-Line RepoOLR116CBQ Stock Car 609010$34.95
O-Line RepoOLR122UP Reefer #611711$39.95
O-Line RepoOLR128McLahnery Creamery$39.95
O-Line RepoOLR129Wilson Reefer #6461925$39.95
O-Line RepoOLR138Swift Meat Reefer$39.95
O-Line RepoOLR139Amour Meat Reefer  #6461931$39.95
O-Line RepoOLR140Amour Meat Reefer$39.95
O-Line RepoOLR144Stegmaier Covd Hopper O$39.95
O-Line RepoOLR147Walter Brewing Cover Hopper$39.95
O-Line RepoOLR150Box Car PRR$39.95
O-Line RepoOLR171PRR N5C Caboose$39.95
ReadyMade Train96916Caboose w/operating marker lights MILW RD$44.95
ReadyMade Train96917Caboose w/operating marker lights Union Pacific$44.95
Weaver ModelsEBC58LNYC Express Boxcar$40.00
Weaver ModelsU14011LDRolling Stock – UP Plug Door Box Car$44.00
Williams305E#6415 Sunnoco Tank Car$44.95
Williams306D#6536 M&STL Covered Hopper$48.95
Williams4305260′ Aluminum Pass. Car 4 car set CB&Q$299.95
Williams431110A72′ Streamlined ATSF Super Chief$66.98
Williams4312072′ Streamlined Pass Car MILW$66.98
Williams43154Burlington 72′ Streamlined Passenger Set 4 car$279.00
Williams43247O-27 Streamliner 2 car Set Union Pacific$64.95
Williams4330272′ Scale GN Passenger Cars, 2 car add-on set$129.95
Williams4701440′ C&NW Boxcar$44.00
Williams4701540′ Boxcar NP Green$44.95
Williams4703540′ Burlington Boxcar$44.95
Williams4704640′ Box Car Rock Island (silver)$44.95
Williams4706240′ Boxcar C&IM$44.95
Williams47207Gondola w/6 Barrels Burlington$49.95
Williams4740540ft Stock Car – DRG$42.00
Williams4746340′ Reefer Berkshire Brewing Company$57.95
Williams4746440′ Reefer Amhearst Brewing Company$57.95
Williams4820255 ton USRA Hopper PRR$54.95
Updated November 16, 2020